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Weird question, but I've always wondered... In the photo ops, do the actors strike the poses that they want? Or do people ask them for certain things? I know some come in with props and specific requests, but what about the hugs and kisses on the cheek? I'd be so awkward asking Lana or Colin if they'd kiss me on the cheek for a photo. Is that even appropriate?

If you don’t ask they kind of go for a default pose.  Here are some examples of default.  I didn’t ask for anything specific here.

If you do ask for a pose know that you only have like fifteen seconds or so you can’t explain something elaborate.  So…

“Would you hold my heart…”

To Lana got this…

and to Bex got this…

Which I can assure you I wasn’t expecting.  I thought she’d do what Lana did.

But another example, “Can we kill the camera man?”

And yes I think asking for a kiss on the cheek picture is fine though I think I’d say “can it look like you are kissing me on the cheek?” so they have the option of “hover kissing” if they don’t want to actually do it.  They can always say no.


up10tion’s parent line easily explained in a sweet soft summery photoset

jinhoo: every old grumpy asian dad in every photo ever

kuhn: “wow look at me im so cute posing behind yein haha im so relatable right kids ??? hahaha”

kogyeol: “no kids im not doing ur little gang signs u know back in my day u could get expelled ??? stop this tomfoolery and pose like normal people”

sunyoul: “once we get back home, hwanhee is dead”

(part 9 of sunyoul’s rules of parenting)

straight people really think that i dont want to be around homophobes because i find their “opinions” unsavory like its disagreeing on economic policy or some shit. the reality is that i dont want to be around homophobic people because they pose a direct threat to me, because i am terrified of them and the potential violence they bring, because feeling their judgment is enough to make me lean back into self hatred and shame. please dont act like my refusal to chill with your local bigot is obstinate and unreasonable  

anyways dan has come a long way in terms of confidence and self acceptance and i can tell that he’s genuinely more comfortable in his own skin and he’s trying out all of these new fashionable looks and suggestive poses and seductive expressions and he doesn’t care what other people will think cuz he’s radiating confidence 24/7 and if he feels good then i feel good too and i am showering him with my support and appreciation and blowing kisses in his direction every day

What is a Night Terror?

A person experiencing a night terror abruptly awakes from sleep in a terrified state, but is confused and unable to communicate. They do not respond to voices and are difficult to fully awaken. Night terrors last about 15 minutes, after which time the person usually lies down and appears to fall back asleep. People who have night terrors (sometimes called sleep terrors) usually don’t remember the events the next morning. Night terrors are similar to nightmares, but usually occur during deep sleep.

People experiencing sleep terrors may pose dangers to themselves or others because of limb movements. Night terrors are fairly common in children, mostly between ages 3 and 8. Children with sleep terrors will often also talk in their sleep or sleepwalk. This sleep disorder, which may run in families, also can occur in adults. Strong emotional tension and/or the use of alcohol can increase the incidence of night terrors among adults.

Source: WebMD

collab with @polarissketches!!!! aaaaaa i kinda tried a different coloring style for this one! i had so much fun collabing with you♡!

(polaris lined and i colored//)


I love them??? please excuse the bad anatomy I haven’t been drawing people