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Daguerreotype portrait of an unidentified teacher and her students, American, c. 1840′s/1850′s.



In action by Benjamin Balázs
Via Flickr:
Hasselblad 500C/M Planar 80mm f2.8 C Sekonic L-308S Light meter Ilford FP4 ISO 125 developed with Ilford LC29 (1+19, 8min @ 20°C)


Tom Hiddleston and James D'Arcy

Throughout the 1970s, John Wayne Gacy was responsible for sexually assaulting and murdering over 30 young men, as well as further ruining clowns for generations to come.

But despite paving the way for It, Gacy seemed like a regular guy who was an active member of his community. Among other things, he helped organize Chicago’s annual Polish Constitution Day Parade, second only on the Chicago parade calendar to the Lithuanian Supreme Court Establishment Parade. In May 1978, first lady Rosalynn Carter decided to attend the parade, and then this happened.

Yes, Gacy was given the honor of posing for a photograph with the first lady, and Mrs. Carter even signed a copy and wrote “best wishes” to a man who would turn out to be evil incarnate. If you look at his jacket, you’ll see a pin that indicates the Secret Service had given him special clearance to meet her.

5 Famous People With Mind-Blowing Connections To Evil Crimes

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