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You get this shot of Dany reaching for Jon but Jon does not take it her hand. Instead he chooses to go after the NK all on his own. This is significant because it tells you that if Jon could end this without the help of Dany he would, Beric showed him a different way and he really tried but failed. This if anything reinforced the notion in his mind that he can't do it without Dany.

Hi there! Thanks for the ask!

I apologize I’m just replying now. Thought I’d hold off on judging this shot until the finale aired so I could discuss it in full. Because it is a super interesting thought!

D@ny reaching for Jon was one of those 706 details I missed the first time around but it is curious upon rewatch. I don’t particularly think they telegraphed WHY Jon turned around all that well. It’s pretty chaotic with a lot happening all at once. My original assumption was that Jon realized the team needed him to provide cover to support the mission and in the process of fighting, just got cut off from them. If they wanted to telegraph that Jon intended to fight the NK, IMO, they needed more shots of closeup NK and Jon a la Jon vs Ramsey in BotB.

But thematically, it’s an interesting shot right? That D@ny offers her extended hand and Jon reaches up with clenched knuckles but then decides against taking it. That he turns away, goes in the opposite direction to be a hero on his own, still denying her help even after she flies in there with those colossal war machines. That says a whole lot. It also is another breadcrumb pointing to Viserion’s death as the gamechanger for Jon because he knows what the NK will do with a dead dragon. So fastforward to the boat, Jon realizes they are fucked without her dragons, that there is no time to waste, and he does the very un-Jon-like move of grabbing D@ny’s hand. 

For D@ny, there’s also a potent tragic metaphor in this shot: Jon Snow always just out of her reach. She extends her hand whole heartedly to him. Jon reaches half-heartedly with a clenched fist before turning away to protect others. 

The finale underscored this metaphor IMO. I believe we’re seeing undercover!Jon, so it makes me feel for her in a way. She really does spend most of the episode being influenced by him. Despite riding into the pit on a dragon (and that visual itself is its own doozy of a metaphor, flying into a dragon trap?!), she really lacks agency the whole hour. She offers her personal thoughts and feelings to Jon. He offers up nothing personal in return but she doesn’t seem to notice. When he lays out a travel plan that threatens her safety and makes her advisors nervous, she doesn’t question his motives in the plan. She buys his flimpsy excuse of sending “a better message” as Tyrion and Jorah watch Jon’s growing influence with worry. And then boatbang, she doesn’t notice Jon all weirdly stressed and panic-y on top of her? I’m honestly lowkey concerned for her lack of self-awareness and judgment of others. It makes me want to go all girlfriend on her and take her aside like, GIRL OPEN UP YOUR EYES. 

But this isn’t an out of nowhere trait. D@ny has had a long history of trusting people that are playing her. Off the top of my head, Mirri Maz, Doreah, and Jorah had all played her with varying degrees of malice, before the second book/season closed. And she was clueless until evidence came out proving their treachery. I guess the argument could be made that she’s learned since…but I’m not sure she has? She became less trusting but nothing showed us she ever worked to correct this weakness or ever got better at reading people’s intentions. She states in ACOK that she is “neither deaf nor blind”. Stannis also proclaims “I am not blind”. Both state so with lack of self-awareness to their own actual blindness.

D@ny does have a moment of realization in ADWD:

If I look back, I am doomed, D@ny told herself … but how could she not look back? I should have seen it coming. Was I so blind, or did I close my eyes willfully, so I would not have to see the price of power?

— Daenerys II, ADWD

But it is short-lived. She basically buries this, deciding to be a conqueror and leave Meeren for Westeros.

I’m particularly fascinated by that “if I look back” part because she repeats it over and over across the years. She fears looking back and feeling lost. But that’s exactly what she needs to do to gain some self-awareness and grow some discernment skills. She resists it and thus goes down a path that wasn’t her own. One that will most likely end in tragedy.

This counters Jon pretty sharply, who does nothing but observe. That’s a specific Jon talent GRRM highlights from the very beginning of the series. Bran’s climbing habit seems to be an extension of wanting to, like Jon, see things others did not.

Bran’s first chapter compares Jon’s discernment skills with Robb’s:

The deserter died bravely,” Robb said. He was big and broad and growing every day, with his mother’s coloring, the fair skin, red-brown hair, and blue eyes of the Tullys of Riverrun. “He had courage, at the least.”

“No,” Jon Snow said quietly. “It was not courage. This one was dead of fear. You could see it in his eyes, Stark.” Jon’s eyes were a grey so dark they seemed almost black, but there was little they did not see.

— Bran I, AGOT

This awareness is underscored a couple pages later when Jon discovers Ghost:

Halfway across the bridge, Jon pulled up suddenly. 

“What is it, Jon?” their lord father asked. 

“Can’t you hear it?” 

Bran could hear the wind in the trees, the clatter of their hooves on the ironwood planks, the whimpering of his hungry pup, but Jon was listening to something else. 

“There,” Jon said. He swung his horse around and galloped back across the bridge. They watched him dismount where the direwolf lay dead in the snow, watched him kneel. A moment later he was riding back to them, smiling. 

“He must have crawled away from the others,” Jon said. 

“Or been driven away,” their father said, looking at the sixth pup. His fur was white, where the rest of the litter was grey. His eyes were as red as the blood of the ragged man who had died that morning. Bran thought it curious that this pup alone would have opened his eyes while the others were still blind.

— Bran I, AGOT

Jon hears what neither Ned nor Robb nor Bran nor Theon can hear. As a consequence, he finds Ghost, the only pup of the litter with his eyes wide open.

This is barely 13 pages in. It’s akin to an establishing shot for the character.

There’s been some good takes lately on Jon physically losing his sight (at least partially) in the future. Ever since I learned Jonnel Stark (who married Sansa Stark) was a One-Eyed Lord of Winterfell, I’ve joked about a plot twist that Jon loses an eye in the war against the Dead. 

So it’s worth noting that Sam explains how Maester Aemon, though physically blind, “sees things no one else sees” (Jon VIII, AGOT). 

Arya learns through actually losing her sight that one can become hyperaware of surroundings by relying on other senses, gaining skills of discernment that others with sight ignore.

And because this is a Jonsa blog, I cannot resist adding this passage of Ned’s about Sansa:

It was queer how sometimes a child’s innocent eyes can see things that grown men are blind to. Someday, when Sansa was grown, he would have to tell her how she had made it all come clear for him.

— Eddard XII, AGOT

Of course, here, Sansa had no idea she was helping Ned. And in fact, helping him piece together the puzzle of Joffrey’s parentage actually contributed to his death. She’s still a child and her skills of discernment take some time to evolve—most notably, while she poses as a bastard in the Vale. But it’s a curious connection nonetheless.

The only other people who are said to “see things” in the series have magical connections, Thoros and Melisandre. They both are said to “see things in the flames”. In the case of Melisandre, what she saw was ultimately misleading. Thoros explains to Arya that although the flames do not lie, he can misinterpret them (“sometimes I read them wrongly, blind fool that I am”; Arya VIII, ASOS).

At the heart of the Undercover!Jon theory is the narrative need for Jon to do better than Ned and avoid his mistakes. I’ve been reviewing Ned’s chapters since S7. His words as he sits in the KL dungeon for treason are relevant:

He damned them all: Littlefinger, Janos Slynt and his gold cloaks, the queen, the Kingslayer, Pycelle and Varys and Ser Barristan, even Lord Renly, Robert’s own blood, who had run when he was needed most. Yet in the end he blamed himself. 

“Fool,” he cried to the darkness, “thrice-damned blind fool.” 

Cersei Lannister’s face seemed to float before him in the darkness. Her hair was full of sunlight, but there was mockery in her smile. “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die,” she whispered. 

Ned had played and lost, and his men had paid the price of his folly with their life’s blood.

— Eddard XV, AGOT

This is Ned taking full stock of the consequences of his actions and owning up to them fully.

He calls himself out as a fool. A blind fool.

That connects pretty nicely with Jon up on that cliff in 703 lamenting being a Northern fool.

But if it was Ned’s blindness that made him foolish, trusting LF and underestimating Cersei, causing his death—then Jon should be uniquely positioned to prevent history from repeating itself. Indeed, if the finale is any indication, he’ll get back to Winterfell. He’ll succeed were Ned and Brandon and Rickon failed. And he’s returning having completed his original goal: to secure powerful allies and their resources to take on the NK.

So I do feel bad for D@ny. If S7 is any indication, Jon will always be just out of her reach. She has her years long resistance to looking back and fear of being lost to thank for it. No boatbangs will change that. But I can see Kit’s satisfaction with Jon this season. If the Undercover!Jon theory is correct, it’s a character move six years in the making with a hell of a potential payoff. It would pair with the R+L=J reveal, that Ned played everyone for 18+ years, spectatularly. 

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The Northerner’s Daughter(s)

As a figure who is absent in real time, Lyanna is ever present through the story despite the sparse mentions of her, much like Ned although he dies in AGOT/season 1 but still is a figure, who is remembered and impacts people’s actions. Initially, she’s associated with Ned and Arya, possibly because of him seeing his sister in his daughter but we find there are indirect associations with Jon as well, as she is revealed to be his biological mother. However, less talked about is Sansa in relation to her on a book and show meta level.

Recently, @abi117 and I were discussing a tonne of things about ASOIAF, and somehow we stumbled on the topic of why the show has implied more association between Lyanna and Sansa(the crypt scene in S5 and the similar hairstyles in the flashback in S6 and in S7), when the books clearly stated that Arya was like Lyanna looks-wise and also in that she was a wild child/had the wolf’s blood, who wanted to fight like Visenya and was good at riding horses. Through a series of discussions we realized that while Lyanna resembled Arya in certain ways, so did she share similarities with Sansa in other, less obvious ways - in terms of characteristics and even journey-wise (especially in the books) to the point where it is scary why we didn’t think of it before. As the story does establish Arya and Sansa as two very different sisters who are meant to be complementary to each other (keeping Ned’s line from AGOT/season 1 in mind), they both are parts of Lyanna split up. 

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I’ve been drawing no-stop this original comic and things are starting to look like I wanted but I can’t show much so… here’s a small peek because posing this multple armed bastard was so fricking hard

and I know I usually post cute stuff and this might scare some new followers, so… I’m sorry for that!

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Lyanna + Rhaegar / Jon + Sansa

Already made a list of parallels between Jonsa and Nedcat way back during S6 here, but I thought it would be fun to list more parallels. Pretty much inspired after seeing that one gifset of Sansa at the crypts with Lyanna’s statue. Some j*nerys shippers might say I’m ‘reaching’, but what the heck it’s for fun. Also, I am aware that Arya has the most common with Lyanna out of the Stark kids; not discounting that, I mean I love Arya, but again just some things I noticed. 

- So anyway, in the show we first get a glimpse of Lyanna’s face in the scene with Sansa with her statue at the crypts (before LF comes and provides narrative exposition). I find it interesting how at the time of this scene Sansa was posing as a bastard (in the books she pattered her persona after Lyanna’s son), and she had to dye her hair black, making her look more closely with Lyanna visually.

- The color blue; Lyanna is associated with her love of blue winter roses, while Sansa tully blue eyes have often been commented on. (While a warrior like Arya, Lyanna’s love of winter roses makes me think she had a romantic side just like Sansa)

- The War of the Five Kings and Robert’s Rebellion both started with the death of a Stark patriarch, and the ‘kidnapping’ of a Stark sister(s) also factored into it. Robb (like Ned) fought to avenge his father, but also to rescue his sisters (much like Ned tried to rescue Lyanna). Arya had already escaped by that time, so only Sansa was left behind.

- It started with a Baratheon; it ended (hopefully) with a Targaryen. Both Lyanna and Sansa were originally promised to a Baratheon (though Robert did genuinely love Lyanna and Joffrey was a Lannister in truth), but ended with/in the arms of a Targaryen prince eventually. 

- Sansa saved Dontos with her words while Lyanna saved Howland Reed with her skills, both showing the innate compassion these two have.

- Personality-wise, Jon is more Stark than Targaryen. He takes after his mother in looks, and likely in temperament. Meanwhile both Sansa and Rhaegar are known for their musical talent, courtly grace, and love of beautiful things. There are still parallels between Rhaegar and Jon though.

- Both were known and revered as great leaders and great warriors, also both show the traits of a stereotypical prince charming. Rhaegar in looks and manner, Jon, as we know, is ‘brave, gentle, and strong’. 

- Rhaegar left Lyanna in the Tower of Joy to protect her leaving behind his guard with this important duty; Jon arguable did the same when he left Sansa in Winterfell, and the missing scenes tell us that he entrusted Ghost with her safety. 

- Rhaegar battled Robert one-on-one for the love of a woman (though the audience was confused which woman it was. the readers now know it was Lyanna). Meanwhile Jon battled Ramsay one-on-one for the honor of one (his ‘sister’ Sansa). The difference being, Rhaegar was beaten and killed, while Jon was triumphant and would have killed Ramsay until he saw Sansa. 

- This one’s a bit of a far reach, but Rhaegar crowned Lyanna ‘The Queen of Love and Beauty’ which is a symbolic title, nothing more, since his queen at the time would have been Elia Martell, his wife. Meanwhile, Jon leaving Sansa in charge of Winterfell could be symbolic in him crowning her ‘Queen in the North’ (yes, I know her official title is Lady of Winterfell). 

Feel free to add some more!

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Wow, I didn't realise there were that many changes in Dorne. I understand why people are annoyed. What other changes are there worth taking note of to the overall story

Well, remember that most things from S6 onwards are further ahead from the books, so much of that storyline will be different when TWOW and ADOS comes out. The main differences include:

  • Obviously the entire Dorne plot as I pointed out. Arianne and Quentyn exist, Doran and Trystane are alive, and Ellaria and co. are actually likeable characters.
  • Catelyn Stark is found three days after the Red Wedding by the Brotherhood. Beric Dondarrion gives his life for her, and she is resurrected. Gone is the loving, kind, caring woman, instead she is replaced by a sort of zombified version, hellbent on revenge against the Lannisters, Freys and Boltons. Her throat was cut that deep that she can’t talk, her red hair is gone and replaced with white, thin hair, and she has scars on her face from where she went made at the wedding. Brienne actually meets Lady Stoneheart, who doesn’t believe that Brienne has been searching for Sansa. Stoneheart threatens to hang Brienne unless Brienne brings her Jaime Lannister. Brienne refuses and she and her companions were ordered to be hanged and as they are hanging, Brienne shouted a word and her fate remained unknown. But in ADWD, Brienne is seen near Jaime’s camp in the Riverlands. She tells Jaime that she has found Sansa but the Hound has her and needs his help to save her, possibly luring Jaime into LSH’s trap.
  • Sansa doesn’t marry Ramsay, she’s still in the Vale posing as Littlefinger’s bastard daughter. Instead, Jeyne Poole (daughter of Winterfell’s steward Vayon Poole, and childhood best friend of Sansa) is forced to marry Ramsay, only they are passing her off as Arya Stark so the North believe that one of Ned Stark’s daughters is now married to Ramsay. Obviously Theon knows Jeyne and knows she isn’t actually Arya, but he still helps her escape like he does with Sansa on the show.
  • Robb doesn’t marry for ‘love’ in the books. Instead of marrying Talisa, he marries Jeyne Westerling, daughter of a Lord sworn to Tywin in the Westerlands. Jeyne comforts Robb when he learns of Bran and Rickon’s ‘deaths’ and he ‘dishonours’ her. Knowing how much of a tough life Jon had at times, Robb doesn’t want to risk fathering a bastard, and so does what he thinks is the right thing and marries her to preserve her honour. Frey still takes it as a slight and the RW still happens, but Jeyne doesn’t attend and is still alive.
  • Jon actually dies for a different reason in the books. He hears that Ramsay Bolton has married Arya (Jeyne), but he thinks it’s actually Arya. Worried for his sister, Jon sends Mance Rayder to get ‘Arya’ and bring her to him. However, Jon receives a letter from ‘Ramsay Bolton’ telling him that Mance Rayder and Stannis Baratheon are dead, and demands fealty from Jon, as well as wanting his ‘bride and his Reek back’. Jon asks wildlings and Night’s Watchmen to come with him to Winterfell to fight Ramsay, but many in the NW fear retribution from Ramsay and the same tensions in the show arrive, and Jon is killed by his own men (Jon still allows the Wildlings into the Gift).
  • Melisandre still arrives at Castle Black with Stannis, and urges Jon to burn anyone with ‘King’s Blood’ to get Stannis on the Iron Throne. To save their lives, Jon sends Maester Aemon and Mance Rayder’s son south with Sam and Gilly. Jon switches Gilly’s baby with Mance’s baby so the baby can’t be used in any sacrifice since it doesn’t have any King’s Blood (Mance is King Beyond the Wall so he’s a King). Maester Aemon still dies, but travelling to Oldtown, but Sam, Gilly and Mance’s baby make it there.
  • Willas and Garlan Tyrell are the first two sons of Mace, both older than Loras who don’t appear in the show. In the books it is Willas who the Tyrells try to marry Sansa to, not Loras.
  • Aegon Targaryen (son of Rhaegar) supposedly smuggled out of King’s Landing before the sack and survived, and has been hiding in Essos with Jon Connington (close ally of Rhaegar). No one knows if this is actually Aegon Targaryen, a Blackfyre, or not a Targaryen at all, but he has been raised to believe he is Aegon Targaryen. In fact, in the books, it is Jon Connington who gets greyscale, not Jorah Mormont.
  • Rickon is still alive in the book and is believed to be currently hiding in Skagos, an island pledged to House Stark just off the east coast, with Osha and Shaggydog. Wyman Manderly asks Davos to find ‘his Lord’ and bring him to White Harbor in exchange for Manderly men fighting for Stannis. I assume we will see Davos in Skagos in TWOW.
  • There are some minor changes as well such as Arya is cupbearer for Roose Bolton at Harrenhal, not Tywin Lannister. It is Edric Storm who Davos frees at Dragonstone, not Gendry. Davos loses more than one son at the Blackwater. The Great (or Grand) Northern Conspiracy is a thing in the books. Brienne doesn’t fight the Hound, instead, his wounds from a fight with Polliver and the Tickler are what ‘kills’ him. Euron wears an eye patch and has the nicname ‘Crow’s Eye’ and is actually much creepier than show!Euron.
  • Characters are aged up on the show. All of the Stark kids are aged up (Robb and Jon 14-16, Sansa 11-13, Arya 9-11, Bran 7-10 and Rickon 3-6), Daenerys is 13 in the books, Missandei is 10/11 etc.
  • Characters still alive in the books include: Stannis, Shireen, Selyse, Jojen, Grenn, Pyp, Doran, Trystane, Areo, Mance, Rakharo, Irri, Barristan, Myrcella, Ramsay, Roose, Walda, Walder Frey, Meryn, Brynden Tully, Rickon, Hodor, Margaery and Loras (everyone in the Sept apart from Kevan), Olenna, Summer and Shaggydog, Osha, Tommen and more
  • Characters not in the show include: Lady Stoneheart, Arianne, Quentyn, Victarion Greyjoy, Strong Belwas, Coldhands, Big & Little Walder Frey, Willas,Garlan, Edric Storm, Mya Stone, Jeyne Westerling

There are many more changes, but these are the ones which stick out for me.

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Well there is a dearth of decent dudes in Westeros. You have Tyrion but Lannisters murdered her family. Willas but the Tyrells set her up as a pasty for their murder. Sandor but there are Issues. Aegon? Quentyn? Gendry is good, attractive, & around her age. Plus Arya angst. At least it isn't her brother/cousin Jon Snow.

Not every Decent Guy is going to be compatible with Sansa Stark, particularly not Gendry, who has already met Arya Stark and very much bonded with her. They already have an established relationship and went through a lot of horrible shit together and survived together and they are actually fond of each other. Gendry was important to Arya’s narrative and to Arya herself.

Moreover, good luck getting Gendry to relate to a lord’s daughter who despite having been through physical and emotional trauma has very much remained in the lap of luxury without needing to worry about food or clothes or thought about killing to survive or making perilous journeys alone or suffering under poverty. I know Sansa is currently posing as a bastard in order to survive, but she hasn’t experienced anything along the lines of Gendry and Arya (which is not to invalidate her experience, but GRRM put Sansa and Arya in their respective places for a reason, to show two types of survival). She hasn’t even experienced anything along the lines of Jon Snow’s experiences, who spent his whole life much like Alayne supposedly did, as a lord’s bastard.

Sansa can’t relate to Gendry and Gendry can’t relate to Sansa. I’m sort of annoyed by this whole mindset of using characters like Jon and Gendry as fandom bicycles because they’re Good Guys and therefore Must Be Compatible With Everyone.

It should have been you

One of the things I often see Ned blamed for is that he never told Catelyn the truth about Jon, something that is thought to could have made Jon’s life better as it would ease Catelyn’s resentment of him if she learned that Ned did not cheat on her. The Tully words are often used in that context to prove that Cat would have accepted Jon and joined Ned in keeping his secret and protecting him if she’d known. But that is a premise I have always had trouble accepting.

Following Catelyn’s PoV and her patterns of behavior when her children are at risk undercuts that argument; Catelyn’s priority has always been her own children, and while this is perfectly normal, she does demonstrate her willingness to punish children she perceives as a threat to hers in the name of protecting her children, and to disregard or refuse to reflect on the danger her actions and desires might put other people’s children in. The scene in which the quote I chose to title this post was said, while the words of a grieving mother, still shows Catelyn’s instincts and thought process when her children are endangered. While surely sympathetic as parents are sure to put their children ahead of everyone, Catelyn’s privilege means that she often fails to get out of her own perspective to consider how she is implying that she sees other people’s children as being inherently less important than her own and provides Catelyn with an emotional justification for whatever she does, as long as she is doing it for her children’s sake or to protect them.

We see this in how she treats both young Jon and Theon, two vulnerable children that she sees as potential threats to her children, the former more than the latter. This is the main rationale behind Catelyn’s treatment of Jon; while her behavior towards him is definitely influenced by how his presence in Winterfell is a constant reminder of Ned’s infidelity and how it forces her to suffer public shame and damages her political image as Lady of Winterfell, the biggest cause of Cat’s behavior is the danger Jon could pose to her children’s lives and inheritance. Cat lives in fear that Jon or his descendants could try and supplant her own children or their children, or even that he’d harm them to steal their inheritance, and thus treats him all his life as a potential threat that should be curbed. Of course this whole concern would be rendered moot if Jon’s parentage is revealed, but the problem is that the truth comes with its own set of problems - while it eliminates Jon as a potential rival claimant to Winterfell, Jon’s true identity, if anything, exacerbates the danger to Cat’s children.

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A Heterodyne super gets into painting and decides to use the Jagers as art models. The Jagers themselves have...mixed feelings about this. On one hand, they get to point and laugh at the unlucky bastard stuck posing for the Master for HOURS. OTOH, they can BECOME said unlucky bastard.

Mechanicsburg does have sexy Jägers on an awful lot of its architecture… on the other hand, this suggests the girl Jägers were constantly being asked to pose and probably really fed up.

A Heterodyne that was more equal opportunity about it would be more fun but annoy everyone.

anonymous asked:

For someone who claims to be a Jon fan you post a lot of Catelyn. She hated him and was awful to him. Why the fuck do you post a character who was a bitch to one of your 'favourites'

Wow, I’m sorry. I didn’t realise I wasn’t allowed to post whatever characters I like. I didn’t realise I wasn’t allowed to like certain characters just because they don’t get along with other characters that I like. By your logic then, I shouldn’t like Jaime Lannister because of the awful thing he did by crippling Bran, a character that I love, but Jaime is one of my favourites too. Should I not post any Jaime related posts? I don’t judge whether I like characters based on their relationship with other characters, I like them for themselves. I love both Jon Snow and Catelyn Stark, and completely disagree with the amount of hate Catelyn gets from many fans. Catelyn is a character who has among the best morals in the show/books and there are many other characters who have done much, much more awful things than she has. I don’t think I need to list them. To be honest, when the worse thing you’ve ever done is ignore the product of your husband cheating on you, you’re not really that much of a bad person when you consider how the other characters murder each other.

First of all, I can post whatever characters I like, if you don’t like what I post, you can unfollow. I post a variety of characters and fandoms, and they’re not always going to be everyone’s favourites. I love Catelyn Stark and I think that she is a fantastic character. The show massively cut her role down, but she was still great in it, Michelle Fairley was very good at playing her, and I loved her POV chapters in the books.

Second of all, one of the biggest misconceptions is that Catelyn hated Jon. She never ‘hated’ Jon, she resented his presence at Winterfell and hated what he represented. She hated Tywin Lannister, Cersei and Walder Frey. That’s what it means to hate someone and Jon Snow certainly does not fall in the same category as those people to her. Jon represents a threat to her children, that’s why she resents him. History is filled with bastards who try to usurp their trueborn siblings (Blackfyre Rebellions for example), and she worries for her children, something all mothers do. Deep down she probably knows Jon won’t do anything to prevent Robb from inheriting Winterfell (even if she won’t admit that), but no one can know about his potential children and grandchildren. She also says that she doesn’t care that Ned has a bastard, she mentions that he could’ve had many so long as they were fostered elsewhere, as is the custom for bastards. Seeing Jon everyday must’ve really hurt her, even as the years went by and she and Ned came to love each other, every time she looked at Jon, she probably had doubts about Ned’s love for her, and it’s painful being in love with someone who loves another person more than you. In regards to her being awful to him was whilst she was grieving. Bran looked like he was dying and she said it in grief. It wasn’t right what she said, and it really hurt Jon, but it wasn’t something that happened everyday. We all say things we don’t mean in grief. She never abused him, she just ignored him, which probably did scar Jon because he would’ve seen the five Stark kids have the love of their mother when he got coldness, but she never laid a hand on him. I know the show added in the scene where she says she prayed for his death and then stayed by his side whilst he was ill, and that was awful (a beautiful scene though), but beside that and the scene in Bran’s room, she just ignored him. 

She could’ve made Jon feel even more excluded at Winterfell by poisoning her children with words of the evils that bastards can pose. She could’ve told them from when they were talking that bastards are evil and turned them against Jon, but she didn’t. She allowed Robb to eat with him and play with him. She never forbade any of her children from being with him. Yes, Sansa picked up on her problems with Jon, but I think Sansa was getting to an age where she realised what Jon being at Winterfell meant for her mother. And she loved and admired Catelyn so Sansa would’ve realised how much Jon being there hurt. And I’m sure, despite the fact that Robb and Arya loved Jon, there will be a part of them that feels for their mother and what she has to go through being forced to see Jon each day.

Yes, Catelyn’s treatment of Jon was not good, but it certainly could’ve been worse. Imagine if she was Cersei, Lysa, Selyse or even Olenna or Margaery. None of them would tolerate their husband’s bastard in their home, threatening their trueborn children. In fact, when Robert was considering bringing Mya to court, Cersei told him the city was not safe for her, implying that she would harm her. Cersei would’ve had Jon killed the moment he arrived in Winterfell. Did Catelyn ever harm Jon? No, she didn’t. Jon’s treatment by Catelyn is far nicer than what any other woman would’ve given him. Jon’s childhood wasn’t the best, but in comparison to other bastards, he got very lucky.

Take a look at the other bastards we see on the show: Gendry had absolutely no idea that his father was the King. He has a better claim to the throne than Joffrey, Tommen and Myrcella but he didn’t know about it because Robert didn’t even bother to claim him. Ramsay is only brought to the Dreadfort after Domeric dies because Roose has no trueborn sons and, at that point, no wife. Otherwise Roose would’ve left Ramsay with his mother and Reek. Neither grew up among family, whereas Jon did, so in that aspect he is very lucky.

I’d also like to point out, that Jon was not the only victim of Ned bringing him to Winterfell and naming him bastard. Catelyn was also a victim in this choice. She was wed to a man she didn’t want to marry and didn’t know, but she still did it. She would’ve been under a lot of pressure to produce an heir considering House Stark had only two living males, one about to go to war and the other very young. But she did that, gave her husband the male heir that House Stark needed. And then she gets to Winterfell after birthing a child while Ned fights a war, she finds that Jon is already there. That really hurt her. Furthermore, he looks more like Ned whereas Robb looks like her and she worries that the Northerners will see Jon as more of a Stark than Robb. Then, when she begins to make a bit of peace at Winterfell, she calmly asks Ned about Jon’s mother, which she is within her rights to do, and he shouts at her to the point of frightening her, probably making the situation worse. Ned was only looking out for his nephew’s wellbeing, but he could see what his choice did to both Cat and Jon and chose not to tell her the truth, making BOTH Jon and Catelyn the victims.

In a modern day society, if this happened, she would’ve divorced Ned, as most other women would. A husband/boyfriend coming home with another woman’s baby and forcing you to live with it would definitely make you leave, but she doesn’t have that potion and instead has to see Jon everyday so it’s a massive slap in the face to her.

I realise I’ve gone on a lot here but I just have a lot of feelings about this and I’ve probably repeated myself but it just annoys me when people hate Catelyn for this one thing and can’t see what an amazing, well-rounded character she is. Yes, she has flaws, and her ignoring Jon is one of them, but I love characters who have flaws, it’s what makes them human. That’s why Catelyn, Theon, Sandor etc. all appeal to me. So, yes, I do love Jon but that doesn’t mean I can’t love Catelyn too. This post might make me receive hate since Catelyn is hated by some fans but I just wanted to explain why I love her in spite of the Jon Snow situation, and explain that I can post about whatever character I want.

Someone Worthy

Summary: Feyre gets pushed too far.

Rating: T

Word Count: 1,507

Author’s Note: Re-reading the series, this quote made me laugh so hard., and the idea was born from that. 

Parts Two, Three, All on FF or Ao3

“Believe me,” I said to her, “the day you want to marry someone worthy, I’ll march up to his house and hand you over.”

It’s Nesta stomping around the town house that’s the final straw on Feyre’s proverbial camel. The final crack in the dam that sends a flood.

They, the Inner Circle which now included Feyre’s sisters and a reluctant Lucian, had gone out earlier that night for yet another post war cerebration. The High Lord and High Lady ducked out first. The second trimester of pregnancy is harder on the High Lady than she cares to admit to the general populace. And herself really. So it’s pretty common for the two to retire early. Feyre enjoys the rest. And Rhys, well the High Lord will take any time that he can, to dote on his mate, and the future heir to the Night Court, away from the prying eyes of their Inner Circle. When, not if, but when, his doting turns to smothering Feyre’s quick to sic Cassian and Azriel on his sorry ass for bouts of late night training. 

Tonight isn’t one of those nights though. Tonight she just wants him, and a bed, and a mountain of pillows to cocoon her as she gets some much needed sleep. She hasn’t been getting much of it lately, between bouts of random insomnia and late night meetings revolving around the post-war clean up that’s still in progress. 

So when Nesta storms into the townhouse sometime that’s between way too early and much too late, Feyre is more than a little irritated. 

Usually Rhys would handle it, or at the very least, rouse Elain to try and get Nesta under control, but since Elain and Lucian accepted the bond, they’re usually off Mother knows where doing who knows what depraved activity at any given time of the night. Cauldron knows walking in on them once was enough to leave a permanent mental scar. 

So it’s up to him take care of whatever’s vexing his wife and High Lady, but in this case, Rhys isn’t sure what to do. He’s seen her angry before. Seen her decimate opponents on the battlefield as though they’re chaffs of wheat to be tossed into the wind. But this… Pregnant and enraged to the point of literal steam coming from Feyre as her control over water and fire slips and its directed at a family member, specifically Nesta, well he’d rather take on Jurian all over again. 

It’s obvious to anyone with any sense the source of Nesta’s ire, even if they couldn’t hear her slightly inebriated tirade as she crashes around the townhouse. 


It’s been months, months, since the end of the war and the two of them are still dancing around one another. Only the dancing is more like an angry matachin with carefully choreographed blows of words and the occasional fist. Well more than the occasional fist, but the fault lies with Cassian for volunteering to train the hellcat. 

They’re mates. He knows it. His mate knows it. The entire Inner Circle knows it. Hell even the regulars at Rita’s know it, but have either of them done anything about it? No. Even Az and Mor didn’t make it through the war without admitting their feelings for one another.

There are bets amongst the Inner Circle. Bets as to how long they skirt the issue without ever addressing it. Bets as to when someone will actually give in. Bets as to who breaks first. Bets as to how the other will react. Bets as to how long the two of them will spend holed up in the cabin once they decide to seal the bond. 

There are bets upon bets and even Azriel will be shocked that it’s their High Lady who finally snaps. 

“You,” Feyre stabs a finger at Rhys, “Stay here.”

She quickly dresses, donning practical pants and what used to be a loose fitting sweater to combat the cold. It’s snug across the bump that’s just started to show in the last few weeks. Boots barely laced, she throws open the door and storms down the stairs, leaving a startled Cerridwen and Nuala in her wake. Rhys can only follow, stopping to join the twins standing horror struck at the top of the stairs.


Feyre at least waits until her sister turns around before grabbing her wrist and winnowing from the townhouse. A heartbeat passes and Rhys winnows after her into the darkness to land on the steps of the House of Wind. It’s the highest point to which it’s possible to winnow and there are several hundred stairs left to climb. For a moment Rhys wonders what the hell his mate is thinking; if he should intervene. But he doesn’t risk drawing her wrath his way this high up. Not with the safety of his mate, child, and sister-in-law possibly at risk. Not to mention the perverse curiosity that creeps through him. It’s a cat kneading its claws into him, and he wants to see what comes of Feyre’s plan. So he folds himself into darkness to hide from Nesta and other prying eyes, knowing that Feyre knows he’s there, can feel him through the mating bond. Rhys feels a tapping on his shields and when he opens them a sliver for her, the scathing blast he receives tells him not to meddle further. 

‘If I can escape the Weaver, and handle the Bone Carver, half starved and emaciated from my time in the Spring Court, I can certainly handle a set of stairs, pregnant or not,’ she blasts down their bond, and then adds for good measure, ‘Prick.’ before closing her mental shields again. 

Still clutching Nesta’s wrist, Feyre begins the trek up the steps. It’s a steep climb, but Feyre’s right, both women are more than physically capable of making it. 

“What are you doing?” Nesta demands, attempting to wrench her hand free. 

But Feyre will have none of that. Steadfast she continues the hike until the two are at the front entrance of the House of Wind, the one that those not gifted with a set of wings use to enter the house. It’s only then that Feyre remembers that she does have wings, could have used them to circumvent this whole escapade. She can feel Rhys’ dark chuckle down the bond and restrains herself from making a crude gesture in his direction, but just barely.

“Do you remember,” she asks between huffs, finally speaking for the first time since they arrived. Yes she is more than capable of climbing the stairs, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be winded by it. “Do you remember what I told you, when you told me you wanted to marry Tomas Mandray?”

The question is accented by the throwing open of the behemoth doors in front of them. Nesta doesn’t remember. It was so long ago. Literal years and what feels like lifetimes ago. Back when the three Archeron sisters were different people. Back when they were barely scraping by and dependent on Feyre’s hunting skills to live. Back when Prythian and it’s fairy stories were just myths. Back before they were remade and given Fae bodies, immortality, and powers beyond what any of them thought possible. 

Nesta shakes her head, no she doesn’t remember, but Feyre misses the gesture completely as she continues, marching forth with renewed purpose. She surges forward, destination fixed in her mind, though she’s never been there before. Past the formal dinning hall and ballroom where they danced until dawn celebrating the end of the war. Up a flight of stairs she’s yet to use before. Twists and turns through the living quarters, until they stop in front of a unassuming door.

“I told you,” she growls, grabbing for the handle. “I told you ‘the day you want to marry someone worthy, I’ll march up to his house and hand you over.’

At the final word from her mouth and the door swings open revealing a completely disheveled Cassian. Shirtless and clad only in a pair of sleep pants, Nesta can only gape at him as he runs a hand through sleep mussed hair. There’s no way that his keen Fae hearing will have missed Feyre’s comment, and Nesta -and Rhys- wonders if she planned it that way.

“Can I do something for you ladies?” he drawls, voice full of smooth arrogance. Arrogance that’s only heightened by his sleep roughed tone. He braces himself against the door with one hand above his head and if Nesta didn’t know better she’d swear that the bastard is posing for the two of them, or maybe just her. He is, and he’ll tell her that, one day, but for now he waits for his High Lady to answer his question.

“You,” Feyre points at him, finally releasing Nesta’s wrist. “She’s your mate. You deal with this problem.”

And with that she storms off, leaving the two of them gaping at her, at each other, in her wake.

Deep Breathing

A/N: Best way to describe this one is … smut with substance? A story that happens to contain smut? Anyway, I’ve put the smut under the cut (and in a Northern accent, those all three rhyme.)

I started this before series 2 came out, but after we saw the scene in the bowling alley, and this evolved over a week or two. Hope you guys like it, and that it takes a micro-particle of sting out of watching episode 2, even for a second.

* * *

Once, as an experiment, they’d brought some daft yoga instructor to the hospital and had her lead “the mentals” (as Rae and Tix labeled their fellow patients) in some breathing exercises and sun salutations. Rae thought it was pointless and embarrassing, but she’d gotten ticked off by the matron for skipping group therapy on Thursday, so there wasn’t any way she was getting out of it. She couldn’t even fake being on her period; Dr. Nick knew her cycle was nonexistent and would want to do all kinds of prodding and poking at her if she announced her womanhood had miraculously returned.

No, she’d just have to lump it. Half-heartedly stretch and pretend like she was breathing deep and hope it didn’t last too long.

But when she got to the room, there weren’t as many patients as she’d imagined. It was all women, and Tix was there, hunched over, her crossed arms resting on her crossed legs. She smiled as Rae came to sit on the mat next to hers. 

“What barmy thing will they have us doing next?” Rae whispered. “Tai chi by the duck pond? Judo in the sun lounge? Netball???” 

Tix giggled and half-heartedly shushed her as the instructor came in the room.

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