Now I can create short videos like these to accompany the descriptions of the resources I stumble upon. Cheers!

Design Doll is a tool to create a “personalized sketch doll” and pose it. It has a free and a plus version. It seems to be still under development and I managed to crash it, but if you refrain from messing with the top menu options you should be relatively safe.

I don’t know yet if I’d incorporate it to my workflow. It was fun to toy with it, and the posing feels fairly natural—the only annoying thing was not being able to quite arch a doll’s back. I didn’t read any instructions before using and found the UI very intuitive. It might be interesting to be used to literally “sketch” a pose and see if it’d work or not.

P.s.: Found the setting that arches the back. Sometimes it just gets slightly stuck hehe.

Agora posso criar curtas como esse para acompanhar as descrições dos recursos com os quais topo. Viva!

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