This very moment - nothing else is this important

Today I printed off a second run of my Moshtache zine.

I only have a few of the initial run of 50 left and wanted to have enough for the upcoming Baby Teeth exhibition and for sending out with orders (also- if anyone wants a bunch for distro/ handing out at shows etc please e-mail me oxygen_waster_7@yahoo.co.uk)

I didn’t really expect anything to come of this- considering it was thrown together pretty quickly.

But because of the response I've received I wanna go ahead and do a second issue- so- this is a call to anyone who fancies having an input. Whether you’re in a band and would like to be interviewed, you wanna conduct an interview yourself, you have a music review, a column, a recipe, a comic. At this point I’m pretty open, just to see what people have to offer- but Moustache based hilarity is a bonus.

Please do get in touch.

Like a certain doctor once said- What’s the worse that could happen.




Expressing one’s emotion through dance at a heavy rock concert. Using violent and frenzied movements whilst showing complete respect and courtesy to those around you. You’re all there for the same reason- enjoyment and fun. 
-not being a douche bag.

*at a local show* 

bob- hey, see that meat head slamming into everyone in the pit?

jim- yeah, what an asshole.

bob- let’s get our posimosh on and enjoy the rest of the show with our friends.

jim- good plan, I have respect for those around me