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This Guy Trains Computers to Find Future Criminals
Richard Berk says his algorithms take the bias out of criminal justice. But could they make it worse?

I really don’t believe much in this use of predictive techniques for this kind of analysis, mostly because false positives and false negatives are, in my opinion, unacceptable from an ethical point of view. Interesting reading anyway.

By the way, exactly on this precise topic, is based a wonderful novel by Philip Kerr: A Philosophical Investigation:

LONDON, 2013. Serial killings have reached epidemic proportions-even with the widespread government use of DNA detection, brain-imaging, and the “punitive coma.” Beautiful, whip-smart, and driven by demons of her own, Detective Isadora “Jake” Jacowicz must stop a murderer, code-named “Wittgenstein,” who has taken it upon himself to eliminate any man who has tested posi­tive for a tendency towards violent behavior-even if his victim has never committed a crime…

A perfect summer reading. You may get this book in Amazon (US, Uk).

Tonight, It's Just Fire Alarms and Losing You

Prompt from here. I was bored and this sucks but oh well

100% fluff - 1682 words - no warnings

It was a cold, windy January evening in London, but Phil Lester was warm. Surrounded by blankets, the radiator on and his laptop on his knees for extra warmth, Phil was content. If anyone were to walk in on the man though, all they would see would be a bundle of blankets with a mop of messy jet black hair and two ice blue, bespectacled eyes poking out the top. Luckily Phil lived alone.

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1d: zayns leaving the tour
me: at least it cant get worse :)
1d: zayns leaving the band
me: okay but it’s not gonna get worse than this guys:)
1d: louis gonna be a dad
me: okay :)
1d: we’re going on a break for a year
me: this is the lowest it can only get better:)
1d: the breaks actually two years
me: well deserved break they’re coming back guy(:
1d: louis dating danielle
me: :)
1d: harry and kendall are dating
me: it c ant ge t wor se it just ca nt get worse he res to a posi tive 2016:):):)

unclesteeb  asked:

Hi there! Thanks for everything you do. What are your favorite modern AU's?

Hi! And you’re so welcome! Here are a few of them:

For the Movies - acciograce

You Quite So New - atetheredmind aka muttpeeta

The librarian!Peeta series - silvercistern

No Surprises - nonemoreblack aka dirtytalkingpeeta

Heartsick- Misshoneywell aka peetaspenis

Sever - DandelionSunset aka dandelion-sunset

Rebel - HGRomance aka andshewaits

Deterioration of a Smile - fortunefaded2012

Promise to Keep - jypzrose

No More Owed - ArabellaGwen aka arabella-gwen

Amidst - Amelia_Day aka toastbabies

Posi+tive - lollercakes aka lollercakesff

First Speech - kismet4891 aka kismetff

Speed Date - Everlark_Pearl aka ashyblondwaves

Sweat Equity - fnurfnur

Drifting Between Grey and Blue - sponsormusings

The Girl Next Door - loveisallwereallyneedtosurvive

Under a Watchful Eye - ambpersand

If You Forget Me - titania522

The Endless In Between - madefrommemories , Panem, & soamazinghere

Paper Not Blood - peetasbunmyoven

Dissonance - meggiemellark aka meggie-mellark

Stranger Than Fiction - girl_aflame

The First Time - annieoakley1 aka everlarkeologist

Degrees of Separation - Loueze

Crash My Party - Court81981

Sometimes You Get What You Need - dispatchesfromdistrict7 aka beanfromdistrict7

A Fine Line to Cross - passionately_curious aka mitchesbcray

Two Wrongs - JLaLa aka jlalafics

5SOS Preference~He's Sick
  • Ashton: "Oh my God," I say as I stare at Ashton puking for about the fourth time today in the toilet. I ran to him and soothed his back with my palm. I pulled him out as he rinsed his mouth using a mouthwash. "Ashton, I think you got food poisoned." He looked at me with a confused stare. "Why would I get food poisoned? And from where?" I shrugged. "I don't know, really. Maybe the food at the party yesterday." He bit his lip as if remembering something. "Well... it did taste sort of funny.." I held back a laugh and said, "Dear, Jesus. Why'd you eat it then?" "Well I-" Whoops. There he goes again with the vomiting. He washed his mouth again and I led him over to the couch. "My tummy hurts," he groaned. "Let's go watch a movie, yeah?" I proposed. "You pick, Ash." He stood up and picked a movie whilst I prepared us food. Once I got back, he was already settled down on the couch. I chuckled and he turned to face me. He opened up his arms and I plopped down on the couch. "Comfy?" he smirked. "Shut up, and watch the movie."
  • Calum: "Yes." "No." "Yes." "No. "Yes." "No." "Goddammit, Calum. Just take your medicine." "Fine." Yesterday, the boys played soccer. I was okay with that, though. Calum just got hit by the rain as he stayed behind a little longer. Being sweaty and being hit by the rain, he got sick. I woke up to him trying to muffle his coughs, which I may add, were dry, but I heard him. He tried to convince me that he was okay and that he "can take care of himself" but I wasn't buying it. "See, I told you you would get sick." "For the last time, babe, I'm not *cough* sick." I smirked and the red on his cheeks were evident. "Mmm.. You sure 'bout that, Thomas?" "Posi-*cough*-tive." A laugh escaped my lips. "Sure. Now, take your medicine." He groaned, but finally agreed. I wrapped him up in blankets on the bed while I was on twitter laying beside him. "Cuddle?" he asked in a helium voice. "No." "Cuddle?" " Calum, you'll get me sick." He stuck out his bottom lip and put on puppy eyes. "Ugh. Fine." He grinned wide. "Yay!" I put the cover above us and I cuddled into his chest. "But if you get me sick, you're dead."
  • Luke: Dropping my bag on the floor, I closed the door. I came home from school, expecting the sound of a guitar strumming, but much to my dismay, it was quiet. Well, except from occasional coughs and groans. "Babe?" I called out. "I'm here, Y/N," a hoarse voice replied. I walked to the living room to see my boyfriend on the couch wrapped in blankets. "Aww.. What's wrong, Lukey?" I cooed, feeling his forehead. He was hot. (Well, HOT hot. But he's hot, too) "I'm gonna get you medicine, food, and water, kay? Wait for me here." I ran to the cupboards and took out a biogesic, a bottle of water, and I cooked noodles. "Babeeeeeeeeeee," he groaned, making me lightly chuckle. "Wait a sec, hun," I replied giggling. After five minutes, I poured the contents into a bowl and got a clean spoon. I put everything on a tray and carried it to the living room. I sat on the floor facing him, feeding him. Although I wanted him to feel better, I found it kind of adorable. While he ate, I told him stories about my day and how I aced the test I've studied for so long. Seeing the smile on his face made me happy. I gave him his medicine and he gulped it down with water. I put the dishes back to the kitchen with the tray. "Come on, Luke," I say as I come back, "Let's go up. You need sleep." I managed to make him stand up as he leaned onto my body for support. "Mhm.," he mumbled. "Luke?" I giggled. "Are you asleep already?" No reply. I shook my head smiling. I dragged him to out bedroom and laid him down on the bed, covering him with blankets. Just as I was about to leave, he caught my wrist. "Stay?" I couldn't say no. I snuggled with him under the blankets. "Thanks for taking care of me, Y/N." I pressed a kiss on his burning forehead. "No problem. Now, go get some sleep. love."
  • Michael: "ACHOO!" "Mhmm.." "ACHOO!" "Michael?" I turned around to see my boyfriend having a little sneezing fit. As cute as he was, I didn't want this going on for long. "Mikey, I'll go get you some neozep. Stay here." He pulled me closer, saying, "No. I'm fine. I'm not-ACHOO!" I giggled and kissed his forehead, latter saying, "Nope. Be right back." I got up, got his medicine and some water, and walked back to the room. "Here," I said, handing him the tabs. He smiled softly. "Thanks, love." "No problem." It was cold, and we were too awake to go back to sleep. We just told jokes and stories and laughed, Michael's occasional sneezes making us both burst of laughter. At about three a.m., we finally went back to sleep.