posi party


After feeling pretty low in the day, my birthday turned out to be amazing. I loved my outfit, my friend was lovely and I met the woman who literally saved my life nearly a year ago. She found me on the street after I ran away from hospital and took me into the restaurant she worked in and called the police. My birthday was the first time I had seen her - she bought me drinks, we danced and hugged, it was amazing. I also managed to eat some amazing food! Happy birthday to me :)

#bodposfeb 19: Post a picture of you in your favourite outfit

For my birthday this year, the theme was a little girl’s princess party. We all dressed up in princess dresses, drank tea, ate sweets, and had a great time! This is a picture of me in my dress for that night, which I lucked out in finding at a thrift store. I definitely felt like a princess, and the birthday girl sash helped for sure!