One time I dreamt I became a maid for this old fashioned and posh hotel in London and it just so happened that on my first day amazingphil and danisnotonfire booked in for a holiday. I felt really guilty because I thought that the two were having a break from being surrounded constantly by fans, with me being a massive fan myself. And so, in a flawed attempt to try to make things more convenient and reassuring for them, I pretended that I didn’t know what the internet was for an entire week

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"It’s not just a ship. It is affecting the lives of many, many people, and hurting plenty of others." i'm crying a fandom theory of a millionaire on a website has 0 effect on his relationship with his child. i can't believe antis think louis is enough of a manchild to actually be emotionally affected by conspiracy theories when hes living a life of luxury with a "baby" and "dream" gf. whose lives are we ruining? the chart topping millionaire? the posh fashion blogger? where is the tragedy?

they truly act like we break into their houses in the middle of the night doing a tap dance on their coffee tables waving our fanfic around like “extra extra read all about it”

The Boys and Shakespeare

Maybe I should be BARD from B&W. 

Notice how we start in posh  old fashion garb, go on to a wet coat, and end up with sacking and they all still look hot?

pictures not mine I just played with them.

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Also harry's stunts were bad but harry always got something good from them. He is more famous, well known, has a lot of celebrity friends and that means like a good cv but louis' stunts caused caos. He even got arrested, nobody can compare the sitations. Not anymore

Louis does have famous friends in private, but the fact he can’t have them publicly, well, tells a lot (James Corden for example, knew Louis way before he met Harry, but everyone assumes Harry’s is James only friend. Ed too, is friends with both, but if you ask people will say he only knows Harry). And yes, Harry’s image is nasty, I’m not saying it isn’t, he has been tagged like that since he was 16 which is beyond disgusting, but he’s still posh, rich, fashion icon, only wears big brands guy. Louis is lad guy with no famous friends, only wears Adidas and eats fast food, the constract is screaming. And I agree, you just can’t compare both,  because Louis image is beyond fucked 

Pas de Deux- Chapter 1 (Trixya)- Arcadia

A/N: Have an Early 1900’s cis girls ballerinas AU !! This is the first fic I’ve submitted here. I’ve had this idea in my head for a REALLY long time and I finally worked up the courage to write it and submit it. I know the title is very cliché, it just basically means ‘a duet between a man and woman’ but screw that it’s two women now. This fic will touch on topics like internalized homophobia that goes with the time and I’ll list any other warnings before each chapter starts. I apologize for any historical or literary inaccuracies, I don’t know a lot about ballet I just wanted an excuse to write historical lesbian smut(that won’t happen until later though). There will be a few side pairings. I’m not a super experienced writer so if anyone wants to give some helpful feedback that’d be great. Fingers crossed! Sorry if this is horrible!

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