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The Hair by foulfaerie

“For gods sake Anna, are you cleaning in there or just messing around?! I don’t want to have to ask again!”

My mum has just started chewing me out about not cleaning the bath. It’s become a frequent argument in this house, almost every single day there comes a shout from down the hall. ‘Clean the bath’ or 'why don’t you wipe down after yourself?’; it’s become part of the morning ritual. The thing is, I always wipe down after a shower. I stand in the bathroom bundled in a towel; turn off the the shower and grab a new towel from the rack, to start the aggravating process of wiping away all of the water droplets from the ceramic tiles. It takes even longer these days as we had a new bath and shower fitted. Instead of a plastic shower curtain, we now have a big glass door hanging from the wall. I wipe it clean, and dry, every day so that there are no water marks or gross smears left behind. Then, the damp towel gets hung up to dry. Simple enough. After this morning, after what I’ve seen, I’ll never clean that room again. Hell, I’ll never use this bath for as long as I live.

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Spice Girls photographed by Mark Seliger, 18 years ago today,  in New York for Rolling Stone Magazine on May 16th, 1997!