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One Night with a Psychopath

Description: Jim Moriarty takes reader to a ball, where things soon take an unexpected turn. 

Characters: Moriarty X Female Reader 

Triggers: Sex 

Length: 1,998 words

Note: Sorry guys this was a long one but I plan on writing more parts to this. Hope you like it! 

He left the invitation on top of your pillow in your bedroom. It was typed with calligraphy letters that made it seem like you were being invited to 17th century French ball rather than a modern one. You had told Jim that you would rather swim in shark infested waters than go to a fancy party with him. He took this as an act of playing hard to get, which you could tell turned him on oh so greatly. His mouth grew into a devilish grin and he reply with a simple, “We’ll see”. Moriarty made your skin crawl, however, as of lately you weren’t sure if it were in a bad or good way. Being Sherlock’s assistant was turning more into a nightmarish fever and when the criminal mastermind himself took a liking to you. It become even more of horrifying carnival attraction that you where forced to participate in. You roll your eyes at the invite when your phone beings to ring. You know exactly who it is before even looking at the caller ID. 

“What?” You answer. 

“Is that how you greet your date?” Moriarty replies. His Irish accent is playful almost like he knew it made you shiver in delight. 

“What makes you think I’m even going”? You scoff

“Please, don’t try and think you’re smarter than me. Darling, I am a bad boy for a living, you should know by now I always have a plan”, he says ending the last part with a sing song tone. 

There is a silent moment until you hear a sigh on the other end. 

“Meaning, if you decided not to join me. I’ll have to pay your mother a visit, now wouldn’t I?” Moriarty explains with a serious infliction. 

Your heart drops to your knees as you realize the severity of the situation. It dawns on you that Jim will not be letting you off the hook as simply as you hoped. 

“What should I wear”? You tried to sound sarcastically cheerful. 

“Something sexy”, he says. Before finishing with a quirky goodbye. 

You were left stunned and heart pumping into your chest  You knew you had to go to this damn ball for the safety of your loved ones but in the back of your mind, you felt a jolt of electricity from the thought of being with James Moriarty.     

The evening of:   

The red dress hugged your curves in all the right places with a backless detail that showed off your soft skin. You looked in the mirror and smiled, you look smokin’. “Eat you heart out, Moriarty”, you say to the mirror before heading out. The car was waiting outside your flat, Jim as usual with his games was meeting you at the venue. You were nervous for what the evening held but most of all you were nervous over your emotions towards the psychopath. Like most textbook psychopaths, James Moriarty was charming, handsome, and supernaturally smart. He made you flush every time he said your name, every time he even looked your way with those deadful eyes. 

The ballroom was cluttered with societies finest trying so desperately to sound more sophisticated than each other. You walked in scanning the room for Jim but the stares of the men and women alike blocked your sense of direction. They were looking at you either with lustful eyes or jealousy, it made you slightly uncomfortable. Just as you were about to text him, a familiar accent filled the air. James was in the center of a group of people, laughing at every word he said. For a brief second you thought of running, telling someone you were brought here on threats towards your family but you caught Jim’s eye as you stood there contemplating. His stare burned holes into your skin as he walked away from the crowd without saying a word. When you were face to face he leaned in kissing your neck softly growling into your ear. “You look amazing”, he whispered. He handed you a glass of champagne with a teethy grin like a predator who found his next meal. The two of you walked around the ballroom greeting every other couple as they made their rounds. You could still see men fixated on you as you moved, you could also see the glimmer of jealousy in Moriarty’s behavior as he ushered you away from these men. If he wanted to play silly games, you were more than happy to play. 

“Is someone a little jealous of how much attention this dress is getting”? You ask.

The question took Moriarty aback as he paused for a second. Giving you a look that seemed to only be reserved for the great Sherlock Holmes. You flashed him a smile as you walked passed him and began talking it up with another gentlemen at the bar. You could feel Moriarty’s death stare even has your back was turned but this only excited you more. In all the time you worked for Mr. Holmes, you had never experienced this type of stimulation before. A dangerous man taking you out to a ball whilst you flirt with other men was like having a severe death wish. However, you thought if he was distracted by you, he wouldn’t hurt your family. Perhaps that’s a better reason than admitting that you loved the way Jim looked at you with desire filled eyes.

“If you want to play, (y/n), we can play but I’m warning you I don’t play fair”, Moriarty said. 

He was standing in the back of you as you were speaking to a man in front. This revaluation made the hairs of your neck stand up. 

“Excuse me”, you smiled at the man and he quickly noticed Moriarty, moving himself along without saying goodbye.Moriarty looked at you with an open mouth as if he was faking a surprised expression. He laughs, pulling you in as the music starts up and people begin to dance. 

“You’re sick, you know that”? You gave him a distasteful look. 

“Oh yes, my dear, my sweet sweet dear. I’m sick and twist but your still here, aren’t you?” He answers.  

The way he looks at you burns a fire beneath that you try to suppress. The swaying of the dancing and the licking of his lips might as well take you down right now. 

“I have too, remember”? You snap back. 

He laughs at your sudden burst of attitude like it excites him. “You are sassy, I love it. I’ve never met someone who would dare test me like that”, he explains. “If you were anyone else, I’d have to… well you know… accidentally push you off the balcony”, he said as a matter of fact. 

“Well I’m glad I can be so entertaining for you”, you reply. Realizing that his body was inching closer to you as the music slowed to a stop. Your knees became weak at the thought of his kiss on your neck again but to your disapproval he only teases a kiss. Pulling away with an enlightened expression. 

“This place is boring me and you’re far to beautiful to be at such a dull party”. Before you could protest, he called his Sebastian to bring the car around. 

 The air was brisk causing you to shiver wrapping your arms around yourself. Jim wasted no time in peeling off his jacket and placing it on your shoulders. He winked as he lead you into the car. Your heart began it’s usual abnormal rhythm the one James Moriarty was responsible for. As the car moved towards it’s destination, Jim placed his hand on your knee, massaging it, and working his way to your thigh. You didn’t stop him not because you didn’t have a choice but because you needed this, needed him. 

“You are going to get it when we get home”, he whispered into your ear. Slightly nibbling on the lope, your body tightens and it feels like your entry being was lit on fire. 

“We’ll see”, you smirk. 

Moriarty’s Personal Space: 

 Jim walked you into his estate with a determination, giving you no real time to examine the exterior of the place. But, to your knowledge it looked as if he lived off in the middle of nowhere. Trees and what looked like a garden in the distant tipped you off of your surrounding. 

“Welcome”, he said opening the door, revealing a gorgeous interior that could only be described as something out of a posh magazine. You looked around in awe at the crystals fixtures and 18th century paintings plastered on the wall.

“Nice bachelor pad”, you narrowed your eyes at the criminal consultant. 

He shrugs bashfully looking at the floor, “ I don’t know, I guess it’s pretty nice. I don’t normally bring dates over”, his tone is child like.  

Rolling your eyes you can’t help but feel those pesky butterflies form in the pit of your stomach. “Do you always have to be a smart ass”? You ask. 

His expression drops at this and he walks towards you with lustful intent. He breaths in your hair, his eyes fixated on yours as he presses himself against you. Your body begins to boil with desire as you feel him growing underneath his trousers. 

“Let me show you my play room”, he says as he kissing down your neck.

You nodded in agreement, your voice caught in your throat as he leads you up the staircase. Moriarty’s room was surprisingly warm and very clean. You thought it might be filled with gruesome sights and people hang from the ceiling or something equal as horrifying. However, this room gave the impression that someone normal slept in here. Which was equally as troubling to find. 

Jim closed the door behind. “Do you like it”? He asked holding your shoulders from behind. His fingers teasing the material hugging them, slowly crawling his fingers around as they dragged down fabric. He kissed the back of your right shoulder causing a slight moan to escape your mouth. Jim stepped back. “Oh I see I hit a pressure point”, he giggles. 

“It can use a new fresh coat of paint”, you narrowed your eyes at him, gesturing to the bedroom walls. 

He raises an eyebrow at you with a smile forming onto his mouth. “Bed, now”, he says shortly. You obey but never taking your gaze away from him. You sit on the bed lifting you dress that your thighs are exposed. There is a hungry look in Jim’s eyes more than before with just a hint of mischief. He begins to unbutton his shirt also never taking his gaze off you. Something dangerously sinister is brewing in his concentration but you feel far from in danger. He steps towards you whilst he works his shoes and trousers still staring at you with that famous Moriarty stare. You fish your arms out of your dress, revealing a navy lace bra that shows a little more skin than a bra should. Jim smirks as he slightly pushes you onto the bed and hovers over your. 

“Do you want me, (y/n)”? He asks. 

“Yes”, you reply. Biting your lower lips, watching as his hand move underneath your dress, pressing his fingers just at your entrance. You know your wet, you have been since the car ride here. 

“You are a bad, bad girl”, he says lowering himself closer to your lips but doesn’t quiet touch them just yet. 

He’s teasing you, you can tell but you don’t care at this point, you just need him if only for this moment. His fingers are playing with your lace panties, he inches his way into the side of them and just as you can’t take anymore teasing. He moves his index and middle finger inside you, causing you to gasp, which he catches with his mouth. His kiss is intoxicating, passionate and menacing. Biting on your lower lip, his tongue swirling in your mouth, the damn psychopath is an expert at kissing. He plays you like a musical instrument with the just the touch of his finger tips, you’re purring out in ecstasy. Working your way down south you feel every corner of this body, smooth except for the tiny ridges of his abs. You stroke his member and watch as he closes his eyes in pure pleasure, groaning as your confidence grows and your rhythm speeds up. Moriarty kisses you deeper and harder, pulling you closer he releases his fingers from inside you. 

“I bet you taste delicious”, he says. Taking his fingers into his mouth pulling them out with a pop. “Mmmmm”, he moans. 

Slipping the rest of your dress off along with your panties, he tosses them to one side. You tug at his boxers and he springs free. 

“Defiantly not bored anymore”, you say. 

He shakes his head in a rhythmic motion and smiles. “You’re a terrific alternative”. 

Moriarty places himself in your just between your legs, moving his way down to your breast, sucking at biting at the skin. This causes you to let out a moan in satisfaction. He looks up at you with a crinkle in his forehead and a smile that could stop a lion mid run. 

“I bet I can make you say my name”, he says in a sing song manner. 

You snort and laugh. “You’re on”, you simply reply. 

He continues to work your breast as he does he inches his way slowly into you. Swerving his hips in a clock-ward motion, leaving you yearning for him, your body crying out for gratification. You want to yell his name but you well this would mean you lose. He looks up at you again with a picture perfect smile. 

“I know you want to”, he teases. 

“I don’t think so”, you breathe. 

“Fine, if want to play rough, I am more than happy too”, he tone is dark. 

Moriarty thrust himself inside you quickly just enough for a groan to escape your mouth. Biting your lips hard so that nothing else finds its way out. He kisses down at your neck as he pulses through you, quicker and harder. Your back arches in approval, he shifts and hits a weak stop, causing you to form his name on your lips. However, you stop yourself before reciting the rest. 

“I always get what I want”, Moriarty whispers.

“Not today”, you groan. 

He thrust harder, deeper, with just a little bit of force. 

“Ugh!” You cry out in delight. 

He nips at your chest, frantically racing up to kiss your mouth, deeply and more passionate than before. His hips grinding into you, he knows fully well you are close to the edge. Gripping his back with your fingertips, softly biting his shoulder as he groans into your mouth. 

You think to yourself that you might just win against the criminal consultant. Until he shifts once again into the right spot, slowly at first but then he picks up speed. He stares into your eyes as if waiting for what he already knows is coming. 

“Uh! Jim!” You scream. 

Clasping your hands onto your mouth, hoping by some miracle he didn’t hear a thing. He laughs in triumphant, coming shortly after, and collapsing on your chest. 

“You owe me”, he breathes. 

“Shut up”, you snap back. 

“I don’t just place a bet on anything or one”, he says. Rolling over onto his back, he flips onto his side and places a hand on his head prompting him up. Moriarty stares at you intently before continuing. 

“I ask that you join me tomorrow night for dinner and a show”, he explains. His eyes have a serious tint to them. 

“Just dinner?” You ask. 

He nods with a grin, “Just dinner and a trip to the cinema”. 

You think for a minute at all the possibilities that could go wrong by daring to date James Moriarty. In his bedroom you see a different side to the criminal mastermind. There’s no threat, no true danger, yet you know there is, somewhere out there the possibility of this ending very badly. You figure one shag and a dinner date won’t be too bad as long as you keep your guard up. 

“Fine, one more date and that’s it”, you finally utter. 

“Fantastic!” He giggles. Pulling you in closer and nuzzling your neck. 

What can possible go wrong? 


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18th century fireplaces, stuccowork, staircase and library

Orangery built in 1629

Beautiful grounds


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