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Were Ilima’s and Mina’s specialty types swapped?


  • Is an artist (Smeargle)
  • Looks sleepy all the time (Komala)
  • Pants and shoes also look like Komala
  • Is color-coded the same way as other Normal-type specialists: beige/cream/white/grey color scheme with dabs of color (just like Normal-types are usually neutral but can learn varied elemental moves)


  • Has the same full, bright eyes that other Fairy-type specialists have
  • Is color coded with baby pink and baby blue, typical of the Fairy-type.
  • Is very feminine and delicate
  • Would kind of match having a Ribombee as signature, they both look very posh.

I lost a bet with @fatlardo​ so here’s 1k of G-rated Patater, set after comic 3.8

Kent half-expects the code Alexei sent him not to work, but it does; the lock on the gate whirrs open, and he can slip through. He puts his hands in his pockets, hunches his shoulders as he walks past the dim lights of the pool, ducks under the vines on the back pergola. He can see the lights burning in the kitchen and he could mount the stairs to the patio, go in through the French doors, but he’d rather not right now. It feels easier to go through the downstairs office, slink through dark hallways until he reaches the back staircase and its ascent into the kitchen’s glow.

Alexei doesn’t look up when Kent steps into the kitchen, just calmly keeps drinking his coffee out of its little cup. He’s still in his shirt and tie, but his waistcoat is unbuttoned; his suit jacket is draped over a chair. There’s a second cup set out, and it’s coffee, but–

“You’re angry with me,” Kent says.

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“we put our minds to it all

but disappointment crashed the ball

we could have done anything,

we just never quite knew it, so…”

This was supposed to be a cross between bts’ ‘the most beautiful moment in life’ series and passenger’s staring at the stars, so maybe it’s a sort of “university days gone wrong” kind of au??? idk in any case, no matter what the initial setting is, i see this as a slightly angsty au with lots of bittersweet happenings

The outfits are a combination of JK’s clothes in I Need You and Run :) (which i still like a lot more than their most recent comeback, i must say)!

You’re telling me that a grown man in his 40s, who looks so posh and repeatedly says he isn’t interested in women, is gonna tweet from his iPhone 6 Plus and make up his own petty hashtags? And some people are STILL like “he’s not gay!!!” Like, boy do I have news for you!!

I think the most distinctly ‘90s kid memories I have are dancing the Macarena with Chuck E. Cheese and my posse of friends at my 10th birthday party, or the next year at my 11th birthday party (a sleepover) where all of my friends and I were reenacting Spice World with my Spice Girl dolls and two girls got into a fight over who was going to be Scary Spice.