posh 2014

This Day in 1D History - July 4


  • Harry goes house hunting in London with Lou Teasdale


  • Niall forgets 90% of his US fans are under 21
  • Harry lays down the law (re: the dickwads he met in New York)
  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Montreal, Canada 


  • SO POSH (via Niall and Lou’s Instas)
  • Where We Are Tour concert – Berne, Switzerland 


Look at me looking all posh and pretty.. or handsome should I say.. 

TODAY I was Hannah’s MASCOT. The best mascot around I’ll tell you… HEHE.. 

I  had so much fun cheering her on from the side, although I did cause a little bit of mischief.. hehe.. Hannah left me and I could not see her so I thought I will screeeeeaaammmm so loud to try and find her.. anyway it worked because she came running back to pet me.. HEHE… 

I was not letting her out my sight with out causing a stir.. 

I think it is now my bed time, well mommy Hannah says so, I have had a long day and I can not stop yawning..


Lots of love

Little ALF



Watch the first trailer of The Riot Club (Posh), 2014. featuring Sam Claflin, Douglas Booth, Holliday Grainger, Max Irons and Natalie Dormer.