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It Was Perfect. (Scott McCall Imagine)

Request: it’s my birthday today, so i was wondering if could i get a tyler posey or scott mccall birthday imagine? from @rusticbellamy


REQUESTS ARE OPEN (Just bear with me.)

I hope you enjoy!

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You weren’t a big fan of parties. Especially ones where the whole school gathered and practically made a rave. But with Lydia Martin as one of your best friends, you were forced to endure your birthday party that turned into a riot of high school students. 

People, whom you’ve never seen before in your whole life, came up to you and hugged you tightly as if you’ve known one another for a long time just to tell you happy birthday. Some guy even got your name wrong but proceeded to wish you a happy birthday. 

You didn’t want to sound ungrateful. Lydia said she had to do a lot of convincing and amusing for Peter and Derek to get permission to use the loft for the venue. But you truly didn’t enjoy this party and not to mention, your long time crush, Scott McCall is off dancing with some other girl that swooped him towards the dance floor. 

You watched intently as you saw her put her hands all over him and you were sure that if you were a werewolf, you would growling right now. 

But as you began to dwell on the fact that today was probably one of those terrible days, you didn’t see that Stiles had pushed away the girl and pulled Scott aside.

“Nice going, idiot!” Stiles yelled over the music blaring. Scott tilted his head to the side. “I thought you were going to tell (Y/N)!” 

“I was but it’s her birthday.” Scott responded. “She was hugging some guy earlier. I don’t want to ruin her birthday by telling her I love her!” 

“I don’t even have werewolf senses but I know that she’s not enjoying herself right now!” Stiles yelled but Scott motioned for him to shush. 

“What do you mean?” He inquired. 

“Look for yourself dumbass!” Stiles yelled, turning his best friend to look at you, sitting down all by yourself with your attention set outside the window. “Go talk to her, wolfie!” And with that Stiles pushed his best friend into your direction. 

Your attention snapped to Scott as he abruptly landed nearly onto the table. You raised an eyebrow at him, questioningly, but he just gave an award winning smile, making your heart pound. You saw his mouth move but you could’t process his words. “What?” You shouted over the music, knowing he’ll be able to hear you. He pointed towards the balcony and raised his eyebrows. You just nodded, hoping he asked you to go outside with him.

“It’s loud in there.” Scott commented as the two of you exited. You nodded in agreement. “You okay? You seem down. And I’m not even smelling your chemosignals.”

You gave him a sad smile. “I don’t like parties.” 

“I’m sorry your eighteenth birthday isn’t any fun for you. Is there anything I can do?” He asked. 

You shook your head. “Lydia will be enraged if you stop her party.” The two of you chuckled. 

You both kept your eye contact and you could just get lost in his warm, brown eyes. They were so entrancing and it hurt you knowing that someone as perfect as Scott wouldn’t want someone like you.

“They don’t play slow songs.” Scott randomly said, slicing through the silence. You looked away from his eyes before nodding. “It’s annoying. Sometimes a guy just wants to ask a pretty girl to dance to a slow song, ya know?”

“You seemed to be getting into the upbeat songs, though.” You bantered. 

Scott rubbed the back of his neck before responding, “she wasn’t the girl I was referring to.” And with your silence he took his chance, “I wish I was dancing with you. And I mean not like in that way… well in that way too, I suppose… but like in slow songs too. (Y/N), I sometimes have these urges, not like puberty urges, to like pick you up and kiss you. And I don’t know what-” His babbling was silenced when you balanced yourself on your tip toes and pressed your lips to his. 

“I love you.” Scott mumbled into the kiss. 

“Likewise, Scott.” You said, pulling away. 

Scott then pulled out his phone and a slow, love song started to play. The two of you smiled warmly at the other before slow dancing to his playlist (that was inspired by his love for you). 

After the party, the pack was helping Lydia clean up. “Oh, (Y/N), I didn’t catch you during the whole party.” Lydia said across the room. You and Scott smirked at each other, thankfully her back was turned towards you or else the teasing would’ve started. “How did you like it? I know parties weren’t your thing, but I mean it’s your (you’re age) birthday. I wanted to make it special.” 

“It was special.” You stated. You and Scott locked eyes once again. “It Was Perfect.” 

I’m rusty at writing imagines. I hope this was okay for you, love!

Happy 23th Bday Dylan O'Brien

It was killing you, resisting to scream “Happy Birthday” to Dylan. What a dumb idea. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Whose stupid idea was it to pretend we forgot it was Dylan’s birthday? Stupidest idea ever. 

In order to pretend you forgot your boyfriend’s birthday, you were avoiding him, making you feel even shitter. You made him breakfast and lunch, cuddled with him watching whatever he wanted, but you didn’t- you wouldn’t- say “Happy Birthday”. But the longer the day went on the more detached he became. Soon it was too easy to avoid him, he was avoiding you too.

I’m the worst girlfriend ever. 

“Dylan! Are you ready to go yet?” you yelled upstairs.

“Yeah,” he replied half-heartedly. 

Man I hate doing this. It’s his birthday. Come on. Why did I agree to this?

But you didn’t want to ruin the surprise. You just hoped it was worth it and that he would like it. 

The plan was that you would take Dylan over to Tyler and Seana’s house for a “couples evening”. Usually you do them every other Friday, but Tyler lied to Dylan that he couldn’t this Friday and couples night should be some other time this week. 

That was the first lie.

Then you had to continue to lie to him. From morning until 3. It was making you feel like crap.

Now it was time to go. Finally.

“Alright let’s go,” Dylan says bluntly. 

He’s upset and it’s his birthday. I’m theworstgirlfriendever. 

You debate on just telling him the truth and make him act surprised.

He’s an actor. He could just pretend he didn’t know.

You decide against it. You’re at their house anyways. 

“Dylan,” he looks over, “I love you.”

“Love you too,” he mumbles. 

You and Dylan walk up to the house. 

“Don’t be mad at me,” you tell him.

“For what?” You swing open the door.

“Happy Birthday!” the crowd inside screams.

You read confusion, surprise, and a bit of anger off of Dylan’s face.

“I hate you guys! I thought you forgot my birthday!” Dylan says jokingly but smiling from ear to ear.

The rest of the party went off without a problem. Everybody that was supposed to be there was there: all his friends, some of his close coworkers. Everybody was getting along and having a good time. And most importantly, Dylan was having a fantastic time. You’d glance over to him and he always had his big goofy grin on his face or was laughing. 

“Finally I got you alone,” you hear in your ear as two arms wrap around your waist.


“So you aren’t mad?”

“Nah…Well maybe a little. I mean, you still haven’t said it to me.”

You smile, “Happy Birthday baby.”

“Baby? I’m twenty-three now. I’m no baby.”

“So we’re good now?”

“Sure, we can be.”

“Even after this?” you turn around, shoving cake on Dylan’s face.

An evil smirk appears, “Oh of course,” he answers as he shoves cake back onto your face.

“I love you,” he tells you, smiling wickedly.

“I love you too,” you reply as you give him a kiss, full of icing.