posey please

Dear Isaac Lahey,
Please get your BUTT back to Beacon Hills.

The Teen Wolf fandom.

((PS: See, even your boyfriends dad approves.))

— Edit: Gif credits to @tomhollnad
  • person: hey, what's up?
  • me: *stares into space* stydia is alive.
  • person: uhhh... what?
  • me: nothing. i said nothing.
  • person: okay... *walks away*
  • me: *whispers to self* stydia is alive.

Ok guys, I think I finally figured out what Holland said that made Dylan laugh his ass off at the end of this video (min 04:05):

Interviewer: ….I’m asking for teases.

Holland: we’ve all asked for them……

Dylan: *did wifey just say what I think she said? omg she did lmfao*


Feel Good Hit of the Summer 

by @anomalagous

When Roscoe breaks down on the way to a supernatural summit in Las Vegas, Scott and Stiles are stranded in the middle of the California High Desert with practically no way to contact the outside world. Without internet and existing on the hospitality of a pack of desert wolves, they’re forced to figure out how to occupy themselves for days on end in the desert sun while the Jeep is fixed. The trip ends up far more enlightening than Scott could have ever guessed.

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