posey dress

Hey remember when Tyler Posey dressed up as Clark Kent at SDCC as a nod to the fact that his friend, colleague, and former roommate had just been cast as Superman and certain parts of the fandom acted like he was an asshole for cosplayimg as one of the most recognizable comicbook superheroes (one that two of his coworkers had played) at a Comic Convention?

When I went up to ask him a question, he looked pretty delighted and asked me if I was dressed as Scott McCall. I said, “no, I’m Scout McCall,”* and he said “That’s so CUTE,” and then my ghost left my body, and that’s what you see in this photo. He immediately suggested we do a wolfy pose, also.

(not pictured: him teasing someone for wearing a Stiles lacrosse hoodie instead of a McCall one, and then pointing at me and yelling YOU’RE AWESOME, in the photo op room).

*whatever, it’s a cute name and I don’t have the patience for a short-hair wig, y'all. plus, lacrosse skirt!!!

So let me get this straight…

Tyler Posey dresses up as Superman at Comic Con and you guys claim he’s trying to steal the spotlight from Tyler Hoechlin. Now he attends the screening of his friend’s movie and you think he’s leeching for attention?

I’m surprise you all aren’t saying that he breathes to steal Dylan’s oxygen.