dating tyler posey would include...
  • going to interviews with him
  • him being really into pda
  • and you always telling him to stop 
  • forehead kisses
  • cheek kisses
  • hot, wet kisses
  • friday nights are date nights
  • which ends in hot sex
  • him having a lot of kinks
  • spanking being his main one
  • surprising him on set 
  • and teasing him when he’s trying to film scenes
  • the cast loving you
  • tyler being a sweetheart to you 
  • and being a major softie around you
  • bear hugs
  • him being clingy, but in the best way
  • buying you flowers for no reason
  • all nighters playing video games
  • and getting high
  • going to bars with dylan and some of your friends
  • fucking in the restroom 
  • because he “couldn’t wait until later.”
  • comforting each other after a hard day
  • arguing over stupid shit and giving eachother the silent treatment 
  • so you go to bed with your backs to one another
  • but you wake up cuddling each other
  • shower sex
  • doggy being his favourite position
  • texting you stupid pickup lines
  • getting kicked out off grocery stores because tyler can’t act like an adult
  • being the most childish, most fun, most cheesy, most happy and most sexual couple out there
  • tyler gushing about you to dylan
  • and watching you from across the room when he talks about you to his friends
  • “i’m gonna marry her some day.”

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hold you || scott mccall

author: @sincerelystiles
pairing: scott x reader
word count: 1,765

warnings: triggering, very angsty. 

authors note: i just needed to write out some angst and i love scotty so much so here you go kids. 

summary: scott finds reader having an anxiety attack in the girls bathroom. 

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pizza delivery || scott mccall (!!)

author: @sincerelystiles
pairing: scott x reader
word count: 1,398

warnings: dom!scott, teasing, slight bondage, oral (female receiving), orgasm denial

authors note: 2017 is the year for smut so expect more lmaoo

summary: reader and scott can’t keep their hands off each other, but the pizza man likes to be early. 

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