poseur patrol

I wanna start a side blog about the goth subculture, but with a lot less focus on fashion. I feel like a lot that I see online is mostly about the fashion and I wanna spread some love for the music, events, clubs, literature, comic books, media, DIY, and whatnot. When’s the last time anyone read a goth comic that wasn’t JtHM? Who wants sewing patterns for a bat plush? Does anyone wanna talk about mainstream media’s portrayal of goths? Where did all the dark cabaret music go and where can I get a good compilation of it? Right after I got out of high school I ate that sort of thing up by frequenting blogs and having fun looking around the internet, but most of what I see today is just Punk Rave and Dollskill hauls/OOTD stuff. I mean, that’s fine and dandy, but I want more than just the fashion. I want funny videos like Goth Blocked and webcomics like Poseur Patrol. I want the history of the scene and an analysis of the goth kids in South Park. The scene’s not dead, but it’s got a pretty bad flu and I wanna cure a little of it by spreading some love for what makes it so lively. Fashion is fun, but I want something to DO while looking fangtastic.