poser nerd

You mean the clear files right? I got them from Yahoo Auctions. I actually have the Nudist Beach and Naturals Election ones twice, if anyone is interested, message me.

Hi, thanks for checking out my blog! Only the stuff I tagged as “fanart” or “doodles” were drawn by myself. 

Of course Sushio hasn’t forgotten our favorite computer nerd, don’t worry! (I love Houka too he is such a cute awkward poser nerd!!)

I’m pretty sure all the Houka (and Shiro) pages from both books have been shared by iorishiro already (who also loves Houka so you should totally message them! If you like ShiHou then even better they have the most adorable ShiHou headcanons) so there was no need for me to hurry with the Houka scans. The Houka scans are actually indeed one of the last posts in my queue, but I can move them up if you want?

And no, I haven’t uploaded Art of KlK 2 yet, thanks for reminding me!

There is sadly no trick, just a lot of editing orz

I didn’t have the time to edit anything at first so the first scans look really ugly. I started to edit the scans to make them look like the originals only a few weeks ago, and I’m quite satisfied with the results, though I still haven’t figured out how to get rid of paper textures. Now that I’m finally home I will probably go back and edit some of the old scans, so they won’t look so ugly anymore^^;

ahaha is that so xDD I’m glad you like it! Thanks! 

Yeah I’m waiting for that to come true too! xDD

Trust me, Satsuki did the victory dance after the battle was won. I’m 100% positive. She did it.