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Five packages arrived over the past week and I’m so happy that I finally got my Key Art 3 with the limited box! It’s so beautiful! And has cost me a fortune but TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! Most of my favorite scenes are there, including the whole animation sequences of Satsuki’s Rebellion, Ryuko + Satsuki vs Ragyo, the last transformations of the Elites’ Ultima Uniforms, and Satsuki running to Ryuko to catch her! GORGEOUS! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!

I also got my hands on some old magazines with KlK features, I hope one day I can complete my KlK magazine feature collection. And my Senketsu Satsuki figure + Satsuki figma, they are WONDERFUL!!! 

I’m incredibly sad that there probably won’t be any official KlK books released in the future since Art of KlK 3 and Key Art 3 were supposed to be the last volumes ;____; I’m still hoping for a movie one day, or an OVA, a light novel, a manga, anything really! At least there are still KlK doujin events, the next one being in two weeks and I CAN’T WAIT! 

I’m taking key art scan requests in the next few hours so if there is a keyframe you want to see, just tell me! In the meantime you can take a look at some photos I took of my favorite pages under the cut. It’s a lot…^^; 

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That normie picture of the "geek" wedding reminds me of something in a Studio TRIGGER interview where the interviewer said that American cosplayers went on the street on con day in their cosplay because they thought that's what they did in Japan (they don't). So I'll assume that piece was made by a poser "geek/nerd" thinking that's what actual nerds/geeks do when no one actually does that. It's the only way I can explain someone commissioning that.

ugh. probably.

Lab Partners - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Prompt by @takemybreath-breath - Hello, I was wondering if I could ask you an imagine of StilesxReader kind of based on the song “Like That” from Jack and Jack? or where she’s like the really freak girl in school but with Stiles she is kind of sweet and likes to “tease” - as in annoy - him often? xoxo thanks in advance!

Word Count: 1,685

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Warnings: A sex joke

Author’s Note: Okay, I contacted takemybreath-breath about some questions she had about her request but she didn’t respond back. I didn’t pick the song for the imagine because I couldn’t picture Stiles to fit with the son. Instead, I went for the second opinion. However, I didn’t know what you meant by “really freak girl”, so I just went ahead and come up with something on my own. I hope you don’t mind and like with what I came up with. 

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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Part 2

Labels. When you’re in high school, you’re going to get labeled. It’s unavoidable. Your classmates will judge you by your personality, the clothes you wear, and what you do. Beacon Hills are filled with jocks, cheerleaders, band geeks, nerds, posers, preps, wanna be preps, and ghetto kids. I’m proud my peers have never labeled me as any of those because I’d be offended.

The kids around my school often label me as an emo kid sometimes a punk, a Goth, a freak, or even a stoner, but I’m none of those things. Yet, they label me as those because of my black clothes, the heavy eyeliner, and my black combat boots that I wear every single day. Sure the kids gawk at me or whisper behind my back, but as long as they don’t cause any problems, I don’t care what they say or think about me.

Walking into Mr. Harris’ chemistry class, I made way to my station in the lab area. I noticed my partner wasn’t here yet. He’s probably rambling about some nonsense with his best friend, following the most popular girl in school like a little lost puppy, or tripping over his own feet. Maybe even all three. Sometimes it’s hard to label my lab partner. He played lacrosse but he wasn’t the best on the team, which really didn’t count him as a jock. Plus, he wasn’t full of himself like most of the jocks in my school. He didn’t really fit in a label group, either did his friends, but his group of friends certainly a label of their own.

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The Outcast
An older person (usually 40+) who stands out because of their age, attitude and/or appearance. May or may not have kids. Unlike The Parent, who knows how to get along with young people and play the mom or dad role, The Outcast has trouble fitting in. They’re seen as an easy first boot. They will have trouble making allies. Even though they’re a very likable person in the real world (and will probably be a fan favorite character), their social skills won’t translate in the house. A sympathetic character. Feeling frustrated, The Outcast will isolate themselves from the rest of the house, which will only make them a bigger target. The only way for this person to stay in the house is to win comps. Examples include Risha (BBCAN3), Donny (BB16), Paul (BBCAN2), Joe (BB14), Andrew (BB12), Casey (BB11), Jerry (BB10), Chicken George (BB7).

The Nerd
Gets the nerd edit. The superfan. Knows a lot of random facts, usually about Big Brother and other reality TV shows. Socially awkward but some people might find it endearing and want to take him under their wing. Has a lot of similarities to The Poser but The Nerd is smarter. Capable of playing in the middle. Will have to win a lot of comps to get to the end. Won’t be capable of making any moves on his own. Scares easy. Easy to manipulate. Will latch on to the “cool kids” club, possibly to the detriment of his game. Examples include Jordan (BBCAN3), McCrae (BB15), Peter (BBCAN), Ian (BB14), Matt (BB12), Ronnie (BB11).

Other Archetypes: The Manic Pixie Dream Girl, The Alpha Female, The Secretly Smart Model, The Parent, The Alpha Male Villain, The Male Heartthrob, The “Showmantress,” The Poser, The Dumb Jock

scenario #1: Rin settles into his desk and the teacher comes in and announces that there’s a new student. Sousuke steps in and introduces himself: “My name is Yamazaki Sousuke. I have a boyish name and I’m a boy” while smirking right at Rin.

scenario #2: Rin is in the pool practicing his butterfly when he hears “Race you.” and when Rin is recovering from the shock, Sousuke gets a headstart on the race.

scenario #3: Sousuke stands leaning against a pillar in the Samezuka hallway like a poser nerd, waiting for Rin to walk by. And when Rin does, he pulls out a line that he took three weeks to think of.

scenario #4: Sousuke runs into Rin and the Iwatobi crew hanging out after joint practice and he walks right up to them: “Rin Rin”. 

scenario #5: The camera pans up Sousuke’s glorious bara body in the showers. With sparkles and all. Guess who walks in right then.