poser design

WIP: So I don’t know if I have the skills and/or patience and/or tools to do this, but I found this hairstyle in my Poser Graphic Designer Goodybag (so reminds me of Senegalese braids & twists from back home) and I’m bent on getting it in game for TS4. I’ve started reading tutorials on Poser, Blender and conversions, but it will probably be some time and many stupid questions to experts like @ebonixsimblr @simtric @glorianasims4 @feathervoid @teanmoon @bebebrillit amongst others who actually know what they’re doing (if they have time and want to!) Hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew lol.

A poster I designed a few years ago as a memento for my dad after he accomplished hiking all of the 4,000 foot mountains in the White Mountains.

It’s fun looking back at old designs and seeing how much I have grown. I would like to re-design this someday I think other New England hikers would enjoy this as well.

You can purchase this photo at my Etsy shop here…