3 Random Pose Generator Websites For Pose Referencing

Basically im just putting together the 3 most useful websites for pose referencing that ive come across over the years because you know, they’re crazy useful and I could be saving someone a lot of time by just putting them all together in one post. Below each description is a picture from the generator described so you know what to expect.

PoseManiacs. Pretty well known generator thats good for understanding how muscles work and what they look like. They have a timed version and pose library as well in case you want to practice gesture drawings or challenge yourself. Also (and this may not be as well known,) but they have a site with a selection of maneuverable hand poses too. I think they’re beginning to work on adding other body parts, since theres a couple beta body parts as well. You can click on the blue buttons at the top to scale, mirror, and rotate your object.

Quickposes. This website provides you with nude photos (some with or without underwear) out of their library of interesting models and poses. There’s also an option for clothed models as well. Great for figure drawing in general. Timed version and pose library available.

Atarichan Drawer. Provides you with a random framework skeleton that you can rotate to draw at any angle. This is my most recent discovery so im not too familiar with it, but according to the directions, you ctrl+z to undo up to 7 times, space+drag to move around, and space+drag > release the mouse only and click save to set a position. The instructions says that “you move a viewpoint in space+drag and confirm it when balls are piled up,” but im not really sure what that means and havent been able to figure it out yet. To my knowledge, there is no timed version or pose library available.


Hello guyyyys! My personal archive is slowly getting BIG! That’s why I decided to make a drawing manual! I have something like…150-200 different poses? I don’t know! :’D

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In any case, patrons or not thanks for the support! you will always find free previews on Deviantart or Facebook. Keep drawing and never give up!! <3





Hope this helps! Get creating x