Yoga Is Not an Extreme Sport (Part 1)

I’m sharing this link to an article by Diane Bruni.  She brings up several points that I feel are important. http://dianebruni.com/yoga-injuries/

First, yoga is not an extreme sport.  It’s not about being able to contort your body into impossible positions. It’s not about perfect alignment. It’s not about looking fabulous. It’s not about beautiful bodies. It’s not about sitting picture perfect in beautiful settings.  

If this is what is attracting you to yoga, you can use it for those things, but there is so much you are missing.  

As we stretch and breathe, as we explore our limitations in a pose, we notice thoughts and feelings that come with that confrontation.   We explore strategies to overcome not only our physical limitations but our mental and emotional ones.  We make small adjustments.  We learn how to let go.  We uproot long lost issues.  We find ways to stick with what is difficult.  We learn that good things can take time.  We discover that there are many layers to any journey.  We learn that nobody can do certain things for us, that there are things that only we can do for ourselves.  We learn to be demanding and yet gentle on ourselves. We learn to be understanding of our own journey and so become more compassionate about other people’s struggles. We become better people.

Breath is the bridge between where our mind and bodies are now and where we are trying to go.  As we stretch and breathe, breathing strategies lead us to a better place. When we are done our session, we can go into the world, ready to take on its demands. We are more calm, more ready to dredge up long forgotten gifts within ourselves to give to the world.  


✌️  Couple Pose -2- ✌️

  • Works with Andrews Poseplayer and you also need Teleport Mod
  • Instructions:
  • 1.Put two sculptures in the same side (in a chair/sofa for the 5th pose), so that they are overlapping.
    2.Click on that and select “Teleport a sim here”. Do the same with the other sim.
    3.Click on your sims and select the poses.Enjoy!
  • 10 Poses (5-Male; 5-Female)
  • Please dont re-upload or claim as your own. Thank you!
  • If you use my pose, please tag me: #simtrovart or @simtrovart, I would love to see your game screens or photoshoots!
  • I’m sorry if there are some issues, I tried my best
  • If something wrong do not be afraid to write me
  • Hope you like it!