It was an honour to model for the @royalphotographicsociety today, hosted by Chris Burfoot. A big achievement in my eyes. 12 lovely photographers and a fun professional atmosphere ✨🙏🏻 image by Steve Haddon, lighting by @broncolor #rps #royalphotographicsociety #models #lighting #workshop #figure #shoot #lacock #broncolor #hassleblad #rosabrighid #artsyfartsy #pose

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✌️  Couple Pose -3- ✌️

  • Works with Andrews Poseplayer and you also need Teleport Mod
  • Instructions:
  • 1.Put two sculptures in the same side (in a chair/sofa for the 7th pose), so that they are overlapping.
    2.Click on that and select “Teleport a sim here”. Do the same with the other sim.
    3.Click on your sims and select the poses.Enjoy!
  • 14 Poses (7-Male; 7-Female)
  • Please dont re-upload or claim as your own. Thank you!
  • If you use my pose, please tag me: #simtrovart or @simtrovart, I would love to see your game screens or photoshoots!
  • I’m sorry if there are some issues, I tried my best
  • If something wrong do not be afraid to write me
  • Hope you like it!




吉他和我    Guitar&Me

包含10个动作。    10 pose in this pack.

做工精美的吉他箱是@Karzalee 的作品,传送门

The cool guitar case made by Karzalee. Like it! 


Thanks to all the CC creaters!


baidu    密码/password:f5z9


No modify.No upload.Thank you.


Use [Pose Helper for Sims 4 Studio by Kijiko]. Thank you, Kijiko!