All in the name of Rock'N'Roll

• ALL IN THE NAME OF… poses •

Finally I found time and powers to fix and finish my Rock'N'Roll project!

• First of all I fixed and merged into one “animation” poses for the mic stand
• did the same for electric bass
• I finished my guitar accessory and made drumsticks
• did poses for guitar and drums

So, this set includes:

• mic stand (8 swatches), electric bass (10 swatches), guitar (10 swatches), drumsticks (2 swatches)
• 8 poses for mic stand
• 5 poses for electric bass
• 5 poses for guitar
• 6 poses for drums
(drums by @mxims can be found here)

You will need pose player and teleport any sim mod for drums poses

More screenshots and download

Aaand I’ll be glad if you tag me if using these in you screenshots

Soooooo I got a new Surface tablet, though this time it has Wacom level pressure sensitivity and a pretty finely tuned pen detection, so this was just a little trial run for the new piece of kit! This was done all almost entirely away from home as well, so it’s definitely an awesome asset to have on the go!

*Look forward to the “alternate” version of this coming soon~ <3*

Dropbox Link!