insertsblog  asked:

can you access anything on the internet?

“Nah, I can’t access ANYTHING. There are some parts of the web I just can’t get to. Like, sometimes companies hire security Porygon to protect their property. Sometimes data is encrypted and doesn’t make any sense unless the correct key is used to decrypt them, which I don’t have. And sometimes a firewall can be just that tightly sealed that there is no way in.”

“Yup, there are some things even a computer wiz like I can’t do.” ^v^;

(Art done by the talented @lampentdaily! Thank you very much for agreeing to the guest art exchange with me! I had a great time with this! =D)


It’s finally finished! My fave pokémon of each type, up to gen VII of course. 

I based them on a combination of design, lore, fondness, and how much I have used them in battles/main adventure. It was hard to rank them (so many double typings!!) but i think this is as accurate as im gonna get

(is it cheating to include mega evos and shinies too? whoops)