POKEDDEX Your Choice! DAY 12 - Normal Type: Porygon-Z

Chosen by a vote on dA! This one gave me a bit of a hard time. Man-made Pokemon are always a challenge but I still want to attempt to turn them into actual creatures. Porygon-Z was mostly difficult because it’s so weird. Porygon is a virtual model of a bird so it would only make sense if the whole line was just weird birds right. 

However, I wanted to try to think of something else. In the end I came to the conclusion that it’s best to approach the evolutionary line as a whole and different birds would be probably the most fitting choice. Until Porygon-Z, the Pokemon aren’t able to even fly so they can be a bunch of flightless birds. Maybe Porygon itself is an extinct one or just something super basic and primitive. Porygon-2 has evolved a bit further and Porygon-Z is actually just a super weirdly-behaved bird of paradise. This one could use more thinking but gotta move on with the challenge!


#137.5 - Curiously, Porygon require the aid of human interaction to evolve, and while there are instances of the Pokemon tinkering with their own code, human technology is a necessity for this man-made conundrum. After they have access to a code upgrade and a power source, Porygon go through several rounds  of “buffering” until the download is complete.

#233.5 - Porygon2 have been made to evolve when additional software is added to their programming; however, strange computer viruses have been observed to cause the phenomenon as well. The Pokemon often acts erratically while processing the changes to its system.

Named: Porgyon - Porygon1.5 - Porygon2 - Porygon X - Porygon-Z

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