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(@dailyshinyji) Hello, I like your outfit! It's very unique, here have a rose!

“Ah, you like it? I was doing some online window shopping and I couldn’t take my eyes off it, so I just decided to splurge and go for it! Thank you very much for noticing @dailyshinyji! I have a Coronal flower for you, as well!”


Something happened. Something that I completely honestly didn’t expect.

Gosh, there are a lot of you out there following now, huh? Wow, what do I even say? I was on the fence about starting a daily blog, and I never even expected it to reach as many followers as my main blog (300), or how quickly it happened.

I know it may sound cheesy. But thank you all for taking interest in me experimenting with little gifs of my silly little Porygon-z OC. It has been a blast so far and every one of you motivate me!

Stay tuned. When the Flora ball is over and I get back to answering questions in my inbox, I will do a 500+ giveaway for all my followers! Look forward to it!