ask-a-lemming  asked:

what is your opinion on the song "don't tattle on me"?

(It’s in relation to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygW5VdGlLHc. Based off of a horror game called Tattletail.)

“No don’t you speak! For I might scream!”

“’Cause if she finds you. Who know’s what she’ll do?”

“Yay! It’s a catchy tune! Creepy game, though!” >v<

anonymous asked:

(@Virtually-daily-porygon-z) Oh my! I never thought I'd get the chance to talk to a Clefairy! You guys are so rare! That's so cool! There's something I've always wanted to ask if I ever met a Clefairy. I've heard that you can float in the air using light from the moon. Is it true? I can levitate, myself. Would you like to fly together sometime? ^v^

awww, thanks! true, true, i can stay afloat in midair.

taking off, however, is another question.

you see, on earth gravity is higher than when i came from. so while there clefairies can fly just fine, here it is… a problem.

so, if you give me a bit of a lift, we can have a nice time hanging out in the sky c:


It’s finally finished! My fave pokémon of each type, up to gen VII of course. 

I based them on a combination of design, lore, fondness, and how much I have used them in battles/main adventure. It was hard to rank them (so many double typings!!) but i think this is as accurate as im gonna get

(is it cheating to include mega evos and shinies too? whoops)