Been reading a lot about all these fairweather Niner fans talkin shit?!?! Its only been three weeks into the season and already they want to bench Kaep or want Alex Smith back??? I think theyve just been spoiled the last two years. These idiots need to realize, with Crab, Davis, Manningham, Culliver, & A. Smith out, as well as us losing Goldson, Walker, Ginn, Sapoaga, etc., we’re not that same team anymore. So until Kaep and the replacements get their shit together, we’re gonna continue to struggle. I suggest that nows a good time for all those Niner bandwagoners to turn in all their Kaepernick jerseys and get some Alex Smith ones. KC has lots of room for you on their wagon, get the fuck out of here. We dont need you. 💥🏈💪💪💪 #portyninarse #goldblooded #ashleyvee #49ers #adapt #ninergang #ninerfaithful

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Beats by Dre x Colin Kaepernick: Hear What You Want Commercial

Silence the Haters.


And NO! thats not rain….thats the tears of all the Seahawk fans.

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Seattle Seahawks have some shitty ass fans. Trolling the Seahawks tags after their loss to the Cardinals today comes up pretty much empty. Win or lose, you have to stay reppin. SMH

Their bandwagon fans are finally learning what it feels like to lose, an they’ve got a lot to learn. You have to realize your record don’t mean shit till you’re either the conference champs & or SuperBowl champs.

Just look at Kansas City. They were once 9-0 but that don’t mean shit anymore. By next week theres a chance the NINERS & Kansas City could have the same record!?!? LoL Theres still a lot of football left. Just look at today. Anything can happen……..

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Kievin Tabay

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Just a little highlight reel to get us amped for the NFC Championship. The book of Eli will be closed. There will be no salsa dancing in the bay. Whitner will be putting everyone to sleep. PWillis, A Smith, J Smith, Aldon, Gore and Co will have the game of their lives. And the Tony Montana Special Teams will be beast. Just took some TV highlights belong to FOX and NFL Network. Lets GO NINER NATION!

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