EEK! How Terrible! My first completely awful wine....

I was walking through Fresh Market looking for a great white wine to share with a good friend of mine that evening.  Rieslings tend to be my favorite, however I was looking for something different.  I found myself staring at a Portuguese wine: Gazela.

It looked refreshing… doesn’t it?  The pictures are so beautiful, they just aim to take you away to those warm and refreshing looking places!  It was a Vinho Verde… Green wine?  It was described as a white wine.  Sounded like this was a great wine to have for sipping. 

In reality? TERRIBLE! 

It was more like a sparkling wine or champagne with absolutely no taste! Could have been mineral water.. I would not have known the difference.

Awful.  But cute bottle!  Way to go graphic designers.

Brazilian Portuguese: Food Terms

If there’s one set of vocabulary words I didn’t care about while in the classroom, it was always “food” no matter what language I was learning. But after visiting Brazil, doing a home stay, and staying with a Brazilian family twice, I realize that food and cuisine in any country is really important to learn. 

“Important cuisine items” change with each country. Something like “rice” is really important in Japan but might not be as important in the United States. I’d also like to note that cuisine items differ depending on what region of Brazil you’re in (in this post I’m focusing on the more general items you can find throughout the region). 

Some vocabulary words will be accompanied with pictures because I definitely did not know what a freaking “coxinha” was when I was in the U.S. ;) 

Abacaxi - Pineapple 
Banana - Banana 
Goiaba - Guava
Laranja - Orange 
Limão - Lemon/lime*
Maçã - Apple 
Mamão - Papaya
Manga - Mango 
Maracujá - Passionfruit
Melancia - Watermelon 
Melão - Melon 
Morango - Strawberry 
Uva - Grape 
**For some people “limão” could be either lemon or lime, but lime could also be “lima” and lemon could be “limão.” 

Churrasco - “Barbecue” (but the Brazilian type) ; The people who work at the churrascaria usually come around with different meat/different parts of the animal meat and cut pieces right where you’re sitting. 

Calabresa - Pepperoni 
Camarão - Shrimp
Carne de boi - Beef 
Frango - Chicken 
Peixe - Fish
Porco / Carne de porco - Pork 
Presunto - Ham 
Salsicha - Sausage

Aipim frito - Fried cassava
Batata frita - French fries
Cachorro quente / Hotdog - Hotdog 
Coxinha - A teardrop-shaped breaded chicken pastry (pictured below) 

Esfiha - Meat-filled pastry (pictured above)**
Espetinho - Meat-on-a-stick (pictured below: beef and pork espetinho)  

Pão de Queijo - Cheese bread 
Pastel - Crunchier, crusty meat pie/pastry**
Polenta frita - Fried polenta 
Risólis - Doughy meat pastry**
Salsicha - Sausage (corn-dog esque)  
**Pastel, Esfiha, Risólis - These three are all more or less breaded pastries but each one is made with a different dough and/or has a different process of being made. You can pick what’s inside or whatever is available to you (e.g. ham and cheese, chicken, “carne” - beef, camarão, etc.)

Água - Water 
Café - Coffee
Chá - Tea 
Cerveja - Beer
Coca - Coke 
Guaraná - A flavor of Brazilian soda 
Refri (Refrigerante) - Soda 
Suco - Juice 
Suco de [insert fruit here] - [Fruit] juice 
Vinho - Wine 

Went to a Portuguese wine tasting today. 🍷Feeling slightly tipsy at the moment. Bottle Shock popped up during the conversation.
Therefore, in honour of wines from countries other than France: Alan Rickman tasting Californian wine.
And because one can never have enough Rickman on one’s dash 😍.

Bon appetite

First day, for Intimacy! Have fun folks, this one hopefully be a tiny bit surprising depite how short it is! ^^ I’m really grateful for all the notes I got for the Bonus day prompt, thank you so much! It was over 100 notes, so woah! :’)

No.: 24; not even 1k word, and NSFW! And I’m sure I should tag @btslanesgurl because if not, she’d certainly kick me in the butt! :D

It started with the simple idea of going out for a dinner. As innocent as the idea seemed, Lucy didn’t expect at the very least that they would end up like this. Over the candle-light dinner and the fine portuguese wine – and literally over it: she was on the top of the table, spread and very naked.

She felt his touch and nails graze at her side and she shivered. It was such an unexpected sensation, like his fingers were torches and it was like the little lumps of flames caressing her side. She let out a contented sight at the sensation.

“Enjoying it?”

She could hear his cocky grin curving on his face, as he muttered it in her ear, cautiously nibbling on the shell of her ear as he playfully blew some air in her hair. Every muscle in her body twitched out of anticipation.

Her lips trembled as she looked up at his face, her hooded eyes hardly able to find his deep, green dotted onyxes. Her body burned up with her heart as he buckled up his belt, making her bit in her lip with that simple action and purr in satisfaction.

As if shiver was running a marathon on her skin, her every fibre focused on the handsome guy towering above her. The feral lust set in his eyes as he bent down and kissed her with the force that she’d never been kissed before.

Especially on the first date.

She hummed in the contact, or rather purred out of the heavenly delight as his tongue caressed her lips and tried to invade in her mouth with some warning flicks on her teeth. She let him inside, her muscle dancing with his in a burning tango.

Unfortunately both needed oxygen for the living, so they needed to part eventually, a shining line of salvia connecting their plump lips. His seemed to be vast and reddened from her nibbling and light bites on its the surface, maroon lipstick smeared on his mouth. Her gaze lingered there and she licked her lips hungrily.

When he noticed it, he grinned.

Before she could protest and demand for more, a moan broke off her lips. His rock hard shaft shoved deep inside her which was enough to knot her tongue and make her unable to form a sentence out of her blank mind. She whimpered suddenly, her fingers found his clothed forearms as she was seeking for support.

His first thrusts were slow, but hard, overwhelming her, but cruelly satisfying, as she didn’t have strength to do any other than moaning under his treatment. It felt like he was tearing her apart with every movement as he violently pushed back and forth, slipping entirely out of her only to slip back with full force.

Her back was pushed against that surface of porcelain as the edges of the plates sank in her skin. Even this slight pain felt wonderful to her, her enthralled mind unable to register anything beside the desire and the handsome guy ruling over her body.

She let out a shaky sigh, and pushed her hips further to his, the suit on his arms rolling up with this.

“Na— Natsu,” she rasped, her entire body covered with perspiration.

“Are you that dirty girl, Lucy?” he cooed with hoarse voice that was enough to increase her lust. She sank her red nails in his neck as she silently asked for more.

To satisfy the lady, he lifted one hand to caress her cheek and his other slipped within her folds to find that blissfully sensitive nub between her legs that made her cry out with the sudden sensations. She could feel the lust pooling, waving within her body, until…

She jumped lightly when a waving hand swam into her vision.

“Have ya zoned out?”

Lucy shook her head out of surprise when not seeing the guy between her spread legs. She looked down only to find that her salad was still in front of her – and not under her – while they were in the best restaurant of Magnolia. She furrowed her brows and realized.

She was day-freaking-dreaming!

She gulped while trying hard not to blush.

However, all seemed in a vain attempt, because by the look on his face, he knew exactly what was taking place in her mind.

His shit-eating grin never erased from his handsome face.

I just had to draw Portugal. (Psst he’s my favourite character…)
Though Portugal’s production of wine doesn’t quite compare up to France, Italy, or Spain, (mainly because Portugal is smaller in size,) they can make some great quality wine. Port wine is quite well known around the world.
Not to mention, the Portuguese also love drinking wine.

Just enjoyed a glass of Caiu A Noite 2010 Vinho Verde #Portugal #wine (SRP $8) with oysters Rockefeller. A blend of Loureiro, Trajadura, and Arioto, this light, refreshing, and slightly effervescent Vinho Verde offers green apple and fresh lemon/lime flavors with a faint mineral tang in the short, clean finish. Good, serviceable juice at a good price and good compatibility with white fish and shellfish. Time for another splash — I hope you all are having a grape weekend! Nice pick, Vinho Verde Wines. Cheers!

Spent my weekend searching for X-Men trilogy

and sadly I can’t find it anywhere. I have now emailed ppl on Kijiji, hoping to get a copy. Damn you Netflix for Having X-Men first class. I am feeling nostalgic. 

On a good note have two bottles of yummy Portuguese Wine :)