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The Side Look of a Barcelonese #802 : Brushstrokes © Patricia Raquel Pereira

The Side Look of a Barcelonese #802 : Brushstrokes © Patricia Raquel Pereira


Documenting Climate Change in Oceania with @lens_pacific

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The wake of any natural disaster is calm, Vlad Sokhin (@lens_pacific) says, but photographing from the center of one feels unpredictable. Originally drawn to the Pacific to document the prevalence of violence against women in Papua New Guinea, the Portuguese photographer now focuses almost exclusively on environmental issues in Oceania. “I see how people move further inland, because the sea claims more and more territories from their tiny and very fragile atolls,” Vlad says. “I see how global warming causes rising temperatures and how this disrupts the fishery industry and affects the communities that heavily rely on it.” One of Vlad’s goals is to photograph king tides, the highest tide of the year, in Kiribati: “I just keep coming back to these countries, trying to document all the aspects of climate change and its effects on the people who live there and always have my fingers crossed,” he explains.


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