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This week will feature a double entry. I couldn’t decide which set of photos to showcase. So, here’s the first set. These photos are from Gooseberry Intimates. I couldn’t stop thinking about these photos. They have a surprising sensuality to them. Which is effortlessly expressed by this woman. But, these photos aren’t an exception. All of the shoots that I’ve encountered have that same quality. So, obviously I concluded that she was the source. Then, I started investigating her. What about her that gives off that vibe? What does she do to acquire this qualities? Does she do it on purpose? Or is it just some natural aura surrounding her? An accurate resolution requires further analysis. Nonetheless, she is an amazingly gorgeous woman. Drop dead gorgeous.

Belle Lucia


China Machado, Groundbreaking Model, Muse And Editor, Dies At 86

“Machado spent decades working closely with legendary photographer Richard Avedon, who called her “probably the most beautiful woman in the world,” according to New York Magazine.

Avedon’s striking photos of Machado appeared in Harper’s Bazaar in the late ‘50s. According to reports, the magazine initially balked at Machado’s race, but Avedon vowed to cut ties with Harper’s if it didn’t run the photos.

The images were published — one of the first times, if not the very first time, a woman of color was featured in a major fashion magazine.

Machado, who was of Chinese and Portuguese descent, was born in Shanghai on Dec. 25, 1929, as Noelie Machado…”

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