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So apparently, deaf people sneeze silently.
And this article says the sneeze sounds we make are just cultural habits and we don’t even need them. 

Although it does also say “Very little deaf-sneeze research exists”.

Thanks a lot, government.

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UNDERCOVER Spring Summer 2018



I decided to update the art examples and prices for my commissions! So if you’d like me to draw something for you, this is it!

★ I only accept payment through paypal (I can help you set one up! it’s super easy)
★ you can pay in installments, but I’ll only finish rough sketch after the full payment (it’s a win-win situation)
I will draw: ocs, fanart, nsfw. I may draw (under consultation): animals/furries, gore. I won’t draw: draw: mecha. still, I reserve the right to refuse any order, whether it’s stated here or not.
★ most my color work is digital. if not, I use cheap markers, watercolors, and pencils. all sketches and inks are traditional. colors may be traditional or digital.
★ all work is sent by email. if you want I can send you your drawing (only available for fully traditional pieces and originals before adding digital color). shipping costs vary between 2 and 5 euros. 
★ if you have any questions or doubts, or if you want a cost estimate for your request, you can email me through mazedoodle@gmail.com (no asks plz, tumblr eats those)
★  feel free to check my art tag and my stores!

reblogs and boosts are suuuuuuper appreciated, thank you!