portuguese captain


Someone asked me to describe home,
And I started talking about your hair color
And the sound of your voice
And the taste of your lips
And how your skin feels like
Until I realized 
They had expected to hear a place.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays @museelo It was so nice to chat with you and get to know you better. It’s been a long a while for me since I participated in a secret santa/valentine etc thingie so I was a bit rusty but I hope you enjoyed our conversations as much as I did and it wasn’t a disappointment for you. 

And here is your christmas gift, hope you like it <3

Cristiano in IBIZA…

Just a few yachts sit between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who are recharging their batteries by the warm waters of the Mediterranean in close proximity, holidaying in Ibiza’s Marina Botafoch.The Portuguese captain arrived on Wednesday afternoon having celebrated the European Championship win in Lisbon.Fans that were on the lookout for a photo opportunity with Lionel Messi were taken by surprise when a dark car emerged, with Cristiano Ronaldo inside.Still in high spirits from the incredible feat in Paris, the 31-year-old was happy to take a moment from his accompanying friends and family to pose for pictures alongside adoring fans.Meanwhile, the Argentine is relaxing with his wife, children and family members as he ponders his own future with both Barcelona and the Argentina national team.

God, I love Cristiano “I don’t give a fuck about FIFA” Ronaldo. He’s such a great player. Cristiano “Nice Melbourne” Ronaldo is one of the star players for football club Real Madrid. Prior to Real though, Cristiano “ready to break some hearts” Ronaldo played for Manchester United. Also serving as the Portuguese national team’s captain, Cristiano “travel with my bros” Ronaldo has achieved a lot in the world of football. One wonders where Cristiano “I was missing my home food” Ronaldo can go from here. Only time will tell but onward and forward, my friend. Onward and forward.