José Fonte’s exclusive interview for SIC’s Tribuna VIP

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ID #80463

Name: Katerina
Age: 16
Country: Portugal 

This is going to be long 😂

• Portuguese/Russian
• Lives in UK
• Travels and absolutely loves it
• Wishes to travel more actually
• A proud bookworm
• Always having an existential crisis
• Loves K-Pop
• Loves anime
• Loves Asian dramas (particularly k-dramas)
• Is a meme
• Photography
• Piano/Guitar
• Wants to learn how to dance
• Is proud to know 6 languages 😁
• Wants a doggo
• Aesthetics are life

Not gonna say more cause damn that’s a lot already 😂😂 

Preferences: Anyone (male or female) between 15-20 from anywhere~