portugal cup


⚽ - Vidal 🇨🇱
❌ - Quaresma 🇵🇹
⚽ - Aránguiz 🇨🇱
❌ - Moutinho 🇵🇹
⚽ -Sánchez 🇨🇱
❌ - Nani 🇵🇹

3 - 0 Chile on penalties

Chile vs Portugal  - 28 June 2017

Cristiano is our captain, our figurehead, he sacrificed himself to be with us, he did his best to help Portugal.

Unfortunately we have not made it to the final, but we have to congratulate him, because it is a blessing of God to have the opportunity to be a father.
I as a father feel happy for him, it’s one of the best things in life. I thanked him for staying here until the last moment.

Thanks also to the president and the coach for giving him the opportunity to meet the children, although several days after they were born. But that’s our life, it’s a hassle and bustle.

He met with us yesterday and told us that he had been the father of twins. We were happy for him.
I already knew, but those who didn’t know were very happy for him and congratulated him.


- Pepe

Just beautiful.