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Players to Watch For: UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 Pt. 3

Next month is the UEFA Women’s Euro so I’ve decided to throw together a post about players to watch for, in no particular order, if you’re not familiar with European football/soccer…or if you just wanna check out some cool vids of very talented players. Feel free to send in suggestions on players I should add on.

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What about the individuals trophies?
N: It’s a dream of any player to win the bdo. I came really close to it and I’m very proud of my work, for being one of the 3 bests in the world, for the people who are working with me and that are helping me and supporting me. I hope someday I can win it.
When will you win it?
N: I don’t know. I hope to continue my work, winning championships with my club. The acknowledgement comes naturally for those who deserve it.

It’s easier to play with Messi or against Messi? A lot of people say you would have more chance of winning the ballon d'or if you played for another team.
N: I think playing against him is pretty difficult. Playing by the side of the best of the world is always good. Things get easier. And if I have to win, may it be by Messi’s side. It would be great.

Cristiano Ronaldo, as captain of Portugal NT, never voted for Messi. Messi, captain of Argentina NT, never voted Cristiano Ronaldo for the bdo. You’re captain of the Brazil NT now and you voted for Messi. Why do you vote for the them if they never voted for the rival?
N: [more smiles] I vote for who I think it deserves it. I already voted for Cristiano Ronaldo in 2014 [when he won his 3rd bdo]. I don’t see a problem. I think I respect everyone votes and everyone must respect my votes. My vote in 2015 was for Messi because, for me, he had an amazing season and he deserved to win.

Messi started on the right wing. When Suarez came, in 2014, people guesses Messi had to leave the area, because Suarez is the typical center forward, who stays in the position. That’s what happened. The arrive of Suarez changed something for you, of course, but it didn’t change your position. Messi had to adapt to it more. How did he made Suarez to fit in tatically?
N: Messi came back to the position he used to play before. He’s great in any position. Suarez did fit in the style of the team quickly. I think his arrival was practically perfect. And us 3 fit in a fantastic way. We used to understand each other even without having so much of playing time together. I think we were missing the icing on the cake, and it was Suarez.

You guys go there and play, no matter the opponent, no matter the championship.
N: We go there to be happy. We like football and we like being happy on the pitch. Win, scoring goals…

An uruguayan, a Brazilian and an Argentinian. There’s rivalry? Do you mess with each other?
N: That’s a funny thing, because it’s 3 rivals who get a long great on the club. that are friends. And it’s something kinda impossible to imagine that it would happen. But it did and things have been working for us. Of course we mess with each other when someone goes to the national team, but we get a long great.

Absolutely love this picture!
No matter what the world tries to see, these two have and will always be respectful towards each other…and the way they demonstrated that yesterday was pure class. Just get over the hate and prefer who you want, without insulting the other. In the end football is all about respect. 👌


OLD BUT GOLD: Cristiano Ronaldo’s first words about his son Junior in a public interview with “RMTV” in 2011. The smile on his face and the glow in his eyes, when his son is mentioned are just beautiful ♥