Vacation Day 3

Quinta de Regaleira (Part 3)

As soon as we got to Quinta de Regaleira we paid for a guided tour. It was money well spent and the place was so empty it was just us and the tour guide. I learned some amazing facts about the construction of the gardens.

This place is unearthly, built deliberately with layer upon layer of meaning. 

All images ©2016 Narcisse Navarre


Vacation Day 3

Quinta de Regaleira (Part 2)

The silver door locks against the red velvet blew my mind. Unfortunately I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the inside of the palace. I couldn’t wait to get outside and explore the gardens. 


Vacation Day 3

Quinta da Regaleira (Part 1)

I have used Quinta da Regaleira as inspiration in my fantasy novels for years! It was a real treat to be able to visit and see its majestic beauty in person. 

The home itself is modest in size, but the details are simply awe-inspiring. This truly is a fairytale palace that seems to have been built not by human hand but by elves! The Manueline style is just bursting with botanical motifs such as laurel branches, oak leaves, acorns, poppy capsules, corncobs, thistles and more! Everywhere you look there is another wonder carved in stone! At one point I looked out a window and saw a kangaroo! Wow! 

There was so much to take in–what an amazing, enigmatic place! I can’t say enough! 

I shot hundreds of pictures and lucked out. We had these gardens practically to ourselves. The combination of weekday, winter and rain really worked in our favor. 

All pictures ©2016 Narcisse Navarre.