Unknown Artist

St. Benedict of Palermo

Portugal (c. 1650s)

Polychromed wood, 62 cm.        

Chapel of Our Lady of Conception, Aradas, Portugal

Though monumental in conception, the robust figure of the black saint stands only about 2 feet high. It is carved of wood, then gilded and painted. Pupils of glass complete the effect of living faith. He stands on the altar of a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary in Aradas, a small town located in the north-central coastal region of Portugal.

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Longines Global Champions Tour Madrid 2015

1st Luciana Diniz & Winningmood (Portugal)

2nd Philippe Rozier & Rahotep de Toscane (France)

3nd Manuel Fernandez Saro & Enriques of the Lowland (Spain)

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