Images of Westerners on blue and white tiles in City Palace, Udaipur
Photograph by Sonya Ong and Travis Hydzik
India (1500s-1800s)

Portuguese or Dutch tiles with Belgian glass in City Palace, Udaipur
Photograph by Past Life Seamstress

According to this site, there’s a part of the palace called the Chini Chitrashala (Chinese art place), decorated with white and blue tiles from the Netherlands and China. Not sure if this is it.

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Where to go in Europe? Drive along the coast of Portugal


Amazing drive with a beautiful coast line!

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third stop: lisboa! ó lisboa.

i never thought i’d feel so at home in lisbon. it sounds painfully obvious now, but it’s crazy how much of it i’ve seen back home. the cobblestone sidewalks, the tilework, just the air felt so familiar. and it was so lovely getting to a place where the language is yours. even if my accent was strange to the portuguese, they understood me and i understood them and that was more than enough.

i was only there for a day, but it was wonderful even though i was starting to get sick. we had lunch around bairro alto, then got on a tram to see the mosteiro dos jerónimos and then walked to the torre de belém. on the way back we saw the padrão dos descobrimentos and went to grab some pastéis de belém. pastries, dude. i got four beef croquettes and two house special pastéis. i can’t put into words how delicious they were. it was heavenly.

favorite spot: all of it, honestly. but if i had to pick i guess the steps right by the tower. i sat there for a bit while a violinist played some tunes. at one point he played shake it off. life can’t bet much better than that.

first-times: eating quail. less wild than the rest, i guess, but hey, i had less than 24 hours.