Maria João Pires

Concert pianist Maria João Pires was born on July 23, 1944 in Lisbon, Portugal. At seven years old, she made her first public performance, playing Mozart’s Piano Concertos. Pires garnered international attention in 1970, when she won first place at the Brussels Beethoven International Competition, and has since performed with the London Symphony Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, the Orchestre National de France, and other prestigious orchestras. One of the world’s most popular and celebrated pianists, she has done numerous recordings and has performed in throughout the world.

Happy birthday, Maria João Pires!

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Percursos Culturais

Built by its artists and saved in the memory of its streets, houses and people, this is the city we intend to expand: a city of history, defined by these events that continue to project it to the future day by day. Through multiple itineraries, we show objects, documents, streets and spaces, revisiting multiple histories and myths that allow us to know the way it was developed and built along the centuries.


Antoine - 

From “Journey, journée”

This is a collection of souvenirs, beauties, lights and moments. These photographs were taken in June 2016 during a 5 500 kms roadtrip from France to Portugal through Spain.  They’re not presented in chronological order but following sunlight, to recreate the feeling you get when you spend long hours driving on your own watching the light change.