Farol da Guia by Tony
Via Flickr:
Looking North along the rock coast at ‘Hell’s Mouth’ along the coast is the Lighthouse Guia “Farol da Guia” in Portugese.


Where the fuck is media coverage? Just because it’s not a big country like US, France, London, Germany doesn’t deserve help and coverage of the world? My country, Portugal, is disappearing because of fires that firemans can’t extinguish! Madeira’s Island is disappearing, 600 houses were burnt down, a lot of people and animals are homeless, 18th century buildings and monuments are destroyed by the fire! Continental Portugal has 516 active fires at the moment, firefighters are in really bad shape because they don’t sleep, eat or rest for days! Some Spanish communities are helping but unfortunately isn’t enough! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD OR PORTUGAL, AN HISTORIC COUNTY, WILL BE IN ASHES! 😢