So I finally got myself a set of ND filters and after an AWFUL lot of failed test shots managed to take this lovely image; Shooting straight into the sun meant stacking a few filters which led to a ridiculous magenta cast on the final RAW but that was easily corrected in Lightroom. A few colour adjustments to pull out the range of tones in the sunset and some local sharpening here and there and this is the final result! 

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dhugrushb <3 Jamie Campbell Bower

He drew/posted this picture, which was my tumblr background and is now my twitter one; he loved it too!!

He posted this, I have picture of my mum standing with almost the exact same vehicle D: And we both live in london

Music taste <3 Those bands omfg ADTR, SWS are 2 of my fave bands and the others are awesome

He posted this, I have a picture of my mum standing in front of pretty much the same vehicle D:

Many people could say this, but his sense of humour is just ioifhbofdhoh, he’s weird…dry humour…crazy….jrsiogbirohbioh

He just posted this picture. This is where I go several times a year. HE FUCKING DECIDED TO GO THERE <3