I fucking hate Teen Titans portrayl of Damian.

Because people with little knowledge of him will actually think this is normal. They will belive that’s how Damian really fucking should behave. They will even fucking exuse any kind of toxic behavior and call it fucking cute.

Because all this people want is Damian being a trope instead of a character. They don’t care that he moved on and grew out of the always angry Assassin child with no grapth on what is socially acceptable.

They don’t care that in the last 10 years Damian’s empathy was the most fucking defining character trate he had.

They don’t care that he saved the world and redemed two other children due to his empathy and belive in them.

All this people care about is a trope. It doesn’t fucking matter that Damian is a abusive and belittleing little shit in this title because ‘he’s trying’.

He is not. This is not Damian trying his best, it’s Damian at his fucking worst

I saw Beauty and the Beast this evening and it was everything I hoped for and more. So enchanting. It took what was amazing about the original and expanded on it to create a beautiful film which I would say is better than the original. And I don’t usually rate remakes.

It was a wonderful portrayl of the classic story with such powerful messages of feminism and love. I am so happy this movie was made. The cast was perfect. The visuals were mesmerising. The soundtrack was ethereal.

And after all the LeFou controversy I was so happy to see how it played out, my precious gay son. Josh Gad killed it. Honestly, many moments brought tears to my eyes but LeFou’s exclusively gay moment had me and my friend sobbing. Also the diversity and representation of women made me so proud, something the original and many Disney films have lacked.

100% would recommend. Thank you Bill Condon, Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Dan Stevens, Josh Gad and the whole cast. Thanks Disney ❤

Favorite Dear Evan Hansen Things
  • “Oh….Good…”
  • Trans-dimensional mom harmonies in “Does Anybody Have a Map” 
  • The entire idea and execution of “For Forever” 
  • “I rub my nipples and start moaning in delight.” 
  • “very specific”
  • “I like my parents” “who says that?” “I LOVE my parents” 
  • “If I stop smoking drugs, then everything might be alright!” 
  • The re-in-vention! dance (you know the one)  
  • “That YOU were not the monster that I knew!” 
  • Ben Platts riffs and brilliant portrayl or a young mentally ill person
  • “You looked really pretty -er, it looked pretty COOL-” 
  • That last, “But we’re a million worlds apart” 
  • “ Out of the shadows the morning is breaking. And all is new, all is new. It’s filling up the empty. And suddenly I see that, all is new, all is new.” 
  • “The insanely AWESOME, JARED KLEINMAN!”
  • “Try to quiet the noises in your head, we can’t compete with all that.” 
  • Evans entire verse in “Only Us”
  • Zoey’s “well” in “Only Us” 
  • More specifically: 
  • “No mom who just was there, cause mom was all that she had to be” 
  • “Nothing can make sense of all these things I’ve done.” 
  • “No, I’d rather pretend I’m something better than these broken parts. Pretend I’m something other than this MESS that I am!”
  • Reprising “Waving Through the Window” 
  • “If you knew what I did, what I tried to do, you’ll hate me”
  • “and I knew I’d come up short a million different ways!”
  • “and I did, and I do, and I will” 
  • The ending to Big/Small
  • The entirety of “Finale” 
  • The entire show. Period. 

Rat Queens was suggested by anne-ominous ​ for Positive Portrayals week.

From the Vol 1 Amazon page:

Who are the Rat Queens? A pack of booze-guzzling, death-dealing battle maidens-for-hire, and they’re in the business of killing all god’s creatures for profit. It’s also a darkly comedic sass-and-sorcery series starring Hannah the Rockabilly Elven Mage, Violet the Hipster Dwarven Fighter, Dee the Atheist Human Cleric and Betty the Hippy Smidgen Thief. This modern spin on an old school genre is a violent monster-killing epic that is like Buffy meets Tank Girl in a Lord of the Rings world on crack!

I personally love this series. You should definitely look into picking it up!   

isabellyaches  asked:

Tbh I've had this headcannon of Aphrodite for a while that instead of her mainstream portrayl of ~ohhh vanity and sex~ she literally sees the beauty in EVERYTHING and always compliments everyone all the time and is always like "oh I love your robe!!!" and "you're such a wonderful person I love you!!!" and loves like even the ugliest animals and is a precious ray of sunshine and I love her.

yes!! pls!! she’s so important and full of love, she just wants everyone to be happy


Hey, look, I finally did that video about Reginald Barclay, Sherlock Holmes, and the Accidentally Autistic Character.

This was a bit more of a pain to edit than me talking to the camera, but I didn’t have to put make-up on and look presentable, so there’s that.

Tell me what you think of the new format and the video itself so that I know what to focus on next!

As always, the script is under the cut.

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LeFou is HONESTLY the highlight of 2017 Beauty and the Beast.
Like I was so skeptical of The Goss™ and thought he was gonna be OOC re the animation but OH DEAR LORD he is honestly perfection.

these-are-the-bonds-that-bind  asked:

I gotta ask. Where did you get the inspiration for your fic Cherry Boy? I fall more and more in love with every chapter you write, and I gotta say, your portrayls of all the characters are my favourite things in the world. You are a blessing to the fandom. You and Vixenfur both. But...what was the idea behind Cherry Boy?

Ahhh, omg thank you so much!! This is hella sweet 
I 666% agree about Vix, and it’s funny you mentioned her actually, because she’s kinda one of the main reasons I thought of it in the first place lol. I joined the Mikayuu Hell skype group she created way back when season one was airing, and that’s where I thought of it. A little over a year ago I actually scrolled back several months just so I could screenshot the conversation haha. Fortunately I still have those pictures saved (albeit a bit blurry for some reason)! Lmao gonna put a read more here bc jesus fuckin christ

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Movieverse Kaoru vs Manga-verse Kaoru

In reply to an ask questioning how they felt about Emi Takei’s portrayl of Kaoru in the RK live action movies, @alexecinz​ said:

I seem to recall the director Ohtomo Keishi saying in an interview that the Ruroken movies were filmed as historical dramas rather than anime adaptations. So they didn’t have all that many slapstick moments - maybe bar Sanosuke - and the interactions between characters were less over-the-top. 

For Kaoru’s screen persona, it meant some things worked better and other things suffered. Takei Emi is clearly a lovely girl to look at and she has something innocent and a little vulnerable about her. This brought out her situation as a lone woman struggling to keep her dojo running. On the other hand, they completely nerfed her ‘violent woman / Rose of Kendo’ aspects, so she had much less to work with when interacting with Kenshin, Sano and Yahiko. 

If there’s one scene in which Kaoru was short-changed horribly, it was the farewell before Kenshin heads to Kyoto. Recall Ohtomo Keishi said it wasn’t convincing for Kenshin and Kaoru to be too emotional at that point, but that is not internally consistent even within the film universe. They could have done a lot more to make it as moving (and beautiful) as the anime rendition, which is far superior. This took much away from the chemistry they could have generated between her and Satoh Takeru as Kenshin. I don’t blame it on the acting, feel it was clearly a script balancing / directorial decision.

Overall, I still think the films were excellent and all the actors were pulling at the oars :D If there’s only one miscasting I’d say it was Hiko Seijuurou. But that’s for another post :D :D

What’s your take?

Translating the manga to screen, compromises had to be made due to time and budget constraints, etc, etc

It is common in these situations, I think, to flatten out complex or powerful female side characters to enhance the focus on the male lead. And its bullshit.

Movieverse Kaoru was strong and sweet and kind.

Mangaverse Kaoru was kind in the FIERCEST of ways. She is the kind of friend that smacks you when you talk badly about yourself. She spots you not eating right and death-glares you into finishing a meal. She reminds you to take a coat… no, really take the damn coat. She will talk, threaten or cajole until you into taking proper care of yourself. No excuses.

Manga Kaoru is perfect for Kenshin, because he needs someone that will not hesitate to call him on his shit. He needs someone that will practically force care upon him, because he doesn’t feel that he is able to accept it. He needs someone that will chase his ass down over 200 miles when he runs off for some noble, self sacrificing tragic hero stuff. He needs someone that will love him fiercely.

By flattening Kaoru, the movie took some of that perfect fire out of their relationship, and thus degraded the manga’s narrative to some degree.

Being said! Our movies were GREAT, and soooo many other animanga fandoms had movies that were utter betrayals of their fanbase; RK fans are very lucky, and I am grateful.


Tom Cavanagh is proof that its the personality that makes a man attractive to me. There is no doubt that he is an attractive man and I can appreacite his looks no matter who he is playing but there is def something more sexh about Harry wells compared to Eobard and HR!

Eobard was a great character that though being a villain it was hard to always reconcile that with the man we saw most of the time. He was handsome and brilliant, supportive and hard working and manipulative and cunning. It was a brilliant portrayle of a brilliant character and by the end of series 1 I was def a  micture of emanoured, hurt and angry at Eobard.

Then came series 2 and we meet Harry wells and somehow a man with the same face was a lot more attractive and sexy then before. I loved him being flawed and relatable, I love his passion and drive as a father. He was an angry cat full of conflict but also a good person trying to be a good dad in an impossible situation. He cold be cold and sacastic but also so smart and funny. Also I think scientist are sexy. With his dynamic with Cisco I only loved him more as he learned to love the team more. Harry wells is just so attractive to me and I totally fell in love with him.

Then was series 3 and HR who its taken me a little while to like becuase he’s not Harry. HR is handsome and very funny, he is quirky and thinks outside the box. Its not scientist smart. He clealy has some past that he’s trying to escape from that he hides with humour. While he’s good looking he’s just not as sexy as Harry. I like the character but I don’t love him or more acuratly I’m not in love with him.

Summer of Retrosaurs: The Land Unknown

Name: The Land Unknown

Production Company: Universal Studios

Notable Cast/Crew: Virgil W. Vogel, Director, Jock Mahoney (Hal Roberts), Shirley Patterson ( Maggie Hathway), Henry Brandon (Dr. Hunter)

Retrosaurs in Film: Tyrannosaurus Rex (True Tyrant), Elasmosaurus (Long Necked Sea Tyrant), Stegasaurus (Primitive Carnivorous Retrosaur), and unidentified pterodactyl (Flying Retrosaur)

Summary: With Antarctica’s expansive bounties, the United States Government sends a team to a warm lake in the heart of Antarcitca. They arrive to the lake in time to find a storm coming, and are forced down into an unknown area thousands of feet below sea level after something damages the rotors. Forced to stay the night in the incredibly warm place, they awaken to find themselves stranded in a valley that time had forgotten. Trapped in the geologic era of the Mesozoic, they are forced to fend off beasts of unimaginable terror from an era before man. But when their food is raided, and the girl is carried off with a set of human tracks, they figure out that they are not the only humans in this forsake place. It then becomes a race against time and beasts to escape the Land Unknown.

Thoughts: I was honestly surprised about this movie. From the reviews and everything that I had seen, I was expecting it to be terrible. And it went out of left field and made me enjoy it thoroughly. Sure, it’s a heavy stereotyped based movie, but it plays them off really well. The characters are all enjoyable, if a little more underdeveloped than I like, but none of them really come across as annoying. The portrayls of desperation, madness, and the drive to get out of the prehistoric hell hole were actually rather well done considering the incredibly low budget they had for the movie. My personal favorite was Henry Brandon’s performance of a man lost to a world that only wanted to kill him. It was nice to see the secondary plot of his redemption from a man just above monsters to one of sympathy and worth redemption rather than damnation by Elasmosaurus.

And with the low budget limit, it’s not too terrible. Apparently, the animatronic cost so much that they had to film the movie in black and white because of the cost alone, which makes it all that more fascinating that visually it works really well. The set work and the miniatures were surprisingly well crafted and created a wonderful backdrop that gave it a truly primeval feel, and the full daylight gave that feeling that you were never really safe no matter what you did. The animatronic Elasmosaurus was actually the most iconic monster of the set, with the fanged maw with oddly pronounced canines creating an interesting profile. The “Stegosaurus” were the next, with the live action fight being one of the tensest moments, even the scenes without the fighting were oddly terrifying and tense. The Rex was decent, and the origin of the iconic stock roar was great, but the kicker for me was the arms. I was torn out at times because of the tiny limp little arms, but overall I rather enjoyed the appearances. The pterosaurs were kinda a letdown, quick glimpses here and there, but overall there was plenty of prehistoric beasts.  

Though, this may seem strange, but everywhere I saw reminded me of Kong. From the Rex being the secondary baddie to the Elasmosaur, to the scenario, everything about this film just screamed Kong Skull Island all over it. I’d love to see a remake with a more diverse cast, go and have in the MonsterVerse the isolated island in the world of man where time continues on as it had in the ages. Even if it wasn’t Universal Studios who produced it, I’d still love to see a remake of this movie that treats it well. I’d say it’s worth it just to see the similairites to Kong: Skull Island

Good Points: The acting, killer plant, the entire loris scene for cute moment, the Elasmosaurus

Bad Points: Super positioning, the budget, those tiny arms that will haunt me in my nightmares.

Review: 3 and half out of 5 footprints.

Purchase Link: If you desire to purchase it. It’s easy to find online though,like simple google search.

blackzodiacqueen  asked:

Okay listen to me I've read every bit of fluff you've written for the Villainous fandom okay I'm in love with your writing and character portrayls BUT. I saw "Eternity" and was like sweet I love JadeTigress and then I read the friggin tags and just-- //knocks the laptop out of my own gosh dang hands**** NOPE NOPE NOPE THIS IS NOT HAPPENING N O P E NO TEARS TODAY NO THANK YOU.

Oh my god I’m glad you realized before you went in to it expecting fluff!! That would have been DISASTROUS

anonymous asked:

@ the fandom pls stop shitty portrayls of england and actually go in depth on his character instead of just the bare minimum thst you believe is good enough Sincerely, Everyone

PREACH! yknow, not gonna lie here but if people actually took the time to characterize england PROPERLY i think i might actually enjoy his character (despite his wretched ugly visage) but for now i must make do with hate for a grossly overrated brit boy

What We’re Reading - June 2016

There are so many great Shadowhunters fanfics out there and there are new ones popping up all the time. It can be a daunting task trying to decide which one to read next. But we want to help!

Here’s a list of some of our betas’ favorite fics this month. Hopefully you can find something here that you haven’t read!

The Avengers Initiative by Lecrit

Magnus/Alec, Simon/Isabelle, Clary/Jace, Mature, 117213 words
Recc’d by @tothebitterbetterend :
“It’s a Thief-AU! which is super duper amazing cause all of them are badass mofos :’) The writing sets a good pace for a long fic (>100k)… the characters are on-point…there’s enough action so you won’t get bored…what’s there not to love? Also, Malec tension is beautifully written!”

Fake Date Me, Alexander by mininoot

Magnus/Alec, Simon/Raphael, Clary/Jace, Clary/Isabelle, Explicit, 44731 words
Recc’d by @magnusbane-daily​ : 
“Relationships. Relationships. Relationships. Magnus doesn’t do them. Alec doesn’t do them.  But when a ‘real’ date is the only thing standing in between Magnus and a spectacular party, who else to take than Alec. Things don’t quite go to plan and before they know it things are a lot more permanent and confusing than they intended to be.”

I am Fire. I am… Drunk by Lecrit

Magnus/Alec, Simon/Raphael (minor), Mature, 9504 words
Recc’d by @major-titli-superhero :
“This series is comprised of two works written by Lecrit (who is freaking fantastic) about drunk Alec. Enough said.”

In the Rain, I’ll Give You Sunshine (WIP) by OneHundredSuns

Magnus/Alec, Mature,  28812 words
Recc’d by @baneslair :
“Everyone who is a sucker for Angst!Malec should read this fic. Basically, the wedding took place, Magnus left the city in order to find a way to wake Jocelyn and the meantime, Alec got a son. After more than a year, Alec and Magnus finally reunite and everything has changed. This fic contains a lot of Jealous!Alec.”

In the Sin Bin (WIP) by otppurefuckingmagic

Magnus/Alec, Simon/Isabelle, Explicit, 80685 words
Recc’d by @aleclightwoodisbetterthanyou :
“You’ve probably heard of this one. It’s pretty popular, but for good reason. It’s an amazing slow-burn fic where Alec is a closeted hockey star who gets screwed over by his financial team and ends up losing lots of money and needs a new agent. When he gets matched up with Magnus, they basically hate each other. Eventually, they work through it, but there’s a lot at stake for both of them, so nothing is easy. Also features my absolute favorite portrayl of Max Lightwood.”

Magnus Bane’s School For Young Warlocks (WIP) by Insomiak

Magnus/Alec, Clary/Isabelle (background), Mature, 52366 words
Recc’d by @buddyley :
“Magnus operates a private school for warlock children in Brooklyn. Alec is the head of the institute and father of 2 boys, Rafael (a shadowhunter) and Max (a warlock). As Max becomes attached to Magnus, Alec tries to fight his growing attraction (and fails.). Drama ensues.” 

Rumours (WIP) by alphabetcities

Clary/Izzy, Past Clary/Jace, Mature, 2128 words
Recc’d by @alineblackthorne :
“It’s a classic inter-social class forbidden love. Only one chapter so far, but I’m very excited to see where this leads.”

Simon Can’t Even Think Straight (WIP) by sandssavvy

Simon/Raphael, Magnus/Alec, Jocelyn/Luke, Teen and Up, 14890 words
Recc’d by @theindigorose :
“After being turned into a vampire Simon has to deal with the aftermath of his transformation and also with his recent discovered bisexuality. (I’m a beta for this fic for awhile now.) It has a Latino-Jewish Simon, but that actually has to deal with conflicts due to his religious beliefs x vampirism. Simon and Raphael are extremely well written and in character. Also the Simon x Magnus friendship is really sweet and really well developed.”

we let our battles choose us by oh_la_fraise

Magnus/Alec, Clary/Jace, Teen and Up, 11797 words
Recc’d by @carstairsbane :
“Magnus and Jace bond when they are thrown through a portal. I love this fic because the plot is interesting, the dynamics between all the characters (especially Magnus and Jace) are so well written and even though it has serious parts, there’s still a lot of humour.”

We hope you enjoy these fics as much as we do! <3

nonspecificstuff  asked:

Wtf is going on here with that anon crap. I've been stalking your Draven for awhile and not only is your portrayl fitting for Draven, but people shouldn't dictate who you RP, particularly when you're well within the canon :/ Sorry bout that asshat

You are fine and thank you for your sweet words. Like I said. I REALLY just wanted to make Draven as evil as I could, there are some things I can’t do because it just doesn’t fit with Draven and that’s why I don’t do them. There is a method to my madness and if the anon had taken a second of time out of the two hours they spent harassing me and my friends, they could have read my bio where I more or less vaguely explain what’s wrong with Draven.

But guys-

like I love JOnathan groff, I will be the first to say it, shortly after LMM, but the fact that with only 9 minutes of stage time singing the same song 3 times with a very static charcater and almost no choreography, JOnathan got the nominee while actors like Okieriete who plays Hercule Mullign, the son of a god briniging a second chance, and james madison, the smallest and sickest of old whit emen ever, or Anthony, brining peopel to tears twice in one play with his heartbreaking portrayl of death, didn’t get nominated still says something about the integrity of the Tony’s. Yes, we had a very diverse show this season, lts of poc on stage, lots of everything going on, and honetsly im very happy hamilton didn’t get every tony they were nominated for becaue there are SO MANY stupendous shows on broadway right now and this s to celebrate all of theatre not ONE SHOW that makes everyone scream. the fact that two outstanding POC actors were swept under the rug in favor of a white dude, no matter how talented and beloved, sti irks me I don’t blame National traesure Jonatahn Groff in the least, he did his job and was recognized for it, I blame the men and women in power decided King George the III singing ‘adaddadadadad’ with different meaning was heavier than the tailor, the abolitionist, the father, and the son.