Lauren Muir’s work is primarily inspired by women, family and society. Lauren explores these themes through a range of mediums including embroidery, casting, photography and sketchwork

Below are examples of her previous work.

Lauren Muir will be exhibiting at ‪#‎Womanstanley2‬ on August 22nd at Warrington Sports Club along with a number of other fantastic artists! Email womanstanley@gmail.com to confirm your attendance. £3 entry on the door.


Magdalena Pagowska (Len Yan)

The digital portraits of artist Magdalena Pagowska radiate with a luminous quality typically seen only in oil paintings. As though torn from the pages a science fiction novel, her subjects intrigue with the power and presence of a hero. We can imagine the epic tales of these alpha male and females in galaxies far away.  

  1. saturnus, 2013
  2. moth, 2015
  3. blackberry, 2014
  4. dark side of the moon, 2013
  5. don’t be long, 2014
  6. introduced species, 2014
  7. egocentrism, 2015
  8. hope, 2015, images posted with permission of the artist. 

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