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“Naval and military uniform during this same period (the Romantic period) was admirably suited to the rather sexually emphatic display of men’s bodies. Military trousers where white or buff, coats were dark and brilliant with braid and buttons, boots were black and shiny. Between the gleaming short-waisted coat (or breastplate) and the glittering boots was a soft, creamy expanse of pale, tight-fitting doeskin. Paintings of Napoleonic heroes in action display this costume, which has the effect of riveting the eye on the male crotch in a way not customary in art since the prevalence of the sixteenth-century codpiece.” - Seeing Through Clothes, Anne Hollander [click image for details]


acrylic on linen, 2014
19th century leprosy sufferers in Manila.
The painting is combination of the images below it.
image source: US National Library of Medicine

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Dudley Hardy—Portrait of Sarah Bernhardt, 1889

1880s   Female Portraits   Dudley Hardy   Oil on panel   via Art of Darkness / art-of-darkness.tumblr.com