portraits: yours truly

i missed this year’s witchsona week (which was in january), but then i thought: why do i need a special occasion to draw myself as a grimy, feral mountain forest witch who studies sleep, hibernation and death of all things, living creatures and (seemingly) inanimate objects


I was tagged by several brilliant folks - @biotic-ii, @badwolf626, @slothssassin, @chmuhlbeier - to post my 5 favorite drawings. So here’s a random asari ballerina, pre-war Hannah Shepard, ME1 EDI, ME3 EDI, and post-war Oriana. All recent-ish (as in, from the last 6 months), because as times goes on I inevitably start to dislike the things I make. Anyway, I seem to like pink and blue, I guess?

Taggin’: @ionswitch, @acepilotkallo@louminx, @bloomingcnidarians, @a-driftamongopenstars, @spacegryphon, @erubadhriell, @arteriusbrothers, @continuousspec, and if anyone else wants to do this, consider yourself tagged!