80/100 Days of Booklr - Disabled character

Jemma, the main character of I Have No Secrets by Penny Joelson, can’t speak but she’s still one of the most fascinating characters I’ve read for a long time. The disability representation in this book is fantastic and I hope Joelson keeps it up with her next book :)



I don’t know why but when I realized I had some time on my hands, I got this portrait idea in my head. In the Venture City campaign, Imogem has been feeling really insecure about coming out of retirement and being in the public eye as a Super again, so I wanted to draw her being glam and confident in herself.

The opalized wood effect looking like stretch marks and wrinkles in some places was intentional, in case anyone was wondering

Edit: I made a fake magazine cover and I liked it enough to slap it on here too.


In 2000, when the photographer Josephine Sittenfeld was a junior at Princeton University, she captured portraits of her classmates on medium-format film and, after exhibiting the prints on campus, she consigned them to a closet in her parents’ home. The series returned to Sittenfeld’s mind last spring, not long before her fifteen-year college reunion. On a whim, she retrieved her film and decided to pack color copies of the old photographs, along with a digital camera, to bring to New Jersey, where she would re-create the same shots in the present day.

Read the full story, “A Photographer’s Old College Classmates, Back Then and Now,” here. 


“I have tried to show what it felt like to grow up female in a small relatively isolated blue-collar town in Middle America. I felt compelled to look closely, ritualistically, again and again, at the nearly impenetrable, seamless construction of stereotypes surrounding childhood, girlhood, motherhood and womanhood,” the photographer Jo Ann Walters said. 

Read the full story, “Searching for the Meaning of Womanhood in White, Blue-Collar America,” here.