Another #drawmedusphite of @nataliaplatamx . I’m learning alot from these studies! Used #pencil and #color pencil. I’ll probably do a couple more.

Also, yay for weekend!!! Drawing n gaming timeee. 😄🤓

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It was my Mom’s Birthday Yesterday, So for her gift I had fun re-imagining my family as the cast of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Of course in this version instead of Goldilocks being something of a squatter, she’s the most amazing Home Maker ever!…And I couldn’t help but fill out the family portrait with our dogs and cats. :)

Roromish Paypal Commissions!

Traditional Portrait - 5$ per character

Digital Portrait - 13$ per character (+ $ 3 for background)

Digital Torso-up: 17$ per character (+ $ 5 for background)

Digital Full body: 25$ per character  (+ $ 10 for background)

Digital Landscape/Environment : 10-20$ (price depends on the complicity of the piece you want)


Message me if you want to commission me or with any questions you have : )