I was in this class where we were doing portrait photography… hence the specific quality of the photos. >_> 

Hey y’all! I’m Alex, agender, asexual, demiromantic. Pronouns are Xey/Xem/Xyr, or They/Them/Their (preferably the former, though!)

I’m Chinese American, first generation born in the States. I live in Southern California, where I’m blessed to be going to one of the best art schools in the country, ArtCenter College of Design (it’s in Pasadena)! I’m a Graphic Design student there. (I’ll also be studying abroad in Germany for the next three months, so I’m super excited!!!!)

Interests include Star Wars (movies, along with the mmo swtor), so I consider myself a gamer, though more casual than most. Schoolwork demands a lot of me, so I play a lot less than I have in the past :/ Other interests… I like gw2 but I haven’t played it in months. I also draw and do commissions, and you can see my artwork (or what I do in my free time, at least) over here. I also love my little leopard gecko, Mandalore the Great. Her name, perhaps unsurprisingly, is a Star Wars reference. I’ve loved reptiles since forever tbh?

Uhhh as for a specific bio for the blog:

Alex is an agender, asexual, demiromantic Chinese American from Southern California. Xey attend ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, where xyr majoring in Graphic Design. As someone who loves reptiles and Star Wars, it’s unsurprising that xyr little leopard gecko is named Mandalore the Great. In the little spare time art school allows, xey enjoy playing video games and drawing.

I think that’s about it! I might edit the post if something comes up, but this is getting long as it is, so maybe I should leave it. Thanks for accepting me into the network!!!

“SHERRI” – from the series of “My Friends”

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“Art does not reproduce the visible; rather, it makes visible.” –Paul Klee

In the art world, there is a clique that believes identity relates to race, sexual orientation etc.
Is it mind-set? What else defines identity? Is identity paradox?  
I decided to pick a different approach.

In this project, I examine the relationship between identity and flowers.
Flowers serve as symbol for mind and spirit revealing one’s identity in this imperfect world.
I ask friends to bring flowers of their choice. I promise them to create still life.

Neither I have influence on their choice of flower nor they have influence on the still life.
I want to see and document how people’s flower choices show their identity.
Each photograph is titled as the person who brought the flowers.
These images are highly conceptual portraits of my friends.

Asking them to reveal their identity in a very unusual way seemed presumptuous.
I decided to give them one edition of their photographs.
Giving back one print is the most conceptual element of this project.
By gifting one photograph, I initially borrow the flowers and
I return their flowers in a totally different form.
At the end, flowers die, but friendship becomes eternal with photographs.

Here is portrait I did of Charles Bronson because I’m that old. (Circa Death Wish). If you would like me to draw a caricaturesque portrait of you, your friend, lover, baby, grandma, grandpa , pet dragon, etc. DM me through Instagram or Twitter. I’m on a Facebook cleanse so don’t try to reach me there .( $50 each ) #andresalvarezart #charlesbronson #deathwish #caricature #portrait #ink #drawing

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