Hi guys I really need help now! QAQ

I have been out of work for almost 3 months and now I’m still waiting for the reply from publishers…and my VISA is expiring in 9 days! I currently moved to NY Brooklyn and I am an international student. I have to get a freelance job right now so I can update my employment status to my school. 

I am so sorry to say this but I really can’t wait any longer…

I usually work with traditional media a lot, like watercolors and colored pencils. Fanart, greeting card design, portrait…you name it. I am so ready!

If you’re unfamiliar with my work, please check my tumblr, I hope you like them and need me to draw something for you!

Please please send me message if you’re interested! I am always online to wait!

and a reblog helps a lot too!

Omg I am so panic I hope I didn’t make too many grammar mistake…

Please message me!

Thank you so much!!!


comission! a portrait of Jack from Mass Effect, inspired by tarot card portraits from Dragon Age: Inquisition. 

something a bit different this time. I have to say that it was a VERY interesting challenge! not exactly my comfort zone - I don’t do texturing and backgrounds very often, as some of you might have already noticed. but I’m quite happy with the final result :)

I’ve been working on the prompts lately, but here’s a little something seeing as this blog of mine has yet to update in forever.

Imagine…Persona 5 cast as Disneyland workers.

Akira would be the employee that deals with everyone’s shit. Angry moms, crying kids, anxious dads, frazzled employees…except he’d deal with everything with a poker face. You heard me. Poker face Akira breaking the rule of Disneyland smiles. His boss told him to hire someone to fix the teacup ride, he mothaeffin’ does it himself with a hexagonal wrench. #rebel (Just kidding. He’d probably call in Makoto and Futaba.)

Morgana is the manager, but because of his voice, I assume in human form he looks like a kid. Everyone asks him where his parents are, and he’s just so done. So. D O N E. (It’s worse in cat form cause the kids pat his head roughly going “kitty!” and Morgana can’t deny them cause they’re in a kid theme park.)

Ryuji would probably be that one guy cosplaying and running around the whole park cheering kids up. Unintentionally of course. Guy probably doesn’t know how to deal with a crying brat but he does it anyway. Softie. Also: “Did you hire a doppleganger or a twin? I swear you were next to Tower of Terror five minutes ago.” — “No, I was just running.” — “From what?” — “Akechi.”

Ann would be one of those street performers that parade the streets of Disneyland, wearing a set of sparkly Minnie ears in her sexy cat suit. P.S. she avoids all the adults and only talks to the kids. Women too. If you’re 14+ you need to go away you creeps. (Shiho is the exception cause that sweetheart can’t be more than emotionally 12.)

Yusuke would be that one artist that moves his stall on a parade wagon with Ann, drawing little portrait cards of everyone as Disney character impressions. Or if he’s feeling cheap, creatively inspired, and “I am not some cheap artist you can hire”, lobsters with Mickey Mouse ears cause why not.

Makoto is the security guard, but on paper she’s the maintenance mechanic. I swear she’s always near the Merry-Go-Round unless she actually has to do her job—

Futaba is underground. Cause fuck crowds. And she manages the security cameras. Either that or she flies a blimp filled with trash bags and kettle-baked chips.

 Haru is the food cart person. Or the restaurant person. When you think anything is overpriced, she gives you that smile, suggest something relatively healthy and good-sounding, and next thing you know your pocket’s empty. (It’s how she’s secretly and evilly rich.)

And Akechi is the most important because we all know Disneyland employees have a “must smile policy” except Akechi takes it a step further and that fake-ass lip tilt (calling it a smile insults all smiles) gains him employee of the month. He often competes with Akira, who doesn’t care. But when Akira gets employee of the month, Akechi goes batshit crazy inside.

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Send me a ship and I'll tell you about their child(ren)

I’m too lazy to seach for a meme like this so I made one myself.

  • Name:
  • Sex/Gender:
  • Which parent they take after more (physically):
  • Which parent they take after more (personality):
  • Who do they like better:
  • What their Christmas Card/Family Portrait looks like:
  • What do they like to do/what games they play:
  • What does family night consist of:
  • FC: