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Haven’t talked about it yet, but I’m super stoked for the new edition of 40k, and particularly the Primaris Marines. 
I”m going to create an Ultima Founding successor to my Dark Angels army, but I got to thinking that I wanted a Company Master that was more identifiable. So, indulging in my vanity, here’s a highly stylized, self portrait, sent to the printer in time to be back before I get my starter box on the 17th!


I saw this concept called Night Call made by @hensa I knew I had to sculpt it.
It was a lot of fun and I learned a few things too!

More art by the incredible @hensa here:

Also you can find my artstation here:


I love making custom pet ornaments, mainly for the stories behind them. This pretty boy is Mister Tweets, who is sadly no longer with us. He was so loved and is greatly missed by his family, so his owner had me make two ornaments in loving memory of him, one for her and one for her daughter. I’m glad to know they can continue to admire his pretty self each day


Sculpting Orphan and Osiris busts took me twice as long as the 4 previous ones all together, these two are troublesome. I’ll make the colored versions asap too.

Orphan is obedient, dedicated, and completely messed-up. A model soldier, with a violent father and violent boyfriend problem combo.

Osiris is a natural leader, a bureaucrat, and a control freak. He is the feared-by-all head of the Owner department, he has personality issues and two dogs. 

anonymous asked:

Your art is a blast and all the characters are so full of life! Would you please explain building up a head from different angles? I have been struggling with keeping shapes and proportions of the face while drawing it from some uncommon angle for a long time. Thank you!

Heyo, thanks so much!
It’s no magic honestly and I still mess up a lot at harder angles. (like here) As always, my advice boils down to this: DRAW STUDIES! Take pictures of yourself, ask people to sit for you and spend a good 2-4-6 hours a time drawing a portrait. Sculpting heads helps you understand the basic shapes in 2D too so bust out the Super Sculpey!
As far as shapes go, I try to think of a low-poly version of the face when drawing my sketch. I found this pic from this artist and it illustrates perfectly what I mean:

So this Buttons angle exercise kind of looked like this in my head:

If you’re confused about smaller shapes, you can dissect each feature into smaller polygons (if you look at my high-school studies you can see how I built up noses from geometrical shapes - badly) but for head angles I wouldn’t advise going into that much detail until you’re satisfied with the mass of the head. Once you understand the geometry of the face, you’ll get the hang of it.

I made some posts about consistency and drawing cartoony people in general before, check them out if you’re interested!