portrait sale

$25 portrait commissions!

Doing a handful of $25 commissions of this quality ^ because my negative cashflow was a lot faster than I predicted! If anyone is interested, please contact me at Babdurrasheed@gmail.com, or here on Tumblr! 

If you’d like a commission of a different kind, please include that in your inquiry!


Pet Portrait commissions are currently: Open!

Some extra notes:

  • I use traditional media for all portraits. I’m less comfortable with digital media, but we can discuss if this is your preference.
  • All pet types welcome! Unfamiliar subjects will naturally take a little longer, but as long as you provide plenty of reference photos I’ll be able to draw them. Please send reference photos via the above email, or send links if you have photos uploaded.
  • Realistic style portraits are not intended to be a carbon copy of a photograph. Although I aim for accuracy, my main focus is on portraying a sense of personality, so details will occasionally differ.
  • Payment is via PayPal, preferably upfront. Prices are in Pounds Sterling (GBP) and PayPal invoices will be sent in this currency (PayPal takes care of the conversion at no cost to you).
  • Shipping within the UK is included in the price! International shipping varies and will be calculated in light of your location and the price of your commission(s) and this will be added on to the overall price (various options are available so please don’t be put off by this!).
  • In addition to the above, please let me know if you’d rather not have your commission physically shipped - that’s absolutely fine, and in this case I’ll send you a full size high quality scan instead.

Thanks for the interest! I’m excited to have a chance to draw your beautiful furred, feathered and scaled friends! ♥

I’m selling a drawing !

Good morning !! I’m looking to sell a couple of my original drawings, so if you interested, don’t hesitate to let me know!. 

This one is Conté Pastel on Strathmore cream pastel paper. The sheet is 9X12, and the drawing itself is 8 X 9 ¾. 

70USD, shipping included . Paypal only :-) 


W̱̤͔͡e͖̣̖̗̘͉ ̠̖̟̩̱̙͠a̮͕͕̫͚r͓͚̗̪̲̟̳e̮̝̲̞̬̼͍ ̴̯̬̣̲̠o̱̹̙̤̫͍͍n̵e̞̗̰͉ ̛̯i̡͕̫̪̣̤̝̙n the same! //

Ive finally gotten around to painting a realistic version of my depiction of Antisepticeye!


I forgot to show you all the photographs I took at the Game of Thrones Gallery in Bethnal Green, London!  #GOTgallery

I was chosen by Isaac Hempstead-Wright (aka Bran) as one of the winners and I had my Lord Baelish portrait displayed there!

My boyfriend and I took a day trip down there, sipping celebratory whiskey on the way there and back :D  It was a wonderful albeit surreal experience and it’s made me proud to be an artist :)

I received the artwork back this week along with Season 6 on DVD and the portrait is currently for sale. Please message me if you are interested in buying him!