portrait prize


I hope you guys aren’t getting sick of these because they’re so much fun for me. I’d love to do them regularly once/twice a month if there’s the interest.

What you get:
A kitten! No. An old shoe? No! A PORTRAIT. Any character from any world or universe. OCs/RP characters, fanart of a character you love, anything you’d like. I’m still a student - above are examples of my work so you know my skill level and limitations but I will give anything a go!

What you need to do:

Like and/or reblog this post to enter (they each count as a separate entry, as do multiple reblogs within reason)
Be following this blog!
A winner will be picked on the 16th May (shorter this time) and has a day to reply or I’ll re-raffle the prize!

Thanks so much to everyone who gets this out there and to those who have supported me over the year(s)! Good luck! <3

I do:

OCs, MMOs (Wildstar, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, and so on), D&D and more, furries and creatures are fine.
The portrait was made by the picture you sent.

I don’t do:

Explicit images, images of RL people, be it celebrities or else, offensive or political themed images.