The Things They Didn’t SeeI & II

So, I took these photographs back in November when I was in the hospital, they were for my Graduation Exhibition for college. Since they were for the exhibition, I wasn’t allowed to upload them… but we all know what happened and they/I did not take part in said exhibition. I haven’t uploaded them til now because I was trying to add to the project, but I’m not happy with the other photographs that I took for it, so I’ve finally decided to just upload these two as a set.

The Things They Didn’t See’ are about suffering with a chronic health condition and the struggles we go through with our mental health. A lot of people with (a) chronic illness(es) put on this brave face, we try to smile, laugh and engage as much as we can, pretending that we are happy, healthy and well. These photographs are my way of portraying and expressing what goes on in my head, how I normally feel on a day-to-day basis, and how alone, dark and cold things really can get.
- Elizabeth Rose Thompson (effys-photos)
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