portrait of the artist as an idiot

First portrait of the Chaos for All set, Hades, god of the underworld, lord of the dead. Self proclaimed scientist, and self help book created narcissist.

Professor by day.

Idiot by, day and night.

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David Bowie, Self-portrait for “Heroes” album cover, 1978

In Berlin, Bowie developed his longstanding interest in German Expressionist art, which favored depicting emotions over reality. The album cover poses for “Heroes" and Iggy Pop's The Idiot were inspired by the work of Erich Heckel, a member of Die Brücke (The Bridge), a movement of artists whose vivid paintings often reflected modern day anxieties.


My Grandfather in his Florida home. 

I was never too close to him growing up, but over the last few years I’ve gotten to know him quite a bit. He may be one of the smartest, toughtest and hardest working men I’ve ever met. He grew up poor, in a boarding school and figured out a way to pull himself up by the boot-straps to become a medical doctor. I have never feared and respected a man so much and I still feel like a child when I talk to him sometimes. Things that I would normally say with such confidence turn me into a bumbling idiot when he’s around. It’s a really strange thing. We had a long discussion tonight about people that have been necessary for survival in our lives and I would say that he is one of mine. I could not have done this last year without him.

Photo by Chris Schoonover, 2015