portrait of a photographer

Selfie: The Castro. San Francisco, 05-28-17.

I am more comfortable now taking photos in public places, especially when I am shooting strange things that usually people would not think of photographing. However, while I took this photo (I really took 10 photos, just to make certain at least one was good), I felt ridiculous, imagining that people walking by thought I was some kind of fool. Then I looked at my reflection, really took a second to make sense of what I saw, and realized that I did look like a fool, particularly a dirty minded old fool, and that was when this attempt at making myself into a joke became fun.

Sometimes it is cool to be a fool.

Carnaval XVIII: The Mission. San Francisco, 05-28-17.

This is, kinda, a selfie.

You know how you focus on one thing while you are taking a photo and then afterward, during the editing process, you see something else, something more that you did not see before? Something that adds to the photo, at least in your own eyes and heart?

Well, this photo, for me, had a hidden visual and reflexive treasure.

While I was shooting it, I was focused on the women on the left, that is, the one in the center and the one to her left. I recall that while I was walking toward them, the woman in the center looked at me and smiled, so I signaled, with my camera, if I could take her picture. The three women were together, so they all posed, but I was focused on the woman in the center, who volunteered for all three of them. Kinda.

Afterward, back home, a few days later, I went through the photos I decided to keep. (The same day I take the photos I do a quick edit to dump the photos I do not like and save the ones I like for later evaluation and processing, as needed.) Anyhow, when I got to this one, I looked, really looked, at all three women and realized the woman on the right was me. Well, she was behaving and posing with the same attitude I have when someone asks to take my picture. I laughed so hard when I realized she and I were exactly the same. 

I am just glad that even though I missed the connection between the two of us while I was there, I can enjoy it now.

You just never know where or when you are going to see yourself reflected back in others, but that is kinda the cool, treasure hunt thing about photography and Life.