portrait of a hound



There’s nothing better than owning a dog (sorry not sorry cat people!), and as well as we know it now, people at the 18th century knew it too: from lap dogs to hounds, we see them beloved in portraits next to their masters (friends) with their happy cute eyes looking at them or their heads laying on a knee (I totally LOVE when my dog does that!), laying calm on the floor or totally ready to play.

Dogs are the best ever.

Paintings from top:

  • “The Morning Walk (Mr and Mrs William Hallett), Thomas Gainsborough, 1785. By the way, that’s Pomeranian. Apparently they used to be huge before being ridiculously cute as small dogs.
  • “Portrait of Squire Morland with his gun and dog”, James Miller, ca. 1773. Dude, watch the bird! That cutie is about to take it from your hand!
  • “Fernando VI”, Jean Ranc, 1723. Fernando, stop pretending you’ll throw something to the cute skinny dog u.u
  • “Karl Friederich Abel”, Thomas Gainsborough, 1777. Relaxing with your viola da gamba and your super fluffy dog. Casual as everyday.
  • “Anna Maria and Thomas Jenkins”, Angelica Kauffmann, 1790. While the niece holds flowers, the uncle pets the dog. Sorry Anna, dogs are better than flowers.
  • “A Woman with a Dog”, Jean Honoré Fragonard, 1769. How to make cute little dog even cuter? Put on a huge ribbon bow.
  • “The Painter and his Pug”, William Hogarth, 1745. Believe or not, this is how pugs looked like. And his name was Trump.
  • “Portrait of Colonel John Bullock”, Thomas Gainsborough, 1780s. Redcoats and dogs look great together.
  • “Portrait of Miss Anna Ward with her Dog”, Joshua Reynolds, 1787. I wanna hug that dog SO much. The girl not that much. I’m a dog person not a child person.
  • “Miss Mary Edwards”, William Hogarth, 1742. Is this a Border Collie or an Spaniel? I don’t know and I don’t care since it’s super cute.