portrait of a family playing music

Portrait of Lady Lewis by Edward Burne-Jones, 1881

Lady Elizabeth Lewis, the second wife of the eminent solicitor George Lewis, was one of the greatest hostesses of her day. A woman of good looks, good plays, good pictures and, above all, good music, she entertained many famous and talented dinner guests in her home in Portland Place, including Burne-Jones, Whistler, Sargent, Henry James and Oscar Wilde. Burne-Jones became a close friend, often turning to Elizabeth for her opinion on practical matters and her husband George for legal advice.

The two families often stayed together in the Lewis’s country house, here, Burne-Jones entertained friends with his whimsical drawings and caricatures. Elizabeth Lewis was very much town-bred and the summers that she spent there were her first tastes of country life. Insects and creepy crawlies intimidated her and naturally, Burrie-Jones, with his wicked sense of humour, found this an extreme source of amusement. He depicts his hostess perched on a chair, peering fearfully down at a tiny lizard.


I haven’t done an heir poll in literally YEARS so y'all are witnessing history bc I don’t know if I’m ever gonna do this again. I just can’t decide this time around, so I’m letting you guys do it for me :D
I know they’re only teens rn but they already have very different and distinct personalities ^^
Poll link and descriptions are under the cut!

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In Another Reality Asks
  • Imagine yourself as if you were a mystical being from a different reality. (Cause I'm in a fantasy/mystical/Halloween mood, and sometimes, you need a boost to your confidence.)
  • God/Goddess:
  • Time: Are you old as the world or young as the sunrise?
  • Power: What do you control/represent/have power over?
  • Scroll: What's your backstory? i.e. Born or made? Lover or fighter? Where'd you come from?
  • Sword: Enemies?
  • Bow: Allies?
  • Arrow: Love (platonic, familial, romantic, or otherwise)?
  • Crown: Appearance?
  • Axe: Weapon of choice, if any?
  • Goblet: Dramatic events you've been involved in?
  • Metal: Do humans like you?
  • Marble: Describe either your temple.
  • Throne: What are your followers like?
  • Ruins: Any lore?
  • Fairy:
  • Tree: What era did your fairy life start?
  • Mushroom: What role do you play in your kingdom? i.e. warrior, queen, noble, traveler, craftsman, artisan.
  • Sparkle: Appearance?
  • Flower: Friends?
  • Weeds: Foes?
  • Moon: Anyone in your heart?
  • Breeze: Do you have powers?
  • Star: What do your wings look like and do they have a certain meaning?
  • Leaf: Do you contact humans?
  • Song: Any stories of you?
  • Laugh: Is your kingdom okay - if you even have a kingdom?
  • Vampire:
  • Cloak: Are you ancient or young?
  • Teeth: Are you a "vegan" vampire?
  • Marks: Born or made?
  • Blood: Are you are classic, suave vampire or a loud extrovert, or in between?
  • Gloves: Appearance?
  • Whisper: Any lore?
  • Castle: What's your typical haunt?
  • Smoke: Do you live among the unturned (humans)?
  • Night: Allies?
  • Stake: Attackers?
  • Heart: Those you hold dear?
  • Nymph:
  • Form: What element are you?
  • Path: Have you ever come in to contact with mortals?
  • Earth: Friends?
  • Fire: Enemies?
  • Reflection: Loves (platonic, romantic, or otherwise)?
  • Voice: Fairytales?
  • Flowers: Appearance?
  • Branch: Are you devoted to anyone, or a cause?
  • Scene: Describe your ideal location.
  • Shade: Clothes made of nature or no?
  • Immortal:
  • Clock: What age did you become immortal?
  • Grave: Do you have many people you miss?
  • Textbook: Which historical events did you play a role in?
  • Coincidence: Any likewise minds?
  • Fate: Know anyone with opposite values?
  • Second: Those you miss/would miss?
  • Eternity: Are you all alone?
  • Style: Any clothes from your travels?
  • Portrait: Know anyone famous? Opinions on them?
  • Record: Favorite music from any era?
  • Forget: Anything you feel guilty about?
  • Werewolf:
  • Full moon: Role in your pack, if you have one? i.e., alpha, beta, omega
  • Fur: Appearance?
  • Claw: Born or turned?
  • Transform: Do you live among humans?
  • Pack: Friends/family?
  • Growl: Rivals?
  • Mate: Romance?
  • Scare: Any rumors about you?
  • Attack: Are you more friendly, passive or vicious among other packs?
  • Hunt: Describe your most memorable full moon.
  • Howl: Is your transformation painful?
  • Wound: How do you heal after a full moon?
  • Ghost:
  • Resting place: Where do you haunt?
  • Fog: Do you communicate with the living?
  • Reason: Backstory?
  • Coffin: Do you seek closure?
  • Smile: Friends?
  • Stare: Those you hate?
  • Final: Loved ones?
  • Letters: Do you remember how you died?
  • Still: Age of death?
  • Last: Appearance?
  • Pain: Are you tranquil, sad, or vengeful?
  • Merperson:
  • Shell: Wandering or one certain area?
  • Sea glass: Appearance?
  • Shark: Herbivore or carnivore?
  • Net: Sweet and helpful or rabid and hurtful?
  • Fins: Alone or with a group?
  • Shine: Above the water to interact or underwater and introverted?
  • Reef: Friends?
  • Trench: Predators?
  • Drown: Loved ones?
  • Pearl: Fantasy-like and pretty or more of a feared monster?
  • Waves: Contact with others?
  • If you have more, please add! : )

Request! Baby Briar (Part Two).

  • Baby Briar is older now and Raphael is so mad about it and, yes, he is going to call her baby forever and ever. Sorry, kiddo, no growing up too much. “But Daaady! I’m practically grown up!” “No yer not, now eat the broccoli.”
  • She gets her own room now, sleeping in a hammock full of stuffed animasls and Disney Princess blankets. Has little shelves filled with books and a box of toys as well as her special shelf hooked up on her wall. What’s it for, you ask?
  • Her weapons, neatly nestled on the shelf when not in use, a Naginata and a Nagimaki. There’s a small compartment for her own mask as well, two actually. One hot pink (that she normally wears) and another pitch black (for future missions and stealth training). *excited squealing* thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!
  • Briar has wanted to train for SO LONG but Raphael held her back, stating she was too small for it. “Well, if ya ate your broccoli, maybe ya would be as ninja by now…”
  • But Briar is SO proud when she gets them and Raph is SO worried. She’s so small and it takes her so long to learn certain things, what if she can’t handle it? What if the training is too much for her? It’s actually Leo who helps him through this, making Raph realize that he has to give her a chance. “She can do this, Raph…she’s a Hamato.” “I know…thanks, Leo.”
  • She rocks it, Briar is a natural at ninjitsu (Proud Mama and Papa alert). Whenever she struggles with a move, she has her dad and uncles to help her up and her mom to comfort her. Briar learns to use her (now super long and strong) tail to give her an advantage! It was Donnie who helped her learn how useful her tail is, teaching her balance and the like. “Look at this little ninja princess! The bad guys had better watch out, yeah?” “Yeah!”
  • Donnie is still all about that education. He tackles most of the school stuff (science and English and the like) on his own but he and Leo teach her how to read together. Even though Briar can read on her owen now, Leo still reads to her because they both love it. “Story time…please, Uncle Leo??”
  • Briar being a boss at science! Donnie does all sorts of fun (kid friendly) experiments with her and shows her his inventions. Everyone gathers around for her volcano “presentation” and Raph is so proud cause hell yes, that’s his brilliant baby. “And KA-BOOM!! Lava everywhere! The life of a volcano, thank you!” *loud clapping*
  • Cooking with Mikey is still a thing, the two of them joking and laughing as they make homemade pizza (using Mikey’s super duper top secret recipe) and spaghetti. “What ya think, baby?” “I thiiiink…it’s perfect!”
  • Meditating with Leo is still a thing and, yes, sometimes she still falls asleep (and he still loves it). She and Leo get aslong really well and it helps Raphael’s relationship with him.
  • Leo and Splinter teaching her all about Japan! The language, the stories, thed music. She’ll put on little plays based on Japanese fairytales and sing songs in the language for everyone, they’re all so proud! “Bravo! Bravo!” *little Briar taking a bow*
  • Saturday night Girl Time with Mommy! They paint (Briar has a whole wall of artwork), sing Disney songs, and just talk. Briar is a Daddy’s girl but she loves her mama a lot. “You’re the best mom ever!” “Thank you, princess.”
  • Splinter has a TON of her paintings, an big box full of portraits of the family. He loves each and every one of them and keeps them all. Briar is actually very artistic, the Lair is full of her creations. Mom and Dad freak out over every little thing and everyone has a little collection of her work. “For you!” “For me? It’s so beautiful, thank you baby!”
  • Daddy Daughter days! They watch movies and eat junk food and no one is allowed to interrupt them because no! Her daddy, not yours! They also love to train together, Raph is so proud if his little warrior. “Daddy!” *Raph swinging her around as they laugh*
  • Briar following them out on patrol one day. They all thought she was napping only for the little lizard to sneak out after them. When Raph sees her standing on the sidewalk looking around, he freaks. He would yell at her out of fear and Briar cries, running back home. But he comes into her room later to apologize and tells her why she has to be so careful. It’s the only time he ever, ever yells at her and it’s his biggest regret as a parent, he was just so scared. “I’m so sorry, princess…but there’s some stuff ya gotta know about the surface.”
  • What if someone saw her? What if someone hurt her of took her? He can’t let that happen, he loves her too much. “Daddy just loves ya a lot, so he’s trying to protect ya…”
  • Briar is starting to understand the world better but not quite. Her family protects people, shouldn’t people like them? Why would they be scared of how they look, Mommy says Daddy is handsome! “But…but why, Daddy?”
  • Raphael hates having these conversations, they break his heart.
  • Splinter is so helpful with these situations and with explaining people to Briar. She thinks Grandpa is the smartest rat ever (Don gets to be the smartest turtle). “I love you, Grandpa.” *lots of hugging and kisses, a slightly crying Splinter*
  • Briar loves, loves, loves when you and Raph kiss because! It’s happily ever after! Just like Disney movies! Song “A Whole New World,” she loves it. “Sing, sing, sing, sing, sing!”
  • Briar is getting older, she’s ten now and Raph just can’t handle it! He still remembers when she was a tiny baby and sometimes he just randomly hugs her because of feels. Briar doesn’t mind though, she loves hugs. “Come here, princess!”
  • Raphael is such an emotional dad (in case you didn’t already notice). He’s always hugging her, telling Briar how proud he is and how much he loves her. “I know, Daddy, you tell me all the time!”
  • She never believes anyone when they tell her how gruff and grumpy he used to be, he’s her big ol’ teddy bear. The others tease Raph for getting emotional but he doesn’t even care. He’s too busy loving his baby.
  • Only now she’s not a baby.
  • Briar is about to become a teenager and Raphael is NOT ready for it.

Thanks to @chubbygoddess22 for helping me with part two! Briar is her creation and IS ABOUT TO GROW UP OMG!!

Sassy Manson says to “calm your fucking titties down” cause he’s “not gonna play that song”

Lmao I took this video at the last concert of the Hell Not Hallelujah tour a few days ago…he was AMAZING!


Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPthisishome

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post every week announcing the latest project.

The goal this weekend is to make photos and videos that capture the essence of home. Here’s how to get started:

PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPthisishome hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.


This one is brought to us by the awesome @kleeklutch! She wrote two also. Thank you dear! 

It was the calm before the storm.

Soft Christmas music played in the living room, the aroma of sugar cookies and gingerbread men wafted from the dining room, and hot cocoa simmered on the stove. Everything was ready, but not everyone.

Mr. and Mrs. Mellark had gone upstairs some time ago, and with some thumps and bumps, emerged from the room, slightly more disheveled than when they entered it for the purpose of getting ready for their guests. Even after fifty years, the fire hadn’t gone out of their marriage. There were always little touches, and kisses, and a twinkle in their eyes with the promise of more to come.

How special it was for their kids to be raised by a mom and a dad who were madly in love with each other and showed it, and who lavished that same love on them.

Things weren’t always easy, there were toddler rebellions, and teenage usurpations. They had their share of loss and grief. Peeta lost his mother when he was in his twenties to a genetic heart problem, that also took his brother at forty-five. Delly never remarried. Katniss had lost her father while she was still a child and had been estranged from her mom up until just a few years before her own death ten years ago. She was grateful to have reconnected after so many years apart, but regretted those lost years and the fact that they’d never have the relationship she once envisioned.

And now their kids, abundantly loved, were on their way, with spouses, and children, loved ones of their own.

Just as Katniss and Peeta descended the stairs, the doorbell rang and in short order, the quiet old house on Victor Street was a mess of blond and brown heads, and blue, and grey, and brown eyes, and chubby cheeks, and fat fingers, and laughter, and gentle male voices, and cheerful female voices, and the chatter of children, punctuated by the periodic wail that needed to be tended to.

The cookies were laid out with piping bags for the children to decorate although as much icing ended up on their sticky little fingers as did on the cookies. Then they had hot cocoa and snacks and settled in to watch A Muppet Christmas Carol. They always watched the same movie every year.

Then the restless children went outside to play, and make snow angels, and build snowmen, and have a snowball fight. The men joined in, and the women too, even Katniss and Peeta got in a few good shots. Finally all cold and wet and tired, they trooped back in for hot stew made by Katniss and fresh bread made by Peeta and sat around the enormous dining room table.

At last is was dark and time for the families to leave. And Peeta shut the door behind them and turned to his wife. He pulled her in close in a warm ebrace. Neither of them had happy childhoods, but they were able to give their kids the safety and security they lacked and these traditions were the capstone of their family life. They had started when Willow was just a toddler, and now their youngest grandchild was her age.

What they didn’t know was the next Christmas, Peeta would no longer be there to celebrate.

The next year, Katniss was gone. It was natural causes the doctor said, but the children knew, or at least suspected, it was a broken heart.

But the family kept up the Christmas tradition of cookies, and hot cocoa, and movies, and playing in the snow, even right down to the stew and the bread. Even now, in the family it’s said, that Papa Mellark, and Nana too, are in the scent of warm cookies fresh from the oven, and the soft Christmas music that plays, and in the hot cocoa simmering on the back burner, and the stew that’s been simmering all day. They’re in the whiff of cinnamon and dill that still lingers, and the leather coat that still hangs in the hall, they may not be here in body, but they are still here, they are not quite gone, their spirit lives on.

Generations down, chubby fingers still decorate cookies, and rosy little lips wear whipped cream mustaches, and old family portraits hang on the wall, of their Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma Mellark, who started it all.

tonight, i said no. and that is not an easy task for me.

i am the queen of ‘yes’. i’m at work over sixty hour every week, i don’t really have true weekends anymore, and i’m getting around four to five hours of sleep each night. i find myself saying yes so many times to so many things and so many people that i’ve exhausted myself to the point of tears. i will do and take on whatever it is you need me to if it means you will feel loved in return. if i don’t want to do something, i have a really hard time saying so. i am not saying any of this to boast, but rather to be as transparent as possible.

i have realized, though, how important it is to let someone take care of you, and i desire that (admitting that is taking a ridiculous amount of courage). i don’t have that ‘person’ in my life, though. my friends and my family take care of me, but almost every single one of them is part of an 'us’ — and i am not.

so, tonight i said 'no’. no to plans and people and places that i would’ve thoroughly enjoyed, but i knew I reached my breaking point today (and who wants to hang out with someone who is consistently tired + distracted from everything else in their lives?). tonight, i made dinner for myself and played with portraits + lighting for the wedding i’m shooting tomorrow. now, i’m going to sit on my front porch with a glass of whiskey and listen to the slowest music possible while the sun sets.

because if i don’t take care of myself, who will?


Jennifer Medina’s Pink and Purple Paradise

To see more of Jennifer’s pink and purple world, check out @lulannie on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

A quick lesson from the playbook of Jennifer Medina (@lulannie): If you don’t like the way the world looks, change your perspective. The Venezuelan-born photographer and musician prefers to avoid the drab browns and grays of life and instead see things in notes of pink and purple. (Which, by the way, do you know how many wonderfully named shades of pink and purple there are? There’s lavender. And orchid. And rose. And watermelon. And taffy. The list goes on and on…)

Jennifer has been tinting her portrait work since she began taking pictures as a teenager. “I wish life was more colorful like that, ya know?” she says over the phone from New York. Meanwhile, she has also been making moves in the music world, with her ambient duo Dream Girl, and atmospheric instrumental project Lulannie (“Lula” = the name of a British magazine she used to read; “Annie” is from “Annie Laurie,” a song by her favorite band, The Radio Dept.). Jennifer first learned to play songs on an instrument known as the cuatro. Then when she moved to Florida from Venezuela with her family at the age of 15, she switched to the guitar. But the transition to America proved tough.

“I got bullied a lot because I didn’t speak English,” she says, about her time in school in the US. “And everyone else was into Spanish music and dressing like that. I was different. I would, like, wear a blazer.”

Luckily Jennifer’s grade school experience didn’t destroy her colorful disposition or approach to photography and music. With the latter, she’s been taking a much more visual approach, writing and directing videos with every song she puts out. “When I listen to songs, I like to envision a story in my head or a movie scene,” she says, pointing to a recent video, “Alegria,” as the perfect example. The final version features Jennifer, staring into the camera, describing her emotions, while another woman dances on a side table next to her. You can probably guess the video’s color palette.

—Instagram @music


Actresses in ‘Hamilton’ Take a Trip to a Family Home for a History Lesson:

“These should be very familiar to you,” the docent in a skirt that billowed at the hips told one of the wide-eyed visitors, taking a dinner plate from a corner cupboard in the dining room. “These were your dishes.”

That was after another visitor had noticed the portraits of stiff-looking colonial types on the walls and shrieked “Daddy!” and “Mommy!”

Clearly, this was not the usual field trip to a historic site.

The visitors were the three actresses who play the Schuyler sisters in “Hamilton,” the musical that opens in previews on Broadway on Monday. It tells the story of the nation’s founding with a particular emphasis on Alexander Hamilton, who was, among other things, the nation’s first treasury secretary.

The historic site, in Morristown, N.J., was the Schuyler-Hamilton House, where in 1779 Hamilton courted the sister he married, the one played by Phillipa Soo, who was now holding the dinner plate.

A Lady of the Petre Family Playing the Guitar (1820). Manner of Joseph Karl Stieler (German, 1781-1858). Oil on canvas. National Trust, Baddesley Clinton.

As with the Petre lady work, the most distinguishing feature of Stieler’s portraits is his utter focus on the sitter. Decorative additions are left out, and there is nothing that distracts the viewer’s scrutiny. Stieler accomplished this concentration through deliberate light–dark contrast, which above all highlights the accurately characterized facial features.

An artist from East Grinstead in the UK was asked to create a mural of Drake along with his friends and family as a surprise gift.

Back in January, painter Jane Indigo Moore was approached by a friend of Drake to paint the above piece. Though Jane was originally unfamiliar with Drake and his music she had this to say, “I have learnt a lot more about him. He’s clearly someone who inspires loyalty and he’s loved dearly by everyone in the piece.” In the mural we see Drake’s grandmother, mother, uncle, dad, and various OVO members. Upon completion, the piece was flown to Drake’s mansion in LA. Read what Jane had to say about painting the piece below. Should definitely make a nice addition to the YOLO estate.

AN ARTIST commissioned to create a mural of famous rapper Drake has admitted she “didn’t have a clue who he was at first”.

Portrait painter Jane Indigo Moore was approached by a friend of the Canadian MC to produce the piece, which measures 3.5ft by 4.5ft, as a surprise gift.

But before getting started, she said she had to research the star, best known for his singles Started From The Bottom and Hold On, We’re Going Home.

“I was sure I had heard of him,” she said. “I did a search of him and in the end I realised he was quite well known.

“I was commissioned to do the painting by a guy from Manchester who said he needed some work for a celebrity friend.

“The shock wasn’t so much who got in touch, but why he got in touch.”

Jane, of West View Gardens, got to work in January using a few small pictures of Drake and his friends and family, and she slowly became familiar with his music.

“I have done a portrait for a family of five before, but this is the biggest portrait piece I’ve ever done. The only similar thing is when I was commissioned to paint a huge portrait of 2Pac [on the wall of one of his fans] and he played me some of his music.

“I think Drake has a similar style and I actually like some of his songs. I prefer the melodic stuff and there’s a couple he’s done with Rihanna which I like.

“I have learnt a lot more about him. He’s clearly someone who inspires loyalty and he’s loved dearly by everyone in the piece.

The canvas took two months to complete and, after being presented to the anonymous client in Manchester, the work was flown out to Drake’s home in Los Angeles.

But Jane admitted the race was on to get it finished on deadline. “For the last month I was pretty much chained to the easel to make sure I got it finished in time for his UK tour in March. I hope when he’s not too busy with touring I might get a bit of feedback.”