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JAMFIC: single dad!dirk/jake

@cityinthesea shared an idea recently:

I want… an AU… where dirk raises dave, and beta bro just doesn’t exist
single dad dirk, where dirk dropped out of college in his third year of an art + philosopher double major to raise then 3yr old dave, makes money doing freelance coding and odd jobs, and meets jake when dave is around 9 just when he’s starting to get sassy and has picked up swearing like a sailor from his older bro (to dirks everlasting shame) and dirk has effectively spent the last 6yrs in the most incredible dry spell and internally screaming at the fear of fucking up this child he is responsible for
jake takes to dave well, and dave is an openly affection seeking little shit because he grew up in a good (if a bit unqualified) home

Aaaaaand I hadn’t done a ficjam in months, so I had some fun with the idea. Within you’ll find small Dave, Aunt Janey, a weary but warm Dirk, and a flirty hopeful Jake. And no beta’ing whatsoever.

Jane had told you a million times that she’d given you a key to her house for a reason, that anytime you were in her area, you were welcome to come visit. At the time, it’d worried you; you’d always gotten the impression Jane fancied you, but were never sure. The last thing you wanted to do was take advantage of that. But giving someone a key to one’s abode and private sanctuary was not a decision made lightly, and Jane Crocker didn’t make any decision lightly.

You’d given her a pester (or bother, on her end) to let her know you’d be coming around. Now, it’s a crisp morning in the outskirts of Seattle, the air fresh from the evening rain. From the front door of her house, you can hear the faint noise of livelihood going on inside, that distinctly vague feeling permeating. It’s been a long time since you’ve been in a home like Jane’s, you think.

You knock, and there’s no answer. The key bites into your fingers as you fortify your nerves and slide it into the door, unlocking it (oh dear, you’d sort of hoped that wouldn’t work?) and letting yourself in.

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Ship || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: May I request a Jughead x reader (of course haha) where the reader is Veronica’s adopted sister (same age) and she’s a fangirl and she starts making ships within her friends (I don’t care what ship you use I legit like every ship) and she tells her friends who she ships them with and then Ronnie smug little Ronnie is like “oh you didn’t tell us who you ship Jughead with?” And the reader is all like “well I don’t know me probably” (or something like that) and Jughead hears it and fluff? Thank you

A/N: I loved writing this! I hope you guys enjoy it!

Gifs by @queeniessgoldstein​ and @lodges-veronica


How you came into the Lodge family around the same time Veronica was born was a total coincidence. For years, Hermione and Hiram had tried to have children with no avail. Deciding having children naturally was out of the question, they decided to adopt. That’s where you came in. Your biological mother was a young teenager and your biological father had left her when he discovered she was pregnant. Realizing she couldn’t do this on her own and that she was way too young to have a baby, she contacted an adoption agency who put her in touch with Hermione and Hiram.

The Lodges were overjoyed when your biological mother had agreed to give you up to them. Finally, they could have a baby. When your biological mother was six months into her pregnancy, the adoption went through. All that everyone needed to do now was wait. However, a couple weeks later, Hermione Lodge discovered she was two months pregnant.

Your biological mother was terrified, thinking that the Lodges didn’t want the baby growing inside her anymore. They reassured her that they did, and three months later, you were born. The Lodges took you home, raising you as an only child until Veronica was born four months after that. The two of you were basically twins. Despite you guys being completely different, you two were as thick as thieves.

While Veronica preferred to shop and go to parties, you preferred to stay home and write and draw. Nevertheless, the two of you always made time for each other, whether it would be Veronica taking you shopping for a new sketchbook or you drawing Veronica a portrait of herself or of her favorite celebrity of the week.

The one thing the two of you absolutely loved to do together? Ship people.

“Valarchie!” you blurted out.

Your group of friends looked up from their lunches at you. Veronica bit back a smile.

“I’m sorry?” Archie asked.

Betty snickered.

“You and Valerie! Valarchie!” you said. “I finally figured out a ship name for you two!”

Archie chuckled.

You and the Core Four (minus Jughead) were sitting outside at your lunch table, Veronica next to you, Betty and Archie across from the two of you. Truth be told, you had a crush on Jughead. Veronica always encouraged you to tell him, swearing that he liked you back but you always quickly shook your head, denying that idea. He was your best friend. You couldn’t tell him you liked him because what if you lost him?

“Who do you ship me with, Y/N?” Betty asked, smiling.

You looked slyly at your sister.

“Veronica,” you said. “We came up with your ship name on the second day of school. It’s Beronica.”

Veronica coughed on her drink and Betty blushed.

““We,” huh?” Archie said as he smirked, looking towards Veronica. “You just helped Y/N out with that name?”

Now Veronica was blushing.

“Archiekins, that’s a story for another day,” she said as she turned to you. “Y/N, you haven’t mentioned Jughead yet.”

You knew where this was going and rolled your eyes.

“Who do you ship him with?” she asked.

You shrugged.

“I don’t know,” you said, smiling softly. “Me probably.”

You and Ronnie giggled before realizing that Archie and Betty weren’t laughing but were wide-eyed instead and focused on something behind the two of you.

“What?” Veronica asked. “You guys know she likes him.”

Betty quickly shook her head while Archie made a “cut” motion with his hand.

You and Ronnie heard a chuckle from behind and you two of you quickly spun around, seeing Jughead standing a few feet away from you. You froze.

Oh, sh—

“So…” he began, putting his hands in his pockets. You like me?” he asked, smiling cockily at you.

You gulped and you looked towards Veronica for help. Instead, she just smiled at you.

“Betty, Archie, I need to talk to you guys about that history project of ours due tomorrow. Privately. Come on!” she said as she got up, the other two quickly following her.

You grabbed her wrist.


“Shh, Y/N, it’s going to be okay.” she said quietly as she brushed a lock of your hair back behind your ear.

She gave you and Jughead a smile before she and your friends walked off, leaving just you and the beanie-clad teen. Jughead cleared his throat and walked over to the lunch table, sitting next to you.

“I-I know you don’t like me back,” you quickly said as you tried to keep your hands from shaking, failing miserably.

Jughead’s smile fell.

“A-And that’s okay,” you continued, looking down. “We can just pretend that this never happened, that—”

You stopped when you felt warm hands envelop your trembling ones. You looked up to see Jughead looking at you with the softest expression you had ever seen. Without saying another word, he slowly leaned in and claimed your lips with his. You froze for a moment in shock before you began kissing him back. He smiled into the kiss and deepened it, you gladly allowing him to do so. All of a sudden, the two of you heard cheering from a distance and broke apart, looking up. Across the field was Veronica, Betty, and Archie all clapping and whooping. You giggled and looked down, blushing furiously.

At least one of your ships was now canon.


A/N: Send me feedback! Hope you guys enjoyed!!


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Draw Your DnD Character 20 Qs:

Send me a number and I’ll draw my DnD character in that situation!

My character:

1) relaxing

2) drinking their favorite beverage

3) yelling at a sporting event

4) funniest canon moment

5) most dramatic canon moment

6) in a family portrait! who do they consider family?

7) hanging out with a friend!

8) meeting their favorite animal

9) Wearing their ‘everyday’ adventuring gear

10) Sweating up their armor

11) Dressing up for a fancy event

12) Wearing the artist’s favorite outfit

13) as a child

14) geeking out

15) crying

16) photobombing another party member

17) making a hard decision

18) making funny faces

19) dancing

20)  posing with their party

@aspectofphoenix and I came up with some hilarious ideas for a Sitcom featuring a Polycule and their kid(s) because there isn’t much (read: any) of it available and you would lose the typically inevitable plotline of “character X is believed to be cheating on character Y and no one communicates and blah blah blah”

Silly details included:

  • One member of the Polycule is a devout Christian and is kind an polite while acknowledging that their other loves are agnostic and “undetermined”
  • There’s a chart on a corkboard in the background of the house that shows who is connected to whom. Every once and a while it changes with very little mention
  • The running gag of someone yelling “hun?” and more than one person responding
    • Additionally, the similar running gag of the child/children yelling for a parent and getting multiple responses
  • Nosey neighbors seeing person B who they know is married to person A hanging around/smooching person C
    • Said neighbor tries to be a good friend and confesses to person A with all of this dramatic tension that is dissolved when person A laughs and is like, “oh that’s just C! They’re actually really nice. They helped with the dishes last night and I don’t think I’ve had so much fun doing a chore!”
  • Youngest child draws family portrait to the confusion of teacher and child goes home upset when the teacher says, “it doesn’t really work like that.”
    • The whole family shows up and confronts the teacher (mostly politely) in the hopes of granting some understanding
  • Child gets in trouble at school and visibly uncomfortable teacher is later shown at a parent teacher meeting standing in front of five adults sitting in the classroom
  • Family is so tired of explaining their situation they hand out business cards whenever they’re asked about it
    • Depending on the reaction of the receiver of the card, money is exchanged
    • The “Good Christian” spouse is never involved in the money exchange
      • Except during one moment where something happens and they smirk and hold out both hands and receive money from both betting parties
  • Typical jokes about there only being one bathroom

With the center focus of the show being about communication and supporting one another even when things are difficult. You can’t rely on lack of communication to drive the plot, that defeats the purpose. You can  occasionally use miscommunication but you would have to be careful with it. It can be funny and heartwarming and good.

mandster  asked:

Ayy if the ask box is still open, may I request some fluffy or general hcs of Rohan and his s/o as parents?

I kind of went overboard on this one, sorry ( ´ ∆ ` )ノ

- Rohan hadn’t previously given any thought to the idea of being a father. However as he holds his child for the first time he feels an unusually tender feeling rise up within him
- This child is going to be dressed in nothing but brand name clothing the second they come into your lives. At first Rohan had gone with you to the store so he could nitpick all the clothes you picked out and when you couldn’t go he’d drag Koichi out to help him, which really just translates into him making poor Koichi stand there and listen to him complain about ugly clothes for a few hours
- Rohan decorates the bedroom himself, pulling out his brushes to paint a mural across all 4 walls. After that’s complete he hires a custom decorater to assist the two of you with picking furniture that compliments the paint job he’s done
- Rohan keeps crayons and paper in his studio so that his child can draw as well and even though it’s just a mess of scribbles he still keeps every last one of them
- The two of you visit Reimi’s grave often and you take your child with you. There’s been more than one occasion in which you swear you could feel her presence as a faint bark echoed through your ears. When your child gets older some of the pictures they draw for Rohan include a girl in pink with her brown dog and you know for a fact that they’ve never seen a picture of Reimi and Arnold. It doesn’t bother you though as the guardian angel of Morioh has now become the protector of your child
- Most families only hang up pictures of themselves, which you do as well, but there’s also many family portraits hanging around that Rohan sketched and colored
- He’s not very good at actually telling the people he cares about that he loves them. He expresses it in other ways, like purchasing a matching headband when the kid shows an interest in his, or by bonding with them over the shows he likes and finds inspiration in
- There won’t be any pressure from him for your child to pursue art as he wouldn’t see the point in forcing them as it would mean their art isn’t a genuine expression of their mind
- Parent teacher conferences are an absolute pain. You actively try to discourage him from going but he comes anyways. Half the time he picks fights with the teachers, telling them that their teaching methods are atrocious and they’re unfit to be teaching any child, especially his child. It’s only thanks to your quick talking that things don’t devolve into an actual fight or that Rohan doesn’t pull out Heaven’s Door
- Whenever you need a babysitter the first person you call is Koichi. Both of you trust him and your child adores him. However he’s not always available and as much as it pains Rohan you insist on calling Josuke to see if he’s available as you’d rather not call in a stranger to watch your child. When Josuke arrives to your house Rohan glares at him even as you drive away. Before the two of you leave though he makes it very clear that if anything goes wrong, Josuke will regret it. Josuke is a great baby sitter as it turns out and your child grows attached to him, insisting that he come over again sometime, which irritates Rohan to no end
- Family vacations happen often, the 3 of you traveling the world together to experience many new things as a family
- He’s far to proud to actively try and interest the kid in his manga. However if they do like it he’ll be incredibly smug, because of course his child would have good taste in manga, something they clearly inherited from him
- If your child decides to pierce their ears, he’ll present them with a small package, casually tossing it to them before disappearing into his drawing studio. Inside is a pair of earrings to match his. When he sees them wearing it the next day he won’t comment on it in front of them but he will tell you, quite proudly, that they’re wearing what he had gotten for them

anonymous asked:

I love your art school au!! Seriously, as someone who used to look for raw charcoal on the schoolyard as a child just to draw with it and did portraits of my friends and crushes?? Keith drawing with coal is super believable and relatable for me lol. And also?? your artstyle is goals for me, I want to use colour like you do :) If you have more I will eat that shit up, I love it!

aahhh thank you!! 

I wanted to make everyone’s art preferences varied in the AU and Keith drawing with coal just felt right, so I’m glad you like it! 

Okay but I seriously have this thing I wanna do with killjoys so maybe reblog this with a description in the tags (or comment with a link to a reference if u have one) if I’m allowed to draw your killjoy for my lil project? ( /tagged/my art   is my art tag if u wanna see the stuff I’ve been doing recently )

I want the final product to be sort-of a suprise, so I don’t want to give out too many details, but after I post the big thing, I’ll be posting all the killjoys used in individual portraits for y’all, so you get to see your ‘joy child in the big thing and also have a full color, headshot style portrait of them!

If this is too vague for you (or if there’s anything about it you’d like to know more about) feel free to drop by my askbox or send an IM!)

anonymous asked:

Hi there, would you mind doing a scenario with Ronald, Sebastian, William, Bard, Agni and maybe Joker reacting to a child calling them daddy in a positive way but the child had previously been abused by their real parents? Sorry to clog up your ask box if i am but this may be the only time i can ask this

//Of course! Sorry for the wait on this one, love! The children are of varying gender and age in each scenario. I hope you enjoy//

Possible Trigger: Past (mentioned) child abuse

“Daddy, please listen!”

“I’m sorry, I’m just in a hurry. We’re going to be–” Ronald cut himself off. Wait. Had Ronald misheard him? Did he just say that?

“’We’re going to be late,’ I know, I know. But if you’d just listen–”

“Wait, what did you say?”

“I was saying, ‘If you’d just listen, then you’d–”

“No, before that. Did you call me something?”

The young boy’s eyes widened before he looked down nervously, twiddling his thumbs and avoiding Ronald’s gaze. “I called you ‘daddy,’” he said quietly. “I won’t do it anymore if you don’t want me to.” His voice dropped to a mumble so quiet that Ronald could hardly hear, “It’s not the first time that’s happened.”

Ronald’s eyes widened, and he struggled to quickly get out a response, not wanting the child to feel bad over such a thing. “No, it’s fine! Call me whatever you want! It’s fine, really! I don’t mind, I like it actually!”

The child immediately looked up, a smile across his face and a light in his eyes. “Really? You mean it?”

Ronald couldn’t stop his heart from filling with grief at the thought of someone not loving this sweet child, of someone not wanting him to call them mother or father. Pushing those feelings aside, Ronald simply smiled at him, reaching down to ruffle his hair. “Of course. Now let’s get going before you miss your doctor’s appointment again.”


Sebastian stood completely still, eyes widened and focused on the teenage girl–the teenage girl who had her arms up in defense, cringing and closing her eyes, appearing to be waiting for a blow.

The two had been fighting, bickering back and forth over who knows what, when she’d blurted out the typical phrase, ‘I hate you,’ accompanied with an interesting new word he hadn’t heard from her before–dad.’

Sebastian had turned around for a moment, grabbing a wooden spoon to continue preparing dinner–at least he could get something done while pointlessly squabbling. But, when he’d quickly turned back to face the girl after hearing no comments from her, she was flinching and throwing herself into a defensive position.

Immediately realizing what had happened–and what he looked like, turning around quickly like that, holding a wooden spoon–Sebastian called her name softly, slowly lowering the utensil and setting it on the counter behind him. The girl opened her eyes, and, seeing Sebastian’s calm stance and expression, gradually lowered her arms, looking to the ground shamefully. 

“I’m sorry–force of habit.”

“Don’t apologize, it’s fine.”

“…I don’t hate you.”

“I know.”

There was a minute of silence before the young girl finally gathered enough courage to ask a question. “You don’t… You don’t mind, right? If I call you that?”

A small smile made it’s way across Sebastian’s face. “Not at all.”


“Will you come play with me now?”

“Not at the moment. I’ve got work to finish,” William replied for what felt like the hundredth time.



“You can be the good guy in the game this time.”

“Not right now.”

“Ugh, come on. You’re no fun, daddy- William!” As soon as the word left the little boy’s mouth, he was scrambling to take it back, eyes wide and mind blank–William wasn’t faring much better.

“I’m- I’m sorry. I meant ‘William,’ I really did.” The boy was near tears, his voice getting higher pitched at every word, and he was slowly taking steps backward. “It was an honest mistake–I didn’t mean to!”

William couldn’t even think of a response, he was simply staring at the small child.

“P-please don’t be mad!”

At the sight of the first tear rolling down the little boy’s cheek, William snapped out of his trance. Getting up from his desk chair, he calmly told the child, “Now, now, there’s nothing to get upset about. You may call me whatever you like, I don’t mind. Alright?”

The child was sobbing now, furiously nodding his head as he tried to stop the tears. Once William got to the boy, he leaned down, picking up his small frame. He rested him on his hip, drying the boy’s tears.

“Calm yourself down, I think it’s about time we got to that game, what do you say?”

“No, your shirt should be pink, because pink’s a pretty color.”

“Does that mean I’m pretty?”


Bard was taken a bit aback at the little girl’s blunt answer. The two were splayed out in the floor, drawing portraits of this and that–and they’d been arguing over what color Bard’s shirt should be in the girl’s picture of them. Bard argued for blue or white–but the little miss just wasn’t having it.

“Well alright then.”

The two sat in silence for awhile more before the young girl looked to him and said, “You know, I really like doing this with you.”

Bard raised an eyebrow. “Me too.”

She looked back to her drawing, continuing to color. “My old daddy never spent time with me like this,” she said, not looking up from the paper.

Bard didn’t really know what to say to that. He’d known for awhile that her other parents weren’t good to her, but he never got used to the subject being brought up. He gave a simple “Oh?” in response.

“Mhm. That’s why I’m glad my new daddy does,” the girl said, giving him a big smile, showing off the gap from the tooth she’d lost last week.

Bard could’ve sworn his heart stopped. Sure, they’d lived like this for quite awhile, and he loved her with all his heart–but he never new she felt that way toward him. That was a big step for her, considering her ‘old dad.’

He gave her a grin and ruffled her hair. “Love you, kiddo.”


“Um, can I ask you something?”

Agni looked up from the book he was reading, giving the teenage boy his full attention. “Always.”

The poor boy looked nervous out of his mind as he took a seat in front of Agni. “Well, I, um.. Well, I’d-I’d like to go… to go to college someday!”

Agni let out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding in–he’d been fearing the worst ever since the boy came in looking like he’d committed a crime.

Before Agni had a chance to respond, the younger hurriedly said, “I mean, I completely understand if you don’t want to send me! I understand if I’m not worth the trouble! You see, it just was never an option before, so I thought I might give it a shot…”

Agni was shocked–shocked that the boy had gotten so worked up over such a request, and shocked at the references to his bleak past.

“Well,” Agni started, giving the boy a reassuring smile. “If that’s what you want, then we’ll certainly get you there. I’m proud that you have such high goals.”

The teenager visibly relaxed, a relieved and hopeful smile making it’s way across his face. He nodded, turning to leave the room.

He stopped just before he walked out of the door. “Thanks,” he paused, looking over his shoulder and grinning before adding the next part. “Dad.”


The small girl giggled, running as fast as her short legs could take her, doing everything she could to beat Joker in the short race they were having.

Crossing the ‘finish line’ first, she let out a victorious yell, letting Joker know she’d won. “Did you see that? I was so fast!” Her words were separated by short huffs and puffs as she tried to catch her breath.

“I did see! Would you look at that? My own little girl has outrun me!”

“Mhm,” she hummed, grinning up at Joker. He smiled down at her–before noticing just how messy she was. Her hair was wild, several pieces curling and falling out of her ponytail due to the sweat, and she had dirt patches all over.

“I think it’s about time we got you cleaned up.”

“No, not yet!” The young girl playfully screeched, running away from Joker, who was trying to pick her up.

She didn’t make it far, though. Not watching where she was going, she tripped over a rock on the ground, her knee taking the fall.

Joker’s eyes widened as he ran over to her, wails and tears already being produced from the small girl. “Daddy, it hurts!”

Daddy? That was the first time she’d called him that–to be fair, she probably didn’t realize she was saying it, considering the state she was in, but it was still shocking to hear. Sure, Joker called her, ‘his little girl,’ but she’d never referred to him as her father. Wow.

“Hey, you’re alright,” he soothed as he picked her up from the ground. “Shh, you’re alright. Look, it’s just a small scrape. We’ll go inside and get it bandaged up, okay?”

The little girl nodded, her crying turning into sniffles. “Alright.”

Joker paused for a moment. “Aaaand, then you’ll have your bath.”

“Daddy, no!”

ok I know I said I wasn’t gonna do it but I was sitting in class and thought GRANDPARENTS. WHAT IF SUMERAGI AND MIKOTO WERE ALIVE. DREAMS OF EXTENDED FAMILY, only possible in subpar sketch form. man i know it’s messy but i had to draw it out because it wouldn’t leave my mind omg

fulfills all grandparent/grandchildren uncle/aunt/nephew parent/child cousin and sibling requirements and I am so so glad. just at the concept. nohr’s family portrait might not be as nice with garondorf looming menacingly over them all.


I made some edits of Lucina of what I think she might look like (post-”Marth” of course) if the game actually showed different genetic traits (and inherited accessories) from her multiple possible mothers. I’ve seen fan art and other sprite/portrait edits with the other children with this concept and I have just adored them and have been so happy they exist. I guess this is my contribution to that supposed trend, although I didn’t want to change too much about Lucina considering she’s a main character and the only required child and has non-canon appearances etc, etc. Did I do too much? I hope not because I like these and hope you do, too. I’d like to draw these, as well, but, you know, we’ll see…

I also did multiple Robin!Lucinas

Note: Some of these are in lower-quality than others, because putting them in higher quality would ruin some of the things I really want to convey (like freckles!).

Luke Garroway+ Support Systems 

Jocelyn Fray

  • Sometimes Luke has bad days, reminders of what Valentine did to him. On those days he gets quiet and withdrawn- so she just pulls him close and hugs him while he cries softly. 
  • Then she makes him his favorite meal. He’s supported her through everything, and she loves him. Of course she would do anything to make him smile. 
  • Especially when that beautiful smile is missing (s2g that thing could outshine the sun), his eyebrows drawn and back hunched. She can’t possibly understand what he feels, she loved Valentine but he was a part of Luke. A literal half of his soul. So she doesn’t try to understand or tell him she knows better. 
  • She just holds him, sings softly and cooks him a nice meal. He deserves it. 

Alaric Rodriguez 

  • When Luke first turned he had no idea how to control his powers 
  • AND he had been betrayed by his best friend/Parabatai 
  • He was filled with self-loathing. He thought that he was less human because he was a downworlder. 
  • So Alaric, for months, just talked to him. Reminded him that he’s still the man he was, reminded him that Downworlders are just as human as Shadowhunters. 
  • Sometimes Luke would get so mad- mad about Valentine, mad that he’s a Werewolf, mad at himself for letting Valentine get this far. So mad he couldn’t control his powers. On those days Alaric stayed with him and helped him. Supported him. Reminded him his emotions are totally valid and that he still has support and love, even if it feels like the world turned its back on him. 
  • Luke never thought he would feel what he felt with Valentine again, but Alaric changed his mind. 

Clary Fray 

  • As a child, she had no idea why Luke would sometimes get quiet and sad. Why he would sometimes gaze into the distance as if he couldn’t see her. 
  • BUT she did love him like a father, and she would do anything to have him smile again 
  • So she would ask him to sit down in front of her and she would draw funny cartoons of him while she pretended she was drawing a portrait 
  • That always made him laugh SO hard
  • Then she would cuddle on the couch with him and watch jeopardy (Luke is weirdly good)
  • Now Clary does know. But that doesn’t change their relationship, he’s still her dad. So she draws him funny pictures, cuddles with him and reminds him that he is the best man she’s ever known and that she loves him so much. 
  • He’s her father in every important way, she loves him. He was there when she cried, so she is there when he’s sad. That is what family is for. 

Simon Lewis 

  • Luke is like a father to him, especially since his own father didn’t stick around. Luke would play catch with him. Luke was the one who taught him how to shave. 
  • Eventually, Luke is the one who teaches him to love himself in the Downworld 
  • But Simon notices that sometimes Luke’s smiles seem forced. He notices that Luke is putting his emotions to the side so that he can focus on someone else. 
  • On those days, Simon pulls Luke out and insists on a “guy’s night”- just the two of them 
  • So they binge watch Lord of the Rings while drinking shitty beer. Simon always makes sure to remind Luke that he is Simon’s hero and that Simon loves him like family. 
  • He never pushes the issue, they just sit next to each other and drink and make dumb nerdy jokes 
  • But Simon always ends the night with a hug and an“I love you” because frankly, Luke deserves to hear it. 

ANYWAY: Luke is so incredibly loved by his family and friends because they know he’s a great man with an amazing heart and that he deserves the world. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. 


This list doesn’t include everything I have pending, but it has most stuff that I seek to finish soon-ish. I’m aware I have many other wips but these are the ones that take priority, in no particular order:

- Child Ailanthus drawing. Color remains.

- Kissu (Ryl and Aosh) collab. Color remains.

- Dalshen pin-up. Color remains.

- Dalshen actual ref/design. Not even started.

- Vor’kalth portrait. Color remains.

- Rylde drawing with gun. Color remains.

- Nyloth’s reference. Color remains.

- Nyl’s commission from Luu. Color remains. 

- Aosh reference/design changes. Not even started.

- Teen Ailanthus. Remains a bit of line and color.

- That Aosh inspired in Pyre. A lot of work remains.

- I think I have a chicken WIP somewhere…

- Scifi Ail. A lot of work remains.

- The first Spydra one. Color remains.

- Ail and Vor hug. To color AND record

… that’s a pretty fucking scary list tbh. But well, I’ll hopefully get them done on september xD I’ll be updating when I finish stuff. 

Competition applications

Late Night Visit:

Author: that-was-not-supposed-to-happen

Summery: Peter shows up in your room, unannounced and late at night, making you very nervous with his presence

Characters: Peter Hale, Reader

Distracting Thomas:

Author: thatwelshweirdo

Summary: the reader keeps teasing Tommy while he works.

Characters: Tommy Shelby x Reader.

Attention Grabber:

Author: Randomnessoffanfiction (HardLadyHeart)

Summary: Peter Hale trying to get your attention

Characters: Peter Hale, Reader

Stay With Me:

Author: Raine ( thatdaydreamingchild )

Summary: You and Lydia have a little moment after a mission gets you hurt ( “When I’m as far away from you as possible” )

Characters: Lydia Branwell x Reader / Alec Lightwood, Clary Fray, Magnus Bane, Isabelle Lightwood

Rare Occasions:

Author: Abby (@weirdnewbie)

Summary: Eric comes home to your shared apartment after leader training and flops on the couch. As his girlfriend you prepare what’s needed and it ends with such love.

Characters: Eric Coulter, Reader

Toy Shopping:

Author: @minigranger (aka Megan)

Summary: Toy shopping with your boyfriend. (“You’re seriously a man-child.”)

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Reader


Author: Tara Stanford

Summery: Reader wants to sleep in on her day of but Duke has other plans, as he wants her up so they can do what he has planned.

Characters: Reader, Duke Crocker

Peter Hale x Reader

Author: @madredqueen000


Characters: Peter x Reader

Going Back

Summary: (this happends during the Gevaudan Beast events) Isaac arrives to a bistro near his apartment in France and there he finds a strange girl mumbling to herself and drawing a portrait of Allison.

Characters:  Isaac Lahey, Y/N, Garm (he is a guardian of the underworld shape), Chris Argent (mentioned) and Allison Argent (invisible ghost).

Stiles x Reader

Author: Randomnessoffanfiction (HardLadyHeart)

Summary: Sometimes studying with Stiles wasn’t as boring as usual

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, JOHN Stilinski, Momma McCall (Mentioned), Reader

“I can’t make sense
of life or death
of pain and of sadness
and the thoughts in my head,

I can’t understand
how the earth can keep turning
when behind all the laughs
these people are hurting,

And I know I am wrong
and the things that I do
aren’t saving anyone
or protecting your youth

But the logic has gone -
it’s escaped from my mind
leaving my body to scrabble
for any control it can find

And you can tell me I’m good
that I’m a kind, clever girl
and if I can conquer myself
then why not the world

But what if you’re wrong
and I’m not what you tell me?
because how can I change a life
when I’ve ruined so many?

So I’m trying to forget
and power on through
and do all the things
I’m expected to do

It’s just gotten so loud
it has delved into silence
and the ‘because’ of the rules
has lost all importance

Just please know I’m sorry for being
and of acting so wild
and for giving you a monster
when you only wanted a child”


Errow is doing a future! asanoya comic and I wanted to draw some portraits~


Asahi doesn’t take very good care of himself due to anxiety/depression, so his beard is probably way more scraggly than I drew it

Noya, unable to grow facial hair but being fucking tired of people mistaking him for a child, is forced to learn to dress himself like an adult and probably works as a bartender later on. [super “adult” job]