portrait me


“The sun was out for once, and Inej had turned her face to it. Her eyes were shut, her oil-black lashes fanned out over her cheeks. The harbor wind had lifted her dark hair and for a moment Kaz was a boy again, sure there was magic in this world.“

i love this book, these characters, the story - so much. thank you leigh.

i just really wanted a ham screen lock


There’s a place you can’t reach unless you have a dream too large to bear alone.

prints and stuff (redbubble)

Y'know, normally I make portraits based on photos, so this drawing was like a long and bumpy ride through hell, but in the end I gotta admit…… I enjoyed it. Very much.


The meaning behind this shoot? I was hurting in more ways than I could handle. It was like this constant ache in my chest that wouldn’t go away. I know some of you can relate to that. So when the foggy weather rolled in, I just had to take advantage of it!

Being 22 floors up during a Canadian winter is no joke, I was freezing! But I definitely enjoyed creating these self-portraits and had to share it with you all